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Chapter: 112

The Decision to Leave the City 1

Seeing that Lin Yueyin had no objections, The system generated a verbal spiritual spell agreement, and Cui Mengyao signed her name on it.

Lu Ping taught the Xun Li Wood Fire Art to Cui Mengyao.

Cui Mengyao cultivated slowly. She was only at the first level of Qi Refinement, and soon, she converted all the true Qi in her body into the true Qi of the technique.

She also realized that compared to the cultivation technique that she cultivated previously, when she circulated her true Qi, she felt a special sense of clarity.

Furthermore, the speed at which she circulated her true Qi was much faster.

"Mr. Lu, my cultivation speed is much faster!" After cultivating for a few weeks, Cui Mengyao said excitedly.


Lin Yueyin was also overjoyed.

As long as she could increase her cultivation speed, these few thousand star dollars were worth it.

After confirming that Cui Mengyao’s cultivation was normal, Lu Ping began to teach her as usual!

He gave an hour and a half’s lecture on the basics of alchemy, mainly on the identification of medicinal herbs and some simple pharmacology.


In fact, most of these were things that Cui Mengyao would learn in school in the future. However, during Lu Ping’s lecture, she had already started to study ahead of time.

After Cui Mengyao adjusted her mindset, she was more able to accept alchemy. When she learned, her progress was extremely fast, especially when it came to some medicinal theories. She could even draw inferences from one example and have a clear perception.

Of course, there were also some effects of the system.

Finally, after practicing for half an hour, Cui Mengyao’s lesson ended.

After leaving Cui Mengyao’s house, Lu Ping looked at his body and saw that he had more than 10,000 star dollars left!

He thought for a moment and immediately went to buy a bottle of Foundation Establishment stage grade C cultivation fluid.

Compared to the Qi Cultivation realm grade C cultivation fluid, it was three times more expensive!

A bottle was 12,000 star dollars, this price made Lu Ping’s heart ache.

After buying a bottle of cultivation fluid, Lu Ping still had more than 2,000 star dollars on him.

After buying it, Lu Ping returned to the villa.

Unknowingly, the door had already been repaired.

Lu Ping returned to his room, took out the cultivation fluid, opened the bottle, and drank the 12,000 star dollars worth of grade C cultivation fluid in one gulp.

After drinking the fluid, he didn’t feel as satisfied as before.

He had tasted the explosive cultivation effect of the grade S cultivation fluid.

If he used the ordinary grade C cultivation fluid, it wouldn’t be enough ti break through.

Of course, it still had its uses.

After two hours Lu Ping’s total spiritual power had increased by 5000.

This speed was still much faster than normal cultivation.

Although it was far from being comparable to the explosive effect of the grade S cultivation fluid.

A hint of disappointment flashed across Lu Ping’s eyes as he looked at his personal attribute points.

Host: Lu Ping

Level 6: 210/2000 Teacher’s path points

Current position: Swordsmanship instructor of the primary school department

Title: Best Teacher of Swordsmanship of the Month (temporary)

Cultivation: Foundation Establishment Level 2

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Cultivation Method: Nine Revolutions Primordial Spirit Body Building Art (Foundation Establishment grade SSS)

Spiritual Power Intensity: 2,300/4,000

Total Spiritual Power: 50,700/80,000

Physique Intensity: Mortal Level 3(2,640/4,000)

Spell: Sea Breaking Sword Art (Foundation Establishment grade A) – Proficiency B (3,458/10,000)

Five Elements Basic Technique (no grade) – Proficiency S

Divine Fire (Foundation Establishment grade A) – Proficiency D (500/3,000)

Broken Wood Regeneration (Foundationtion establishment grade A) – Proficiency D (500/3,000)

Fist technique: Beast Emperor Fist (Grade S- incomplete), Great Ape Emperor Fist – Proficiency D (1,140/3,000)

Thunder Emperor Fist – Proficiency D (1,501/3,000) Crouching Tiger stance (cultivation pose, no proficiency)

In just over a month, Lu Ping’s strength could be said to have improved a lot compared to before!

But Lu Ping was not satisfied!

Because he was very clear that he was about to enter a plateau.

The school’s salary had just been released, and his remaining missions were all long-term missions.

The only mission that could be completed quickly was Chen Sheng’s mission!

But that was only to upgrade his flying sword.

If he really wanted to improve his cultivation, he could only cultivate slowly!

But, Lu Ping was unwilling!

As the saying goes, it was easy to go from frugality to extravagance, but difficult to go from extravagance to frugality!

Continuous improvement and the pleasure of using the cultivation fluid, how could it be compared to meditation?

After a moment of contemplation, Lu Ping’s eyes gradually turned sharp.

There was another way! To go out of the city and hunt demonic beasts!

This was the simplest and fastest way to obtain star dollars!

Of course, what he had to offer was his own life.

Lu Ping stood up and planned to leave the city.

However, before leaving the city, cultivators needed to apply for a pass to enter and exit the city. Only with the pass could they go through the city protection formation.

Otherwise, the only outcome would be death by the array.

Of course, this array could only be used against cultivators below the tribulation stage. Those with high cultivations could not be restricted.

Lu Ping stood up immediately.

However, before that, he gave Lin Yueyin a call.

"Mrs. Lin, I have something to do. I might have to leave the city. If I can’t come back tomorrow, I’ll postpone the matter of going to the Garrison Division."

Lin Yueyin was stunned when she heard Lu Ping’s words. She tightened her grip on her phone and said anxiously, "Mr. Lu, why are you doing this? Can’t you just stay in the city? Why are you leaving the city? It’s too dangerous."

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Yes, it’s too dangerous. Cui Mengyao’s father, a Golden Core stage cultivator, died outside the city.

Lu Ping also knew that this matter was very dangerous, but danger often represented profit.

The sparring in the Primal Chaos Universe also allowed him to have a rough idea of his own cultivation level.

Although he was at the second layer of the Foundation Establishment realm, he wasn’t at a disadvantage even when facing cultivators at the fifth layer.

Through this period of time, Lu Ping also understood that although the system could give him rewards, he simply couldn’t control what it gave him.

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