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Chapter: 113

The Decision to Leave the City 2

The resources needed to increase one’s cultivation level could not be obtained directly from the system.

Of course, many of the things given by the system could not be replaced by resources.

But even so, he had to think of ways to expand the resources on his own.

Lu Ping did not intend to listen to Lin Yueyin’s advice. He said in a deep voice, "Mrs. Lin, this is my personal matter. I’m just telling you."

Not everyone could interfere with his life.

Lin Yueyin could hear the displeasure in his words. She could only say, "Then be careful!"

After hanging up the phone, Lin Yueyin sighed.

At this moment, Cui Mengyao came out of the house and asked, "Mommy, who are you calling? Is it Mr. Lu? You guys are going to the Garrison Division tomorrow. Can you take me along?"

Lin Yueyin shook her head and said, "I don’t know. Mr. Lu said that he has something to do tomorrow. Maybe he won’t come."

Lin Yueyin didn’t tell Cui Mengyao about Lu Ping leaving the city.


Cui Mengyao’s eyes dimmed. "Oh…"

She leaned on Lin Yueyin’s lap and suddenly said, "Mommy, tell me, if you want to find a boyfriend, how about Mr. Lu?"

"Go into the house and cultivate! What nonsense!" Lin Yueyin reprimanded with a red face.

This damn child! She was a brat!

On the other side, Lu Ping soon arrived at the administration office.

There were many people in the administration office.

Lu Ping waited in line for about half an hour before it was his turn.

Many people went out every day, and many people died.

The path of immortal cultivation was not easy.

The jobs in the city were stable and steady, but the profits were often very limited.

Some lucrative industries were monopolized by powerful cultivators.

If the low-level cultivators wanted to stand out, they could only fight with the heavens for their lives.

What if they were afraid of death? Then they could only muddle along in the city.

If Lu Ping really did not have a system, he might one day have had to leave the city to fight for his life.

People had different ideas and different choices, so they were destined to take different paths.

"Mr. Lu, this is your identity card. With this card, you can safely enter and exit Binhai City. However, we are here to remind you that leaving the city is risky. It’s best to travel in a team," the staff member said to Lu Ping with a smile on his face.

His attitude was very good.

Lu Ping took the card and said softly, "Thank you."

The hand card was a bracelet-like item.

Lu Ping put it on his hand.

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Then, it was embedded into his flesh.

In this era of great cultivation, overpopulation was a problem.

Because people lived for a long time, it led to the increase of the population in the city.

Therefore, society encouraged cultivators to go out of the city to kill demonic beasts.

Firstly, they could reduce a certain amount of population. Secondly, they could clear out territories along the way to facilitate the expansion of the city’s great array in the future so as to accommodate more people. And finally, they could train cultivators. Although they could fight in the Primal Chaos Universe, everything in there was virtual. Victory or death was ultimately an illusion.

There were improvements in the techniques of the cultivators, but as their cultivation increased, what the cultivators needed even more was real life experience.

Next to the entrance and exit administration was the Mission Hall.

Cultivators could receive special missions from the hall, such as obtaining spiritual herbs and herbs, hunting specific types of demonic beasts, ore collection, and so on.

At the same time, cultivators could also trade here. Of course, there would be a certain fee.

There were also some magical tools and medicinal pill shops around to provide logistical supplies for cultivators.

Lu Ping went inside, intending to see if there was any useful information.

"Mission reward: 300,000 star dollars: Collect one demonic beast core at the first level of the Golden Core stage."

"Mission reward: 50,000 star dollars: Defeat one fire-type demonic beast above the fifth level of the Foundation Establishment stage."

"Mission reward: 70,000 star dollars: Collect some rare grass."

Lu Ping looked at the board. There were all kinds of missions.

However, there was an app download link at the back of the mission. After downloading it, one could view the mission directly through their phone. However, to handle the handover of the mission, one still had to come to the Mission Hall.

Lu Ping immediately downloaded it.

After that, he looked at the mission information on his phone. It was even clearer. There was a dazzling array of mission targets. The reward for the mission was usually higher than the repurchase price.

"Bro, which level of Foundation Establishment are you at? Forming a team? In our team, there are two experts at the eighth level of Foundation Establishment!" Suddenly, a man walked to Lu Ping’s side and asked with a smile.

Looking at the man’s smile, Lu Ping only shook his head.

Two people at the eighth level of Foundation Establishment was something that Lu Ping couldn’t handle at the moment.

Lu Ping had long heard that after leaving the city, there were all kinds of shady things going on.

How could Lu Ping join them?

That man grinned and said, "Bro, don’t worry. We can sign a contract and guarantee that we won’t harm you!"

"I’m sorry, I don’t want to join you!" Lu Ping still refused.

Signing a regular contract was not the solution.

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It was different from the simple and forceful method of a spirit contract.

Many regular contracts had loopholes.

Even if one signed a contract, they might fall into a trap.

Of course, many people would still choose to form a group.

But the average person will either look for someone with similar cultivation level or someone they trust to reduce the risk of being schemed against.

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