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Chapter: 1893

The Siblings Joined the Battle

After the seventh midnight, many dominator-level powerhouses now knew Sword 8.

This girl, who looked and sounded like a child, possessed shocking abilities.

However, she did not care about the attention. She spent most of the time eating snacks, and she would chat with Lin Xin and Lin Xuan who were beside her when she occasionally thought of something.

The eighth day passed by peacefully as usual.

Black fog appeared on the ootheca again at midnight.

At this time, it released its predetermined quota of the day once again—eight dominator-level rank-8 Abyssal monsters.

Seeing the monsters the ootheca spat out, Sword 8 did not even think this time. She went forward in a flash, and appeared before an eight-armed monster directly.

She had not gotten an opponent the day before as she had hesitated for a moment. This time, she did not spend time picking at all, and simply went for the closest opponent.

No matter what, she would take one first!

Lin Xuan frowned when he saw the opponent that she had chosen. "This girl picked the most powerful one."

"I don’t think she did it on purpose." Lin Xin, who was standing to the side, smiled while shaking her head.

She knew that although Sword 8 had powerful abilities, she was not very sensitive to the strength of an opponent’s aura.

Regarding this, Lin Huang had even conducted an experiment not long after Sword8 elevated to dominator-level.

He got her to try and sense the dominator-level powerhouses’ strength through their auras.

It turned out she could only tell their ranks apart, but not the strength of people within the same rank.

Even though she was at dominator-level rank-8 now, she could not differentiate the strength of the eight Abyssal monsters through their auras. Only if one of them was at the same level as her, which was the limit of dominator-level rank-8, would she possibly be able to tell their strength apart forcefully.

While they were chatting, the other powerhouses from the few top organizations blocked the remaining seven Abyssal monsters.

Meanwhile, Sword 8 attacked directly.

She could now tell that this eight-armed monster before her was much more powerful than the one she killed yesterday.

Therefore, she removed her battle sword from the scabbard without hesitation this time.

The sword gleam turned into a giant wave again, suppressing the eight-armed monster.

The monster was almost three meters tall. It had bulging muscles all over its body.

The flesh on its bald head was rotten and some exposed bones could be seen on its head.

It pressed its eight palms together when it saw Sword 8’s sword gleam coming.

The second the four pairs of palms were pressed together, a massive shadow that was comparable to a galaxy was instantly formed above its head.

The shadow had a human-like form. It sat above a cloud with its legs crossed, while it had thousands of arms on its upper body.

The thousands of arms stretched out their huge palms almost at the same time, slamming toward the tsunami-like sword gleam.

The second the thousands of arms collided with the sword gleam,, they consolidated into one palm and hit the endless black sword gleam suddenly.

Layers of massive waves crashed together as the tsunami-like sword gleam hit the palm.

The sword gleam’s momentum had clearly slowed down.

However, that situation only lasted for a moment. The palm print then collapsed entirely.

The black sword gleam continued to suppress the eight-armed monster like a tsunami.

The monster chanted several secret incantations.

The massive shadow above its head slammed countless palm prints against the sword gleam continuously.

The palm prints stacked themselves in the air, turning into a huge black wall.

This time, the charging sword gleam finally stopped entirely, as if it had fallen into a stagnant state when faced with the black wall.

Just as the eight-armed monster was feeling slightly relieved, a sense of fear and dread suddenly appeared again.

It lifted its head to look upward. Sword 8, who was standing expressionlessly in the distance, swung her sword again.

The resulting massive wave was not only powerful, it was even a few times faster than before.

It suppressed and crushed the giant wall that was made from countless palm prints directly.

Before the eight-armed monster could even struggle further, it was drowned within…

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With only two swings of her sword, Sword 8 had killed the most powerful one among the eight Abyssal monsters.

The people who were watching were dumbfounded. They were shocked.

However, Sword 8 was not too happy.

She thought that she could kill her opponent with a single swing of her sword, but she ended up using two swings this time.

She looked rather upset upon returning to Lin Xin and Lin Xuan’s side.

Some battles were still ongoing elsewhere on the battlefield.

Sword 8 had been the first to attack, but she was not the first one to kill the opponent.

Three dominator-level rank-9 powerhouses had killed their opponents instantly before she did.

Two dominator-level rank-9 powerhouses ended their battles almost at the same time as she did.

The remaining two battles were battles between dominator-level rank-8 powerhouses.

As the more powerful Abyssal monsters were picked by Sword 8 and the few other dominator-level rank-9 powerhouses, the remaining two were the weaker ones.

Therefore, the battles themselves did not hold much suspense.

The dominator-level rank-8 powerhouse from Star Palace only killed his opponent half an hour later.

Meanwhile, the dominator-level rank-8 powerhouse from Snow Domain only managed to kill his opponent a little over an hour later.

After that, the battlefield fell silent once again.

Until the ninth midnight…

At midnight, and at the same time, black fog once again lingered on the surface of the ootheca.

Many people looked nervous as they watched it spit out nine Dominators slowly.

These were bona fide dominator-level rank-9 powerhouses. Most of the people present had not even seen powerhouses of such a level until a few days ago.

There were even many who were not sure whether there were powerhouses of the same level in the infinite universe who could fight a fair battle with them.

Fortunately, the people’s concerns were soon resolved.

The reason being was that they saw nine figures standing out one after the other.

Dragon Emperor from Dragon Island, Xue Luo from Snow Domain, Sword Palace’s palace master…

On the Sword Alliance’s side, Lin Xuan and Lin Xin chose to participate.

Lin Xuan, who had just broken through to dominator-level rank-9, wisely chose the weakest one among the nine Abyssal monsters.

Lin Xin did not act recklessly. She chose the one with the second weakest aura.

After all, it had only been a month since she broke through to dominator-level rank-9.

Seeing that the Sword Alliance had sent a young man and lady to the battle, many spectators could not help but focus their attention on the two.

On the battlefield, the battles between dominator-level rank-9 powerhouses soon broke out.

Dragon Emperor from Dragon Island took the lead to attack first. He grabbed his opponent with his palm that seemed like an endless mountain range.

His opponent, which was a gigantic Abyssal monster, could not run, so it could only defend forcefully.

However, it was crushed into a pile of mush directly in the next second.

Dragon Emperor had completed the kill in one hit.

He was so powerful that it caused countless spectators to exclaim.

Xue Luo was quick too. She merely pointed in the air, and a blue spark started burning between the Abyssal monster’s eyebrows. The spark slowly spread.

Within a single breath of time, the monster was burned into dust directly.

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Many spectators had goosebumps when they saw that strange technique.

Most of them did not even understand what technique she used exactly.

Nevertheless, Lin Huang, who was watching the battle secretly, had seen it crystal clear.

She used a technique that was a combination of witchcraft and sorcery. She penetrated the monster’s head with fire element Odyl Dominator Power and released it later on.

In reality, this technique was more taxing on one’s control abilities.

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