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Chapter: 117

Fighting 3

The bearded man had a serious expression on his face as he shouted at the other man and Liu Qian, "Go kill those guys first. After that, help me kill this kid!"

Seeing that his flying sword was blocked, Lu Ping quickly formed a sword seal in his hand.

The flying sword once again brought up the sword Qi in an attempt to break through the bearded man’s water curtain!

Unfortunately, it was still useless.

However, just as Cold Front No. 1 was crazily attacking his opponent, Lu Ping secretly used a spell!

"Divine Fire!" Although he was not very familiar with this spell at the moment, it was Lu Ping’s only long-range attack other than the flying sword.

Seeing Lu Ping attack, Meng Tingting gritted her teeth and said, "Attack together! Or everyone will die!"

The other person was the bearded man’s younger brother. He raised his sword in the air and slashed down!

Everyone made their moves in unison. Many flying swords clashed at the same time, and the spiritual Qi surged.

They resisted this person with great difficulty!

Right at this moment, Liu Qian’s Love X13 flying sword, with a fiery red tail, charged straight at them.

A person died under her sword.

His head flew up and blood spurted out.

Meng Tingting felt despair!

It was already difficult to deal with these two with, how could she win if another person died?

Lu Ping’s Divine Fire was released!

Flames suddenly appeared around the bearded man.

In an instant, the violent flames engulfed the bearded man.

Divine Fire was one of the holy flames.

Most importantly, this spell was different from ordinary spells. It would suddenly burst from the opponent’s body.

If the bearded man had been more careful, he could have set up a defense around him or maintained his high speed movement.

However, from the very beginning, he did not put see Lu Ping as a worthy match.

Now that he was swallowed by the fire, he immediately started to howl miserably! His Qi immediately scattered!

On the other side, before the bearded man was burned, his younger brother and Liu Qian attacked again.

On Meng Tingting’s side, another three people died!

In the blink of an eye, only three of the seven people were left.

Under such circumstances, the remaining two people lost all their courage!

They immediately fled on their swords. Meng Tingting was dumbfounded!

What should she do?

The bearded man’s younger brother sneered and ignored Meng Tingting. Instead, he used his flying sword to chase after the two men who had escaped!

One of the men was pierced by the flying sword, and then the flying sword flew towards the last man!


At this moment, the bearded man screamed in pain.

Everyone looked back.

They saw that the bearded man’s flying sword had been knocked away by Lu Ping’s Cold Front No. 1. Then, the flying sword directly slashed down on the bearded man’s head.

The bearded man, who was wrapped in flames, was instantly split open!

The hot and violent flames did not even allow blood to flow out.

Two black lumps of flesh fell from the sky.

In a battle, a single mistake could lead to a completely different outcome.

His younger brother’s expression changed continuously. One had to know that his older brother’s combat strength was much stronger than his, yet he was already dead.

He could not care less about that guy who had escaped. Immediately, he moved quickly and flew to Liu Qian’s side, shouting sternly, "Run!"

He flew into the Yellow Sand Bewildering Formation with Liu Qian.

They had the formation talismans on them, so the formation was useless to them.

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Just before they entered the formation, his flying sword flew back.


The flying sword pierced through Meng Tingting’s chest!

After Lu Ping finished off his opponent, he turned around and saw this.

Lu Ping’s eyes were wide open.

He didn’t have time to chase after her and quickly flew to Meng Tingting’s side on his sword. He reached out and covered the wound on Meng Tingting’s chest.


His true Qi kept pouring into Meng Tingting’s body.

A green light rose up.

Fortunately, this sword attack didn’t pierce her heart, so Meng Tingting was still alive.

Otherwise, no matter how hard Lu Ping tried, he wouldn’t stand a chance.

"It hurts!" Meng Tingting cried.

It did hurt.

If someone stabbed you, they wouldn’t give you anesthetic.

On the other side, the man who had escaped was running around in the maze array. He was scared out of his wits.

At this moment, he only wanted to live!

However, in the yellow sand, he couldn’t distinguish between north, south, east, and west.

Suddenly, a figure appeared in front of him. It was the bearded man’s younger brother. He chopped off the man’s head with a sword and put his storage ring and flying sword into the ring.

Liu Qian said indignantly, "Why don’t you go and kill Lu Ping!"

Li Tianchen sneered, "Are you crazy? My brother was defeated by him. Why would I dare go and fight with him?"

"Then what should we do? If Lu Ping doesn’t die, he will definitely go back and report us. With Binhai City’s arrest warrant on our heads, we will be finished." Liu Qian looked confused.

"Hehe! Let’s hurry back to the city. I know people from the Green Snake Gang. They have a way to get new identities. When the time comes, as long as we change our appearance, no one will recognize us." As he said that, he looked at Liu Qian, "But to do this, we need a lot of money. Give me your flying sword!"

"My flying sword? No way!" Liu Qian refused immediately!

"Damn it! My brother is dead. Why don’t you sell your flying sword and let us live?"

"Don’t you have a flying sword too? Why do you want to use mine?"

Liu Qian was pierced through the heart by the man’s flying sword!

"F*ck you, b*tch. I wanted to play with you before killing you! Since you don’t know how to appreciate favors, go to hell!" Li Tianchen’s eyes flashed with a fierce look.

Liu Qian’s eyes were filled with disbelief.

Fresh blood flowed out of the wound, and her life was ebbing away.

This man was originally a bad person.

The reason why he brought her along was because he didn’t have any good intentions.

Seeing that she wasn’t being cooperative, he immediately revealed a fierce look.

He didn’t even bother to threaten her.

Li Tianchen put away the flying sword and storage ring, and directly flew away!

In the formation, Lu Ping kept using his spiritual power. The wound on Meng Tingting’s chest slowly healed and finally stopped bleeding.

Her face was a little pale. The wound just now had made her very weak.

"Are you okay?"

"I’m fine!" Meng Tingting shook her head.

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Lu Ping got up and started to clean up the battlefield, mainly collecting the spoils of war.

They had flying swords, storage rings, and the identification bracelets which he took off one by one.

At the same time, he put the bodies into a storage ring.

Finally, he came to Meng Tingting’s side and said in a low voice, "I’ve marked the storage rings and sent them back to their families. Then, the money from the sale of the demonic beast corpses will be distributed to their families according to their respective shares. The same goes for the mid-grade flying sword and the items in the storage ring that belonged to the bearded man. What do you think?"

Lu Ping was a little sad. These people were just fine a moment ago. All of them suddenly lost their lives.

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