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Chapter: 530

Chapter 530

When Liu Mang took over Xinye, the Governor, Liu Qi, needed to change. The other officials did not need to since they would simply be working for a different side. That being said, Liu Mang decided to keep Liu Qi as governor as Liu Qi would not have anywhere else to go. He was chased out of Jingzhou. At the same time Jiangxia in the East was experiencing war, while the Huang Family in the South would not accept Liu Qi to remain the sole authoritative figure in their territory.

Besides that, Liu Mang had a friendly relationship with Liu Qi. Not only is Liu Qi honest but he was also one of Liu Mang’s first ally in Jingzhou. Liu Mang could not treat Liu Qi too harshly.

"Milord. Would Liu Biao agree to let Liu Qi continue serving as the governor?" Jia Xu asked skeptically. Liu Qi was Liu Biao’s son, a successor candidate. If he allowed his son to become a governor under Yangzhou, it would be like relying on someone else’s charity. Liu Biao might not want to seem like someone else’ subordinate

"He will." Liu Mang replied. Even if Liu Biao disagrees, the nobles in Jingzhou will agree to this. This is especially true for the Kuai Family and the Cai Family. They had been eager to chase Liu Qi far away from Jingzhou and would definitely take the opportunity given to them by Liu Mang.

"We only need Liu Qi’s consent. Bring me a brush and paper. I want to write a letter to Liu Qi." Liu Mang added. He still needed Liu Qi’s opinion on the matter. If Liu Qi himself refused to be Xinye’s Governor then there was no point appointing him as one.

A letter was quickly written and delivered to Xinye by one of Jia Xu’s subordinate.

Liu Qi read Liu Mang’s letter. In the letter, Liu Mang praising Liu Qi’s honesty and capability in governance. He also explained Liu Qi’s situation to him. If Liu Qi were to stay as Governor in Xinye, he would join Yangzhou. This meant that he would lose his position in Jingzhou and the support of the Jingzhou nobles. He would be distancing himself from Jingzhou politics.

On the other hand, if Liu Qi were to stay in Jingzhou, he would not have a chance to defeat his brother Liu Zong anyway as Liu Zong had the support of the Cai Family and the Kuai Family while Liu Qi won’t even be able to gain the Huang Family’s support. Liu Qi would only meet a dead end.

Liu Mang had already persuaded Lady Cai. This meant that he could not support Liu Qi. If Liu Qi insists on going back to Jingzhou, Liu Mang would have to abandon him as he could not go to war against Jingzhou just for Liu Qi.


"Master. The carriage is ready. The Madam asks when we are leaving." The housekeeper asked Liu Qi respectfully. As Xinye was going to belong to Yangzhou, the governor needed to leave. Here, Liu Qi was able to provide for himself but once he returns to Xiangyang, he would be walking on thin ice.

"Ma Dong. Do you think it is better to stay in Xinye or go to Xiangyang?" Liu Qi asked with uncertainty.

"Of course, it would be better to stay in Xinye." The housekeeper replied and then realized that he had said too much. A servant could not decide for the master. "Everything is as you will, Master."

"You also think it would be better to stay in Xinye?" Liu Qi did not blame his servant as he was feeling helpless. When everything was said and done, those in Jingzhou was his family. However, they never treated him warmly and he knew he would be monitored the moment he returned to Xiangyang. He would have his freedom at Xinye while he would be under house arrest at Xiangyang.

After thinking for a while, Liu Qi nodded and said. "Ma Dong. Send them back. We are not leaving."

"Master? We are not leaving?" Ma Dong was shocked but happy. It was better to stay in Xinye than to endure hardships at Xiangyang. Liu Qi was rich and is able to make himself a wealthy family at Xinye. "Master. I will go and inform the others. I will also see if there is a residence to buy!"

"Find a residence to buy?" Liu Qi was confused for a while and finally understood the problem. "No need. We will be staying in this residence."

"Master. This residence is for the governor. It is not a private residence." Ma Dong reminded.

"Haha. That’s right. This is the governor’s residence. Ma Dong, go and bring our things back in. If not, where would we sleep? I still need to work tomorrow."

"Huh? Master. Are you Xinye’s governor?"

"Yes. For now, I am still the governor."

"But…" Ma Dong wanted to object. How could the eldest son of Jingzhou’s Lord work for Yangzhou?

"Your Master is me. Now we must prepare to send a letter to the Lord of Jingzhou." Liu Qi said while feeling a little sad. He would not be able to do his filial duty as a son.

"Master!" Ma Dong was not an idiot or he would not have managed to become Liu Qi’s housekeeper. He could tell that Liu Qi wanted to be filial but was prevented from being filial at every corner.

"Master. Are we going to work under Yangzhou now?" Ma Dong asked. His master had inheritance right but would definitely lose those rights when they change sides.

"What’s wrong with working under Yangzhou? Aren’t they also the part of the Han Dynasty?" Liu Qi replied. He was now convinced that he did not need to help his father since his father did not like him.

Liu Qi looked at the letter as he thought about Liu Mang. He wasn’t close friends with Liu Mang but he could tell Yangzhou showed potential from their long conversation. Liu Qi himself could see the changes as Yangzhou obtained Xinye, provisions and many scholars. There were also plenty of merchants who sold away their foundations in Jingzhou just to do business in Yangzhou. Now, Liu Qi wants to follow in their footsteps.  

