My Neighbor, the Most Beautiful and Innocent “Blind Girl” in School Moved Next Door to My House


One day, for some reason, a beautiful girl named Sayo Misumi, whose parents live in a shrine in the countryside, moves next door to the apartment where I, Souta Tsushiro, lives.

Misumi has been suffering from "psychogenic visual impairment" for the past year due to the stress she is experiencing, and she has almost no eyesight.

She could barely see and could only see 10 centimeters in front of her.

"As neighbors, if someone is in trouble, we must help each other."

I couldn’t leave Misumi alone, so I started helping her in any way I could, and she started cooking for me in return.

Fellow people living alone, we help each other in daily life, and Misumi’s ordinary words and actions make my heart flutter and I feel embarrassed…

But, I’ve decided not to believe in love.

I will never fall in love with Misumi…!!

The cause of Misumi’s stress had been revealed.

And if it could be cured, Misumi’s vision could return again.

Therefore, I must help her sincerely without having any ulterior motives.

"For some reason, I can calm down when I’m with Tsushiro-kun…"

As I spent time with Misumi, my distrust of love slowly started to fade—

Chapter : 6


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