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Chapter: 118

Evil Creature Acknowledge Your Master 1

Meng Tingting looked at Lu Ping and said in a low voice, "You killed that bearded man. Are you sure that you want to split it equally?"

Lu Ping sighed and said, "If it weren’t for you guys dragging the other two people down, I might not have been able to live. These guys are all dead, and the money belongs to them."

Lu Ping would not ignore the contributions of his teammates and take all the loot.

To put it bluntly, that was too unethical.

Even if his teammates were weak, they were still friends to Lu Ping.

It could be said that without these teammates, Lu Ping might not have been able to kill the bearded man.

If his teammates were alive, they could have divided the loot according to contribution.

However, these people had lost their lives, so Lu Ping didn’t want to investigate further. He divided all of the loot equally and gave them to his teammates families as a settlement fee.

He could only do so much.

Of course, he still had to take his share. Lu Ping wasn’t generous enough to not take a single cent.


Meng Tingting obediently put away everyone’s corpses and spoils of war.

Lu Ping didn’t leave just like that. Instead, he started searching in the valley.

Meng Tingting asked curiously, "Mr. Lu, what are you looking for?"

Lu Ping said, "I’m very curious. Why were there so many Purple Vine Pythons in this valley? Why was the Silver-Backed Gray Wolf kin here? There must be something strange!"

"I’ll help you too!"

The two of them started searching together.

However, even after searching through the cave, they didn’t find anything unusual.

Lu Ping touched his chin and frowned. "It doesn’t make sense."

Yes, it was indeed strange. He didn’t notice that a small snake was staring at him and Meng Tingting in the dark.

The small snake was purple like the Purple Vine Python, except that there were two small bumps on its forehead.

After another fruitless search, Lu Ping and Meng Tingting stepped into the Yellow Sand Bewildering Formation. With the talisman they found on the dead man, they put away the array formation.

At this time, they found the bodies of the other escapee and Liu Qian.

Lu Ping looked at the dead Liu Qian and frowned. Her flying sword and ring were gone.

Obviously, it was stolen by her accomplice.

That guy was cruel and merciless.

It was probably not the first time he had robbed and killed people.

Looking at the body of his teammate who tried to escape, Lu Ping said to Meng Tingting, "Take his body with you. When the time comes, give him a share. Between the moment of life and death, it’s not shameful to want to live."

Although this person had tried to escape, Lu Ping understood his behavior very well.

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If he were in his place, Lu Ping would probably make the same choice.

In the face of an invincible enemy, escaping was definitely not a shameful choice.

Whether it was for his own sake or for the sake of his family, escaping was a very normal choice.

Meng Tingting looked at Lu Ping with admiration in her eyes. In fact, she was a little unhappy.

The moment her two teammates ran away, she actually had a trace of resentment.

But after listening to Lu Ping’s words, she realized that she was not as open-minded as Lu Ping.

It was only the first day that Lu Ping met these people.

However, even though these people were already dead, Lu Ping didn’t have any intention of taking all the benefits for himself.

To be honest, at Lu Ping’s current cultivation level, even if he killed Meng Tingting and stole all the spoils of war, no one would know.

However, it was because of his help that Meng Tingting had the chance to survive.

It was evident that Lu Ping wasn’t a person who would forget his loyalty for the sake of profit.

The two of them turned around and flew toward Binhai City. On the way, anyone who saw them would subconsciously avoid them.

It wasn’t just them. The others were the same. As long as they saw a cultivator who was close to their level, they would subconsciously pull away.

It was normal for them to be on guard against each other.

When Lu Ping and Meng Tingting returned to the city, it was already midnight.

They entered Binhai City and the two of them let out a sigh of relief.

The Mission Hall was open 24 hours a day.

Half an hour later, Lu Ping and Meng Tingting were still together.

Meng Tingting said in a deep voice, "I’ve already given the corpses and the bracelets to the Garrison Division. When the time comes, they’ll contact their families. This time, we received a total of 400,000 star dollars, mainly because of that mid-grade magic tool, the flying sword, and the array formation, which are relatively valuable. In addition to our own spoils of war, that’s why we got so much."

400,000 star dollars?! For a second level Foundation Establishment cultivator, it could already be said to be an astronomical figure.

"There are eight of us in total, and each of us gets 50,000 star dollars! Mr. Lu, I’ll transfer your share to you. As for the rest, I’ll personally hand it over to their families." Meng Tingting transferred 50,000 star dollars to Lu Ping.

Lu Ping nodded and said, "Unfortunately, the last guy ran away!"

He was talking about Li Tianchen!

Lu Ping wished that he could kill this guy and get rid of him as soon as possible.

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Suddenly, Lu Ping said, "I won’t go with you the next time we leave the city! You’d better find a job in the city. It’s too dangerous in the wilderness!"

He was right.

Meng Tingting’s team had already been killed, and Meng Tingting’s cultivation was at the lowest level. If she met someone with evil intentions, he was afraid that she would suffer.

Meng Tingting fell into silence.

She said in a low voice, "I have no choice! If I want to become stronger, this is the only way! Mr. Lu, the work in the city is not as good as hunting outside the city. Even if you are a teacher of Qingzhou Academy, don’t you still want to go out of the city to hunt demonic beasts?"

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