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Chapter: 128

In fact Our Personalities are Very Similar 2

Wei Minghua thought about it. Actually, this was not a bad idea.

After all, he still hoped that the results of the classes taught by Lu Ping would be better so that they could be promoted to further expand their influence.

If the talented children were really gathered together, would there be an even more explosive teaching effect?

After all, even though the children in Lu Ping’s current class were all average in terms of talent, their results had already exceeded everyone’s expectations.

If that was the case, it didn’t seem too bad!

Wei Minghua’s eyes flashed with brilliance.

It was just that this method of operation couldn’t be seen by others.

Through the advertisement, many children outside Binhai City had applied for the primary school department of Qingzhou Academy.

The enrollment expansion this time could be said to be very successful.

Two weeks later, the enrollment deadline was up!

And during this period, Lu Ping raised his level once again.

"Ding dong! Congratulations to host for leveling up. You have received one drop of Foundation Establishment elixir. It can raise the level of cultivation fluid."

Seeing this thing, Lu Ping was overjoyed. This was too good.

If he could get a bottle of grade A cultivation fluid, he could raise it to grade S with a flip of his hand.

However, he didn’t intend to use it.

It was best to wait until He Yong applied for a reward for him and raised him to Foundation Establishment level five before using it!

During this period of time, Lu Ping didn’t plan to buy any cultivation fluid, nor did he plan to cultivate any techniques.

He would use all his energy to cultivate his various techniques.

If he were to invest in cultivation now, it would seem a little silly.

Lu Ping needed to increase his proficiency in all kinds of techniques and spells. That way, he could unleash even greater power.

The bell rang after class. Lu Ping packed his things and walked back to his office. Suddenly, he saw a woman standing at the door of the office.

It was He Tiantian!

Lu Ping looked at her somewhat angry face and roughly guessed what was going on.

He had deleted this woman’s starlink!

"Lu Ping!" He Tiantian walked to Lu Ping’s side.

In the room, Huang Xiaoqi was listening to them. This wasn’t eavesdropping. She just had good hearing.

Lu Ping smiled awkwardly and greeted, "Ms. He!"

"Why did you delete me? I didn’t offend you, right?"

In the past half a month, He Tiantian had been teaching her students according to Lu Ping’s instructions. Needless to say, it had been effective. Her students’ swordsmanship scores had improved by quite a bit.

She sent Lu Ping a message to thank him.

That was when He Tiantian realized that her contact had been deleted!

This made He Tiantian very angry. She did not know why her contact had been deleted by Lu Ping.

Most importantly, Lu Ping was obviously the one who hit on her, so why did he delete her contact later?

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What did she do wrong? He Tiantian was very indignant.

Lu Ping smiled stiffly and said, "My hand slipped that day. I accidentally deleted your contact…"

He didn’t expect He Tiantian to actually come looking for him.

"Really?" He Tiantian was a little suspicious.

After all, a reason like hand slip didn’t seem to make sense.

"Really!" Lu Ping looked at He Tiantian very seriously.

"Then add it back!"

He Tiantian took out her phone.

Lu Ping looked at the girl in front of him and braced himself to say, "I’m sorry, Ms. He. When I was teaching my students to practice swordsmanship just now, my phone accidentally broke. I haven’t bought a new one yet."

In the room, Huang Xiaoqi nodded in satisfaction.

"Well done, she’s shameless!" Huang Xiaoqi complained.

She looked at Bai Xiruo while ridiculing He Tiantian.

Recently, Bai Xiruo had been very honest. Well, at least on the surface.

In Huang Xiaoqi’s eyes, it was not dramatic enough!

Unfortunately, as soon as Lu Ping finished speaking, the sound of music came from his pocket.

"How is it working? It wasn’t working just now!" Lu Ping forced himself to explain. Under He Tiantian’s bitter gaze, he took out his phone and walked to the side to answer the call.

"Bro! Are you coming back for dinner this weekend? You didn’t come back last week. I missed you!" On the other end of the call was Lu Yu.

Lu Ping smiled slightly. "You’re thinking about pocket money, right?"

"What are you talking about? I haven’t spent all the money you gave me last time. I’m very frugal."

What she said was true. Even if Lu Ping gave Lu Yu pocket money, she wouldn’t spend it recklessly.

"Alright, I got it! I’ll go back this weekend." Lu Ping agreed.

After saying that, he walked up to He Tiantian. Under the gaze of He Tiantian’s death stare, he forcefully tried to smooth things over. "I thought I broke it, but it suddenly recovered."

"Add me back!" He Tiantian felt very wronged.

"Okay, okay, okay!"

Lu Ping was helpless, so he could only add He Tiantian back.

"Is there anything else?"

He Tiantian said seriously, "Don’t delete my contact again! If there’s anything wrong with me, I hope you can explain it to me clearly! Also, about last time, thank you!"

"Okay!" Lu Ping answered absent-mindedly.

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At this time, Huang Xiaoqi was watching TV angrily in the room.

Obviously, she was very unhappy!

Why did He Tiantian come after Lu Ping?

Huang Xiaoqi suddenly stood up and walked out.

As soon as Bai Xiruo saw her move, she made a guess.

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