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Chapter: 114

The Decision to Leave the City 3

There were also some who simply gambled their lives believing that the other party was a good person…

However, even if they were scheming against someone, they still had to find a good method to do so.

Because the identity bracelet had a recording function, if the other party escaped back to the city alive or used another person’s identity bracelet to report their death, the cultivators of the Garrison Division would not be lenient.

It was just that, in the face of benefits, many people still chose to take risks.

Lu Ping did not want to team up with others. If he did, he would have to find someone with similar cultivation level.

Otherwise, he would definitely become cannon fodder or be schemed against.

The difference in levels was too much, and it was not suitable for them to be together.

Seeing that Lu Ping refused again, the person smiled and turned to leave.

There were experts guarding this place, so no one dared to cause trouble here.

Just then, a person appeared behind Lu Ping and said in a delicate voice, "Mr. Lu, are you going out of town?"

The familiar voice made Lu Ping turn around. Sure enough, he knew this person.

It was Meng Fan’s older sister, Meng Tingting.

Meng Tingting’s cultivation was at the third level of the Foundation Establishment stage.

Seeing her, Lu Ping didn’t hide anything. He nodded and said, "That’s right, I am indeed going out."

"What’s yout cultivation level now?"

"Foundation Establishment level two!" Lu Ping didn’t reveal his true combat strength.

He was wary of everyone.

"That’s perfect! Let’s team up!" Meng Tingting smiled and said, "Our team is full of people at Foundation Establishment level two and three. Now that there are seven people, with you joining, we’ll be even stronger."

Lu Ping began to calculate. He knew Meng Tingting well. She had been out of the city to hunt demonic beasts for some time.

To Lu Ping, she was a veteran!

"I have to come back before tomorrow. I still have to work on Monday. I’m just going out to familiarize myself and gain some experience," said Lu Ping.

Meng Tingting thought for a moment and said, "I see. We’ll be gone for at least a week. We have a lot of people, so we can’t only hunt one or two demonic beasts. Mr. Lu, why don’t you come with us for a day and then come back on your own? But you won’t get a share of the rewards later."

"Are you the leader of the team?" Lu Ping asked curiously.

Meng Tingting smiled shyly and said, "I’m the only girl in the team, so I became the team leader. But generally speaking, things are discussed."

Lu Ping thought for a moment and said, "Then I’ll come along."

He still planned to go out with Meng Tingting.

The reason was very simple. Although Lu Ping had heard some things about going out of the city to hunt, most of them were hearsay.

He had never gone out of the city in his life.

By following Meng Tingting, he could at least gain some insight.

Moreover, what Meng Tingting said was that her team’s cultivation was not that high. Even if there was really a problem, Lu Ping’s cultivation was enough to ensure his safety.

Although Lu Ping was going out of the city, he actually did not plan to have too many gains on his first time out of the city. He still wanted to familiarize himself with many things so that he could prepare to go out of the city to hunt demonic beasts in the future.

Seeing that Lu Ping agreed, Meng Tingting said, "Then let’s go."

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As she spoke, she led Lu Ping out of the hall and flew toward the outside of the city.

As they flew, she said, "I came here to see if there are any members we can recruit. It’s better to leave the city with more people. Unless it’s someone who is very strong, if we encounter a demonic beast of the same level, without three or five people, it’s very difficult for us to be a match for the demonic beast."

What Meng Tingting said was based on their combat strength.

In fact, most of the low-level cultivators really didn’t have much chance of winning against demonic beasts.

After all, in terms of basic talent, demonic beasts were actually better than most ordinary humans.

When she saw that Lu Ping didn’t say anything, she thought that Lu Ping was worried, she smiled and said, "You don’t have to be nervous. Most of our targets are Qi Refinement stage demonic beasts. As for Foundation Establishment stage demonic beasts, other than those at the first level of the Foundation Establishment stage, we won’t casually touch them."

Although demonic beasts of the same level were very troublesome, they could work downward.

Although this way, the benefits were smaller, it was more stable.

However, the biggest problem of hunting outside the city was actually bad luck.

No one knew what they would encounter.

Some people were unlucky. If they encountered a powerful demonic beast, they would basically have to go through hell.

For people who went out of the city to hunt, there was basically no turning back.

No one could resist the temptation of quickly accumulating resources.

Thus, they often went out to hunt.

The probability of such accidents were originally very low, but if you did too much, the probability would greatly increase.

Moreover, as one’s cultivation level increased, the target of the hunt also often had to increase, meaning one had to go deep into the wilderness. Thus, the more likely problems would appear.

Therefore, the mortality rate of cultivators leaving the city was still very high.

The two of them flew to the edge of Binhai City.

In the wilderness, Lu Ping saw Meng Tingting’s team.

Six men were standing there.

Lu Ping was slightly stunned. He suddenly remembered the fairy tale, Snow White and the seven dwarfs.

Lu Ping and Meng Tingting flew closer.

The men below also flew on their swords.

Everyone gathered in the air. The man in the lead laughed and said, "Welcome, new friend!"

Meng Tingting and Lu Ping stopped. Meng Tingting introduced him to them, "This is Lu Ping, my friend. This time, he will only leave the city with us for one day. After one day, he will return to the city."

Hearing this, the others frowned.

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Just for one day? Then the help he could provide would be much less.

One of them asked, "Tingting, how about we split the demonic beasts for one day?"

Meng Tingting said, "According to the old rules, we’ll get more from the third level of the Foundation Establishment stage. This friend of mine is at the second level of the Foundation Establishment stage. He will get a share of rewards of the demonic beasts that he would help take down. The demonic beasts we take on after he leaves have nothing to do with him."

Hearing this, no one said anything else.

As long as he didn’t have to take a share after he left, they wouldn’t have any objections.

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