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Chapter: 122

The Obedient Purple Spirit Flood Dragon 2

The grade S spirit gathering array in the villa was still very powerful.

The Purple Spirit Flood Dragon was obviously unwilling and directly rammed into Lu Ping’s body.

Lu Ping was helpless and could only comfort him, "I still have to go to work. You cultivate at home and be obedient!"

As he said this, he patted the little flood dragon’s head.

But now, although the Purple Spirit Flood Dragon’s intelligence had already been activated, it still did not understand many things.

It was just like a newborn child. If you told it not to cry, would it listen?

When the Purple Spirit Flood Dragon saw that Lu Ping was about to leave, it shot out and hung on his body.

Lu Ping was also helpless. He stretched out his arm and said, "Then wrap it around my hand. Don’t move."

The Purple Spirit Flood Dragon obediently wrapped itself around Lu Ping’s forearm.

In the school, during class, Lu Ping began to do a simple test.

He had the children perform a Step Forward Slash!

Compared to Friday, the children had made some progress.

The one who had made the most progress was Kong Jing.

He was already able to use the complete Step Forward Slash.

His progress was much faster than the other students.

This was the difference in talent.

When the other students saw his performance, they were all somewhat depressed. Originally, after the first monthly exam, none of the children in Lu Ping’s class thought that a grade S talent was great.

However, after they really studied together, the terrifying grade S talent caused these children to see the real world.

Lu Ping took in everything, but this time, he didn’t say anything.

Some things needed to be slowly accepted by the children themselves.

In this world, people were always different from each other.

However, Lu Ping couldn’t help but cherish Kong Jing’s talent. As a teacher, it would be a lie if he didn’t like such a student.

Lu Ping imparted the Crouching Tiger stance to Kong Jing!

Firstly, it was because this child was indeed talented. Secondly, it was because all the other children in the class knew it. Therefore, Lu Ping didn’t plan to single out Kong Jing. Thirdly, it was because there were still two spots left to be filled.

Three times the speed of physical strengthening was right in front of him.

As Lu Ping’s student, Kong Jing could learn directly without having to sign an agreement.

After the Crouching Tiger stance was taught to Kong Jing, there was only one spot left.

Lu Ping returned to his office and raised the mini quiet room.

He rolled up his sleeves and found that Lu Zi was looking at him.

"Hello, Mr. Lu!" A childish voice sounded in Lu Ping’s mind.

Obviously, it had learned that from the children who had just attended class.

In the morning, the Purple Spirit Flood Dragon had already mastered many human languages.

It was mainly because Lu Ping was communicating with people. During the class, it was absorbing everything it did not understand.

Lu Ping smiled and said, "Call me Master!"


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This time, the Purple Spirit Flood Dragon became much more agile, and its understanding and application of human languages became much smoother.

"You know the Crouching Tiger stance, right? The one I taught Kong Jing just now, follow that stance and let me see…"

The Purple Spirit Flood Dragon didn’t move at all… It wasn’t that it didn’t want to move, but that it didn’t even have any limbs to imitate the stance.

"Ding Dong! disciple Lu Zi doesn’t meet the basic requirements for the Crouching Tiger stance, and is unable to cultivate the Crouching Tiger stance."

Lu Ping couldn’t help but feel pity in his heart.

"Alright, that’s fine. If your aptitude is a little dull, I can also accept it!" Lu Ping patted the Purple Spirit Flood Dragon’s head.

The two of them fell into cultivation at the same time.

They cultivated all the way until the end of the morning.

Lu Ping came to the canteen. This time, he ordered a large plate of food and found a table to sit at.

Not long after, Huang Xiaoqi also bought a cup of milk tea and sat in front of him.

Lu Ping was used to her behavior.

She didn’t eat here every day anyway. She just sat here and chatted with a cup of milk tea.

Sometimes, Lu Ping didn’t want to talk to her, so she would just sit face to face with Lu Ping.

But today, not long after they sat down, Bai Xiruo came over with a plate.

She looked at their seats and sat next to Lu Ping.

Huang Xiaoqi raised her eyebrows.

However, they were just eating, so there was no reason for Huang Xiaoqi not to let them sit together.

Lu Ping placed the Purple Spirit Flood Dragon on the table.

He took a piece of meat from the plate and handed it to the Purple Spirit Flood Dragon. He asked curiously, "Do you eat meat?"

Ever since the Purple Spirit Flood Dragon was born, he had only eaten two pills. When he smelled the fragrance of the meat, he couldn’t help but open his mouth and bite the piece of meat that Lu Ping handed to him.

Lu Ping was overjoyed. "Haha, eat, eat. Our family is not well-off. We only have one meal a day. Eat more!"

The Purple Spirit Flood Dragon nodded and kept swallowing.

Soon, the meat was swallowed and digested quickly.

The Purple Spirit Flood Dragon looked at the meat on Lu Ping’s plate, bounced its body and looked around, indicating that it wanted to eat more.

Bai Xiruo looked at the Purple Spirit Flood Dragon and couldn’t help but ask, "Lu Ping, is this a Purple Spirit Flood Dragon? Where did you get such a spiritual item?"

Lu Ping smiled, "I got it by chance."

Bai Xiruo asked curiously, "Can I touch it?"

Lu Ping said, "Go ahead."

Bai Xiruo reached out her hand and wanted to touch the Purple Spirit Flood Dragon.

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When her finger came to the Purple Spirit Flood Dragon’s head, Huang Xiaoqi suddenly said, "Bite her!"

When she said this, the obedient Purple Spirit Flood Dragon didn’t hesitate at all!

It raised its head and bit Bai Xiruo’s finger!

"Ah!" Bai Xiruo couldn’t help but cry out.

The Purple Spirit Flood Dragon didn’t let go at all. Lu Ping quickly berated, "Let go!"

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