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Chapter: 82

Iris Elaine was born between Count Surah and his maid. It was more of a r*pe if anything. The maid couldn’t handle Countess’s abuse so she took her own life, leaving the child behind to be treated worse than a slave. The only reason the child was able to leave such abuse was because she could perform magic.

Elaine was Iris’s saviour. The reason she followed him blindly was because he came to save her at the most convenient time for her. Then she was able to receive formal education and live a new life, but she avoided people.

Sidrain remembered when he met young Iris. She had screamed and had fainted afterwards. His heart felt restless as it seemed like she was reminded of her abused days when she saw his appearance.

Count Surah, Count Surah. Sidrain repeated it a few times inside. To be honest, Count Surah was like an ant from Sidrain’s perspective. Such a weak family that he could get rid of them with a press of a finger. Iris was abused by such family. She could’ve possibly been abused all of her life.

Ah, but he knew. Someone else is feeling the pain she felt right now. But everyone in the world was feeling their own type of pain. Like how he had to participate in dragon subjugation, everyone had their own pain and had to go through with it in their own way. She was lucky considering all this. Sidrain could understand all of this.

In his head.

In his heart, he didn’t understand and didn’t want to. He had something for using his power. And someone else was also very good at it too.

"Call Elena En Sethang."

The official deputy of the Queen. Elaine, the Queen’s fanatic that everyone knew.


Margaret En Surah was no one to be curious about. Her life began peaceful, but was soon disturbed when one lowly girl slave was able to perform magic.

To Margaret, Iris, the girl slave, was like a double-edged sword. Margaret was able to grow her self-esteem thanks to that girl slave and blossom her unique arrogant charm. But her sadistic personality  was also born with it. Margaret was a woman who could not stand without abusing or insulting someone. She had to live her life with someone being beneath her. Or else she couldn’t even confirm her own existence.

Her life was pitiful but that also quickly went away when one looked at the way she acted. She insulted the weaker people and could only be satisfied by seeing them in pain, but to the people in power she tried her best to be on their connection to taste power. This was probably because of her parents’ education and probably because there were many events that scratched her pride as a daughter of a small territory noble.

Anyways, since that lowly girl slave Iris disappeared, her father grieved why it had to be Iris and not Margaret. He openly insulted her, saying she’s useless. Margaret returned the same insult when she married a merchant. How because her father was useless that she has to marry a merchant instead of a noble. It was give and take. From a certain perspective, it was quite a fair father and daughter relationship.

Everyone compared Margaret to Iris. Iris Elaine. As the name got more famous, Margaret’s pride was shattered more and more. Then when she was divorced and came back home, her father openly treated her like trash. Margaret took her alimony and came to the capital.

I will make my father and everyone regret it. I will not return before then! I heard the Queen is soft hearted so I will be on her good side and grab power!

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This was Margaret’s life and the beginning of the misfortune for Count Surah’s family.


"Our schedule is full, Miss."

They didn’t even seem sorry. Rejection from fourth stores. Every store was the same. They rejoiced when she said she’s here to fit a dress for a ball, but the moment she gave her name, they rejected her. Margaret decided to give a different name at the fifth store.

"Widney Ross."

When she chose to give another name, she remembered her ex-husband’s lover’s name. She wasn’t even a noble! Since she wasn’t a noble, she expected a rejection but she was surprised. The store clerk smiled politely and led her inside.

Dress shops were the same everywhere. It was like a salon for noble ladies. To hear rumours there was no place like it. Margaret carefully opened her mouth after being measured.

"The store before me said their schedule is full."

"Oh, in a season like this? Which store?"

As Margaret gave the name, the employee seemed puzzled.

"That’s strange."

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"I saw the person before me being sent away because of the schedule so I couldn’t even get in."

"A person before you? Did you hear her name?"

"Margret…. What was it? Sirah? Surah?"

As Margaret carefully said her name ,the employee laughed, "You must be talking about the daughter of the Count Surah. It’ll be hard for her to fit a dress anywhere in the capital."

So it was me they were rejecting, she thought, gritting her teeth, but plastered an elegant smile on her lips.

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