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Chapter: 121

The Obedient Purple Spirit Flood Dragon 1

The Purple Spirit Flood Dragon looked at Lu Ping blankly. With its current intelligence, it was difficult for it to immediately understand Lu Ping’s intentions.

The man and snake looked at each other, feeling a little awkward.

"Don’t you know how to bow?" Lu Ping frowned and said, "Look at me, learn from me!"

Lu Ping turned around, knelt against the wall, and bowed.

Then, he turned around and sat in front of the Purple Spirit Flood Dragon, saying seriously, "It’s your turn."

The Purple Spirit Flood Dragon pondered for a long time, as if it had understood. It turned around with all its might, facing the other wall, and tried its best to stand up. Then, it lowered its head, forming a bow shape, and then its head knocked against the bed!

After it was done, the Purple Spirit Flood Dragon turned around, climbed in front of Lu Ping, and rubbed against him.

It clearly meant that it felt that it had done a good job and was asking for praise!

Lu Ping was dumbfounded.

He said angrily, "Turn around and bow to me instead!"


The Purple Spirit Flood Dragon tilted its head and looked at him, not understanding why he was so angry.

It turned around a few times under Lu Ping’s feet before lying down on the bed, looking as if it was lazily going to sleep.

Lu Ping reached out and picked up the Purple Spirit Flood Dragon. He held the lower half of its body with one hand and the head of the Purple Spirit Flood Dragon with the other, forcing it to bow to him.

The Purple Spirit Flood Dragon thought that Lu Ping was playing with it and did not resist.

However, after the first bow, there was no reaction.

Lu Ping did not stop there. He took the Purple Spirit Flood Dragon and bowed two more times.

There was still no reaction!

Lu Ping couldn’t hold it in any longer and directly asked the system.

"Hey, system, does this guy consider me his master now?"

"Ding dong! The beast is still not mature. The host has absolute control over it. You can directly accept it as a disciple. Do you want to accept it as a disciple?"

Lu Ping said nothing.

The system should have said earlier that there was no need to f*cking bow.

"I accept!"

"Do you want it to be an in-name disciple, a personal disciple, or an ordinary student?"

After thinking for a moment, Lu Ping said, "I choose the second one!"

"Ding dong! Congratulations to the host for taking in the first disciple of the sect. Host, please name our sect."

Eh, so taking in a personal disciple meant establishing a sect?

However, naming things was Lu Ping’s weakness.

He rubbed his chin, frowned, and muttered to himself, "I have to come up with an amazing name! After all, I am the founder of the sect. In the future, when my disciples go out to register their names, I can’t sound bad."

"What should I call it?" Lu Ping thought for a while and felt a headache.

"Can we not give the sect a name yet?" Lu Ping asked curiously.

He really couldn’t think of any good names at the moment.

"Sure! The name of the sect is temporarily vacant. Host, please bestow a name on the first disciple of the sect!"

"Oh, why do they all need names? So annoying." Looking at the Purple Spirit Flood Dragon that was writhing in his hand, Lu Ping thought for a moment and said, "From now on, you will be called Lu Zi. After all, I am your master, so just take my surname!"

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"Ding dong! the Purple Spirit Flood Dragon is bestowed the name, Lu Zi. The reward is an opening spirit pill. After consuming it, you can quickly activate your spiritual sense!"

"Ding dong! The current number of disciples in the sect is two, and the upper limit of the sect is five. Host, please choose your disciples carefully."

Lu Ping did not expect that he would accidentally take in a personal disciple and actually activate the sect’s function.

Lu Ping took out the opening spirit pill. The moment the pill appeared, the Purple Spirit Flood Dragon instantly straightened its body.

That fragrant aura was tempting it.

"I’ll give it to you."

Lu Ping brought the opening spirit pill to the Purple Spirit Flood Dragon.

The Purple Spirit Flood Dragon swallowed it in one gulp.

Very quickly, it fell into a deep sleep.

Its body gradually glowed with a faint purple light.

Large amounts of spiritual energy surged towards its body.

Lu Ping nodded his head in satisfaction. This time, he didn’t have to use the beast taming technique anymore. If it was disobedient he’d use the ruler.

Lu Ping took out the bottle of cultivation fluid that he had bought, opened it, and gulped it down.

He set down the Crouching Tiger stance and began to cultivate.

The spiritual energy of the Grade A cultivation essence gushed out, and Lu Ping once again felt a powerful feeling.

The Nine Revolutions Primordial Spirit Body Building art revolved rapidly.

After the fluid was absorbed, Lu Ping’s total spiritual power increased by 25,000!

Although it couldn’t compare to the grade S cultivation fluid, this speed was already very satisfactory to Lu Ping.

Basically, after cultivating for a few more days, he would be able to break through!

Moreover, as the amount and quality of spiritual energy increased, Lu Ping could sense that a fifth level Foundation Establishment cultivator was no longer a match for him.

Of course, if the other party had a powerful magic treasure, that would be another matter.

A night passed in the blink of an eye. Lu Ping opened his eyes again and discovered that the Purple Spirit Flood Dragon was staring at him.

"Can you speak?" Lu Ping asked.

"Can you speak?" A childish voice sounded in Lu Ping’s mind.

It was a spiritual communication.

"Call me Master!"

"Call me Master!"



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Obviously, whatever Lu Ping said, it would learn.

Lu Ping shook his head helplessly. He was already very satisfied with this.

Seeing that the sky was already bright, Lu Ping packed up and prepared to go to work.

"Cultivate properly at home. Don’t follow me."

Through last night, Lu Ping discovered that the Purple Spirit Flood Dragon seemed to be able to absorb spiritual energy on its own. In that case, Lu Ping did not plan to bring it to school.

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