"Father! I will make you and the others see that I, Liu Qi, can be successful even without Jingzhou! The position of Jingzhou’s Lord will eventually be mine!" Liu Qi recalled Liu Mang’s words. If Jingzhou were to fall under Yangzhou’s control, then Jingzhou’s Lord will be him.

"In that case, I will go and put things in order." Ma Dong said and took his leave. It had been a long time since he saw Liu Qi act like this. While he did not know whether joining up with Yangzhou was a good thing, at the very least, it was not a bad thing.


"Moran isn’t coming back?" Liu Biao looked at the letter feeling sentimental.

Cai Mao and the others remained silent. The Moran they were talking about was Liu QI. The personnel in Xinye were replaced by Yangzhou, yet Liu Qi stayed behind as its governor.

Normally, no one would’ve batted an eye at this but this governor was the eldest son of the Lord of Jingzhou. Cai Mao smiled in his heart. Exchanging Xinye for the Nanyang region was already profitable for him since the Zhang Family can become an influential family. This will ultimately make the Cai Family, Kuai Family and Zhang Family who were allied to each other more powerful. Now, Liu Mang even took away Liu Qi which meant that there was only one heir left, Liu Zong.

That being said, Cai Mao had to hide his emotions as Liu Biao was not in a good mood. He did not want to be a sacrificial victim.

"Milord, Liu Qi is already thirty. Perhaps he want to establish himself and prove himself to you." Someone else placated.

"That’s right. He is already thirty." Liu Biao said emotionally. Liu Zong was only born recently but Liu Qi had been accompanying him for thirty years. It would be a lie if he were to say that there was no emotion at all.

Cai Mao felt even more grateful to Liu Mang when he saw Liu Biao feeling affectionate for his children. It would be problematic for him if Liu Biao decided to pick Liu Qi as his successor but now that threat has decreased significantly.

"Milord. There is not much difference even if Liu Qi works for Yangzhou. We are currently allies. If Milord misses Liu Qi, Milord can just send a letter and I am sure he will return to your arms." Cai Mao praised Liu Qi as a filial son. There were no downsides in praising the man that was no longer a threat.

"That’s right." Liu Biao nodded sadly. His eyes started to turn red with tears as he recalled of the time before he was the Lord of Jingzhou. At that time, Liu Qi said he wanted to be an official of higher rank than his father to show filial piety.

"I’m afraid that is not the case!" An ear piercing voice struck while Liu Biao was feeling sentimental.

"You again?" The officials thought to themselves as they looked at Huang She.

"Milord. You are starting to get older and must be careful of false information." Huang She said without any filter, cementing his ending. Even an old man would not like being called old.

Huang She continued speaking without noticing that Liu Biao’s expression had already darkened. "Yangzhou is full of wild designs. Liu Qi staying there may not be his own intentions. Instead, Liu Mang is simply imitating Milord by taking a hostage."

Everyone else almost vomited blood at Huang She’s idiocy. While everyone knew that Liu Mang was forced to remain at Jingzhou as a hostage, no one could blatantly admit it. On the surface, Liu Mang was a guest. That being said, Huang She could also be correct in that Liu Qi could have been made a hostage.

If that was the case, Cai Mao would be very happy. Liu Qi’s death would be to Cai Mao’s benefit. However, Cai Mao still stood up to oppose Huang She. Liu Mang was currently his ally, he had to speak well of Liu Mang. "Huang She! Was your punishment not enough for you stop your ravings?"

"Am I wrong? Military Advisor Cai. I think some people just don’t want Liu Qi to come home!" Huang She replied impolitely as he knew that Cai Mao was on Liu Mang’s side.

"You!" Cai Mao became speechless. He could not refute as it was a fact that he supported Liu Zong, his nephew. Heir disputes are something that could only be mentioned in secret.

"Milord! I have been loyal to you every day!" Cai Mao could not refute Huang She’s words so he could only kneel towards Liu Biao.

"Hmph! Military Advisor Cai! Am I wrong?" Huang She bragged again, feeling very satisfied at seeing Cai Mao kneel towards Liu Biao in fear.

"Shut up!" Liu Biao suddenly shouted in anger and threw the letter in his hands at Huang She’s face.


"Huang She! If it was not because of your father Huang Zu, I would have long have you executed!" Liu Biao roared.

"Milord! I…"

"Read that letter for yourself!" Liu Biao pointed at the letter. When Huang She read it, he realized his mistake. Yangzhou’s Army have not even reached Xinye yet. Jingzhou’s troops had only begun withdrawing from Xinye. This also meant that Huang She had chosen to stay in Xinye voluntarily. Liu Qi even wrote, telling his father not to be worried and that he would work hard to show his father his efforts. There were no conspiracies as stated by Huang She.

"Milord! Please forgive me!" Huang She immediately knelt down.

"Men! Drag this guy off to prison!" Liu Biao could not execute Huang She but he could send him off to prison.

"Milord!" Huang She shouted as he was dragged away.

"Milord. Are you not going to write back?" Cai Mao asked flatteringly. As Liu Biao was feeling guilty towards his son, writing a letter might help alleviate that guilt a little.

Liu Biao agreed and started writing a letter. The contents were full of love from a parent to a child. Liu Biao almost asked for Liu Qi to return home as well. Fortunately, he was no longer in Jingzhou or Cai Mao would have become very vigilant.

Meanwhile, Cai Mao’s impression of Liu Mang improved as Liu Mang helped him get rid of an obstacle.

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