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Chapter: 115

Fighting 1

In the wilderness, Lu Ping and the others were flying on their swords!

Compared to the bustling city, the wilderness had its own vast and beautiful scenery.

Huge rivers and mountains were all within sight.

This was the first time Lu Ping had seen such scenery with his own eyes, and he could not help but feel a sense of pride.

He had a feeling that he was out of his cage.

The speed of cultivators flying on their swords was very fast. In two hours they had already flown hundreds of miles.

They landed in a forest.

Their cultivation was not high, so they had used up a lot of their spiritual power. Thus, they began to meditate.

Lu Ping didn’t care. The amount of spiritual power in his body was far from what these people could compare to.

However, he followed suit and began to meditate.


He immediately felt the difference.

The spiritual energy outside the city was much denser than in the city.

Soon, everyone’s spiritual energy recovered a lot.

At this time, Meng Tingting said, "Mr. Lu, next, we have to look for traces of demonic beasts. There are many demonic beasts in this mountain forest, and their cultivation levels are also uncertain. Therefore, we should try not to fly so as to alert the enemy and attract powerful demonic beasts. We should try to restrain our aura and walk."

"Alright!" Lu Ping really didn’t understand these things.

To put it bluntly, demonic beasts had intelligence. When they saw that there were many people, they would also know how to dodge and run, or hide their aura.

After all, humans and demonic beasts were basically natural enemies.

Lu Ping and the others spread out and started to search for traces of demonic beasts from a distance of several hundred meters. This search lasted for several hours. Gradually, Lu Ping understood that searching for demonic beasts wasn’t an easy task.

However, he quickly discovered some useful information!

He found a purple vine!

Based on Lu Ping’s rich theoretical knowledge, this was the vine that accompanied the Purple Vine Python.

Looking at the purple vine that was spreading, Lu Ping’s eyes flickered as he began to ponder.

"Purple Vine Python. An adult Python is at the peak of the Qi Refinement stage. It can’t fly and isn’t a threat to Foundation Establishment cultivators."

Should he go by himself?

If he went alone, the demonic beast would be in his pocket.

Even if it was only at the Qi Refinement stage, it was still worth some money, at least tens of thousands of star dollars.

If it was divided among seven people, it would probably be much less.

Greed was something that everyone had. However, Lu Ping immediately shook off this thought.

Since Meng Tingting had dragged him in and brought him out with good intentions, taking all the benefits for himself was a little too much.

Lu Ping immediately took out a talisman and lightly crushed it. The others immediately sensed it and came to Lu Ping’s side.

Hearing Lu Ping’s analysis, everyone was overjoyed!

"Good job"

"Awesome! Awesome!"

"Haha, you’re pretty good. You got something on the first day!"

In the eyes of Foundation Establishment stage cultivators, the Purple Vine Python was indeed nothing.

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It was basically a source of income that fell from the sky.

In the wilderness, cell phones basically had no signal. The signal towers simply couldn’t be set up in the wilderness and would be destroyed by the demonic beasts.

After one person lowered his head to check the vines, his face was full of excitement as he said, "It is indeed the Purple Vine Python’s associated vine. If we follow the vine, we should be able to find the location of this thing! An adult Purple Vine Python, each of us can get at least a thousand star dollars!"

This sum of money was a good amount!

Everyone slowly moved forward along the purple vine.

Soon, everyone heard the sounds of fighting!

The growls of beasts cut through the air!

Obviously, the demonic beasts in the fight were also restraining themselves, afraid of attracting others. However, they couldn’t control their roars and howls from being attacked sometimes.

Meng Tingting was overjoyed. "That’s great! There might be a fight between the demonic beasts! We are so lucky!"

As they spoke, everyone sped up!

Soon, they arrived at a valley. When they arrived at the top of the valley, everyone was dumbfounded.

They saw that the valley was covered in purple vines.

There were more than ten Purple Vine Pythons inside, surrounding a Silver-Backed Gray Wolf.

This Silver-Backed Gray Wolf was also a demonic beast of the ninth level of the Qi Refinement realm. However, this thing was already half a step into the Foundation Establishment realm. It could be said to be the Silver-Backed Gray Wolf king.

It had a body the size of a calf, fierce eyes, and sharp fangs.

It fought more than ten Purple Vine Pythons alone!

At this moment, everyone was extremely happy!

"Lu Ping, you are our lucky star!"

"Exactly! This is f*cking good l This is more than 100,000 star dollars!"

"Haha, I’m rich! So many Purple Vine Pythons, it’s awesome!"

Yes, he was really lucky.

Lu Ping frowned!

Purple Vine Pythons were solitary creatures!

Normally, they wouldn’t gather together, so why were there so many Purple Vine Pythons here?

The Silver-Backed Gray Wolf king was the same. No matter how he looked at it, this was the nest of Purple Vine Pythons, so why did it fight these pythons to the death?

However, he didn’t have time to think about it!

With Meng Tingting’s order, everyone made their move!

In order to avoid further complications, they naturally had to end the battle quickly!

Flying sword spells were thrown into the valley one after another.

Lu Ping also made his move, but he still maintained his restraint and tried his best to make his attacks as powerful as an ordinary second layer Foundation Establishment cultivator.

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Even so, under the huge difference in cultivation, the Purple Vine Pythons and the Silver-Backed Gray Wolf king below still didn’t have any decent resistance.

Very quickly, they were all slaughtered.

Looking at the corpses all over the ground, everyone’s excitement was obvious.

This was the first time Lu Ping felt the bountiful benefits of going out of the city to hunt.

For those who didn’t have good jobs, this was indeed a path that had a chance to earn them wealth.

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