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Chapter: 116

Fighting 2

Meng Tingting stepped forward and prepared to put the corpses into her storage ring. As the team leader, she would deal with all the stuff and distribute them to everyone.

"We can go back to the city!" Standing next to the corpse, Meng Tingting said happily.

Lu Ping was a little surprised. "Didn’t you say that we would be out for at least a week?"

Meng Tingting smiled and said, "That’s normal. Now that we have such a big harvest, we can return to the city and sell it. Each of us can get at least 10,000 to 20,000 star dollars each. If we continue to stay outside the city, we will suffer a great loss if something goes wrong."

Everyone nodded. This was the common idea of the cultivators hunting in the wilderness.

If you have a bounty, you must collect it in time!

If you don’t collect it, if you die, it would be useless.

Lu Ping shook his head helplessly. This was his first time out of the city. wasn’t it too simple? However, Lu Ping didn’t plan to leave right away. He planned to search the valley.

In his opinion, there must be a reason why the Purple Vine Python and the Silver-Backed Gray Wolf king were fighting here!

However, just as he was about to speak, another figure appeared above the valley!

"Haha, I didn’t expect this. There are actually so many demonic beasts here. Although their levels aren’t high, this quantity can still be sold for quite a bit of money!"

A bearded man laughed wildly.

He stood in the air.

Lu Ping slightly sensed his cultivation level and his face turned solemn. This man was at the fifth level of the Foundation Establishment stage!

Two more figures appeared beside him!

One of them was also at the same level, and the other was at the second level of the Foundation Establishment stage!

But Lu Ping knew the last person!

He remembered the fiery and flashy Love X13 flying sword!

It was Liu Qian! In this short period of time, she had also raised her cultivation level by one level.

The bearded man laughed wildly at Liu Qian, "Wifey, the corpses below us can be sold for at least a hundred thousand star dollars! The flying swords and the things in the storage ring can also be sold for another sum!"

Obviously, he didn’t care about Lu Ping and the others.

In his opinion, a bunch of Foundation Establishment second or third level cultivators were dead meat!

In reality, they saw Lu Ping and the others defeat the demonic beasts.

It was just that they didn’t make a move at the beginning.

Liu Qian looked at Lu Ping with hatred and laughed maniacally, "Lu Ping, you didn’t expect this, right? The road between enemies is narrow!"

Lu Ping looked at her and sighed. "That’s right, I really didn’t expect you to seduce men so quickly. I’ve seen you call three people your husbands. You seem to be a cheater."

With that one sentence, Liu Qian was so angry that her face turned red!

As for the bearded man, his face was ugly.

Those words were too insulting.

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At this moment, a man in the team shouted, "Lu Ping, don’t talk nonsense!"

He looked at the bearded cultivator and said in a deep voice, "Bro, don’t lower yourself to his level. We are willing to give these corpses to you as long as you let us go. Have you thought it through? There are eight of us here. If we scatter and flee, they might not be able to catch up!"

This person was rather quick-witted!

Lu Ping could not help but sigh. From the looks of it, this seemed to be the best choice.

Unfortunately, he still could not see the situation clearly.

As expected, that bearded man did not care at all. He laughed wildly and said, "Do you really think that we just arrived? Look around. I have already set up the formation plate. If you want to charge out, you will be hindered!"

At this time, everyone noticed that spiritual energy was continuously gathering in the sky. Soon after, yellow sand began to appear all over the sky!

"The Yellow Sand Bewildering Formation is not lethal, but its range is very wide. For cultivators below the Foundation Establishment stage, it will take at least half an hour to break out of the formation."

Lu Ping said softly, "It seems that you don’t intend to leave anyone alive."

Not leaving anyone alive was not out of Lu Ping’s expectations.

Since the other party had chosen to make a move, then it was obvious that they wanted to kill everyone.

Within the formation, killing and stealing was perfect.

Lu Ping didn’t waste any more words. His gaze gradually turned sharp as he said in a deep voice, "They doesn’t intend to leave anyone alive. I’ll go and kill that bearded man. The other two will be left to you!"

At this time, the only way to survive was to fight to the death!

It was own whether the other seven people would be able to withstand the other fifth level Foundation Establishment cultivator.

But at this moment, he couldn’t care less!

"Whoosh!" Lu Ping extended his hand and pointed. Cold Front No. 1 flew out from between his fingers! Riding on his sword, he soared into the air and flew straight to the side!

Then, riding on air, the flying sword under his feet stabbed straight at the bearded man. On the flying sword, the sword Qi was vast and mighty. Lu Ping let out a fierce shout, and the violent sword Qi slashed down from above at the bearded man!

The bearded man smiled coldly. "You’re struggling with your last breath. Go to hell!"

The bearded man waved his hand casually, and an azure flying sword flew out at the same time. This flying sword was as clear as water, and it brought up a curtain of water that covered the sky!

The two swords crossed each other in the air.

The Qi and energy clashed, and they were evenly matched!

The bearded man’s flying sword was a mid-grade magic tool.

Coupled with his cultivation, even if Lu Ping’s sword technique was better, the power of the two was still evenly matched!

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"Damn it! If my flying sword was also a middle-grade magic weapon, I would definitely chop this b*stard to death!"

The amplification effect of the flying sword was not as good as his opponent’s, so Lu Ping was very helpless!

Lu Ping was helpless, but the others were shocked!

Lu Ping’s combat strength was actually so powerful. The sharp sword Qi in the sky was overflowing, and it looked like it was not something they could withstand.

However, it was precisely because of this that these people also mustered their courage and attacked the other party at the same time.

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