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Chapter: 1892

The Naive Sword 8

Time flew by. Soon, it was midnight on the seventh day.

Black fog lingered on the ootheca’s surface at the same time as usual.

This time, it bred seven dominator-level rank-7 powerhouses.

Sword 8 glanced at each of the seven of them one after the other as she held her chin in her hands.

While she was struggling to choose one as an opponent, the other top organizations sent over seven powerhouses. They attacked the monsters directly.

"What?! I haven’t even picked one yet, and you guys already took them all…" Sword 8 panicked a little when she saw that there were no opponents left for her to choose from.

Many people who were watching the battle heard her voice. They looked at her in confusion.

Many of them revealed expressions of doubt on their faces when they saw that the person who spoke was a petite girl who looked like she had not even hit puberty.

A small number of them who were watching were from the Sword Alliance. They had no doubt about Sword 8’s ability.

"You can only wait for tomorrow’s battle now." Lin Xin, who was next to her, patted her head. "Just choose any one tomorrow. Don’t let others take your opponent again."

"Okay. I’ll be the first tomorrow!" Sword 8 nodded repeatedly. She started to envision the scene of her battle tomorrow.

Lin Xin, Lin Xuan and the remaining two sword servants, who were standing to the side, focused on watching the ensuing battle.

The infinite universe had sent five dominator-level rank-8 and two dominator-level rank-7 powerhouses to fight the seven dominator-level rank-7 Abyssal monsters.

The five dominator-level rank-8 powerhouses suppressed their opponents easily after one to two attacks. The result of their battles were immediately obvious.

It was hard to determine who would emerge victorious in the battles between the remaining two dominator-level rank-7 powerhouses and the two dominator-level rank-7 Abyssal monsters.

The others did not plan to intervene in these one-on-one battles.

The battles lasted for about half an hour. The dominator-level rank-7 sword cultivator from Sword Palace finally managed to kill his opponent.

Meanwhile, the battle between the other dominator-level rank-7 powerhouse from Dragon Island and the Abyssal monster had fallen into a stagnant state.

The dominator-level rank-7 powerhouse from Dragon Island actually had powerful abilities. The strength of his physical body was even close to that of a dominator-level rank-8.

However, he happened to choose a half-spirit opponent. Not only could it turn its physical body into spirit-form, in which any physical attacks on it were futile, it was also skilled in attacking one’s God soul.

One could say that the powerhouse from Dragon Island had been suppressed completely.

Most of the people looked quite terrible when they saw that this powerhouse had encountered a tough battle, especially the few people from Dragon Island.

Meanwhile, on the Sword Alliance’s side, Sword 8 had an excited look on her face. She could not wait for her turn.

She hoped that the powerhouse would be defeated, then she would have the opportunity to fight.

However, the powerhouse from Dragon Island bit the bullet and was unwilling to retreat.

After fighting doggedly for some two hours, Sword 8 could not help but ask Lin Xin who was next to her softly, "That big guy can’t defeat it anyway. Why isn’t he yielding?"

She did not use voice transmission to say that. Although her voice was extremely soft, everyone present heard her clearly.

The people on Dragon Island’s side looked even more terrible now.

Meanwhile, the veins of the powerhouse from Dragon Island who was fighting could be seen bulging all over his body.

Lin Xin noticed that instantly and smiled at the people rather awkwardly as she said, "The child is spewing nonsense. She doesn’t know what she’s saying. Don’t mind her."

As soon as she said that, she said to Sword 8 through voice transmission, "This isn’t like sparring, this is war. It’s useless to yield."

"But the situation that guy from Dragon Island is in currently… He can actually retreat if he can’t defeat it. Perhaps he’s not doing so because he’s unwilling."

Lin Xin guessed what this powerhouse from Dragon Island was thinking.

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After all, the remaining six people who fought had won. If he lost, not only would he embarrass himself, he would embarrass Dragon Island as well.

Another probable reason why he was unwilling was that the opponent that he chose suppressed him completely. He could not fully unleash his ability. His combined abilities were a few times more powerful than this monster, but he was suppressed over and over again. He would have won if he had chosen any of the other six Abyssal monsters. He might even have emerged victorious faster than that sword cultivator from Sword Palace!

"It shouldn’t matter if he loses. He can just strengthen himself and return to try again. What’s so embarrassing about that?" Sword 8 clearly thought that yielding was not something embarrassing.

When she followed Swordmaster Great Heaven, she would always spar with the other sword servants like Sword 1 and Sword 2. She would always lose, but she had never felt embarrassed about her losses before.

"It’s indeed not embarrassing to lose, but there are people who care about such things." Lin Xin lightly patted Sword 8’s head while smiling.

The powerhouse from Dragon Island kept fighting for approximately three hours. In the end, the Dragon Emperor finally spoke.

"Get back here!"

Although he was unwilling, the powerhouse from Dragon Island retreated anyway.

Before anyone from Dragon Island could replace him, a petite figure suddenly appeared before the Abyssal monster.

The people were stunned. As they looked closer, they were surprised to find that it was that little girl from the Sword Alliance who spoke earlier.

Sword 8 appeared before the half-spirit monster directly in a flash. She did not remove her long sword from the scabbard. Instead, she swung it together with the scabbard.

The next second, a gigantic wave-like black sword gleam devoured the Abyssal monster entirely.

By the time the sword gleam faded, the monster had turned into dust completely. There was not even a piece of flesh remaining.

Countless people were dumbfounded by the sword gleam they saw.

"So powerful!"

"I don’t think her sword left the scabbard."

"So this is the ability of the Sword Alliance’s members?"

The few dominator-level rank-8 powerhouses had fear in their eyes when they looked at Sword 8. They knew very well that, even though they could survive the power of that sword glame, they might have been severely injured by it. Moreover, her sword did not even leave its scabbard. She clearly had not used all of her strength.

Even the few dominator-level rank-9 powerhouses’ pupils shrank slightly when they saw her sword gleam.

Although she did not use all of her strength, she had exposed her ability with her sword force.

All of the dominator-level rank-9 powerhouses present could see that this girl was only a step away from elevating to dominator-level rank-9.

‘Where did the Sword Alliance get all of these monsters exactly?’

The few top organizations’ leaders present had that thought almost simultaneously.

At that moment, Sword 8 turned around and looked at the powerhouse from Dragon Tribe who had retreated earlier after she killed the Abyssal monster. She said to him while giggling, "It’s useless to use brute force, dummy. That ugly thing was a spirit. You can kill it easily using God’s soul-type Dao seals."

The powerhouse from Dragon Tribe was stunned at first, after which he looked conflicted. Of course he knew he should use God’s soul-type Dao seals, it was just that he was not good at that technique.

Dragon Emperor, who was standing to the side, laughed out loud when he heard her words. "Thank you for your reminder, little girl. We’ll take note of it next time."

He clearly saw through the fact that, although Sword 8 had powerful abilities, her mentality seemed to still be that of a kid.

Sword 8 only returned by Lin Xin’s side in a flash when she heard his reply.

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Lin Xin said helplessly while smiling, "You even lectured him, you mischievous thing."

Sword 8 had pride fill her face when she heard that. "I was Lord Swordmaster’s teacher too!"

Lin Huang, who had been probing, smiled.

Sword 8 was not exaggerating.

In order to obtain Great Heaven’s inheritance back then, he had indeed gotten many sword servants to train with him, and had received many pointers from them. Naturally, that girl Sword 8 was among them.

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