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Chapter: 129

In Fact Our Personalities are Very Similar 3

In Bai Xiruo’s opinion, Huang Xiaoqi was a competitive woman.

Sure enough, in the corridor, He Tiantian had just turned to leave, but she bumped into someone and was sent flying, landing on the ground.

"Excuse me? Don’t you have eyes?!" Huang Xiaoqi raised her head and crossed her arms. She stood where she was and looked down at He Tiantian.

"What did you say? You were obviously the one who suddenly appeared behind me…" He Tiantian felt wronged.

Huang Xiaoqi sneered, "Don’t put the blame on me when you can’t even look where you’re going!"

At this moment, Lu Ping frowned, "Supervisor Huang! You’ve gone too far! It was indeed you who stood behind Ms. He just now!"

"Lu Ping! You’re helping her?" Huang Xiaoqi’s face was filled with disbelief.

Even though she was still "Huang Yiyi", she was much more familiar with Lu Ping.

Lu Ping said helplessly, "This isn’t a question of familiarity!"

Lu Ping went straight into the office.


Huang Xiaoqi wrinkled her nose and lowered her head to threaten He Tiantian, "Next time, I’ll blow your head off."

Then she went back to the office.

He Tiantian was angry.

It had to be said that Huang Xiaoqi was much more hostile to He Tiantian than she was to Bai Xiruo.

Because when she asked if Lu Ping thought He Tiantian was pretty, Lu Ping had lied. Huang Xiaoqi still cared about this matter.

However, she was still very happy that Lu Ping deleted He Tiantian’s starlink.

But He Tiantian came after him, which made Huang Xiaoqi very unhappy.

After entering the office, Lu Ping’s mini quiet room had already risen.

This was the norm.

However, Huang Xiaoqi picked up her phone. She knew that Lu Ping would usually chat with her a little before cultivating.

As expected, Lu Ping replied, "Baby, my class is over. From next week, I’ll be teaching three swordsmanship classes!"

Huang Xiaoqi replied, "Oh my! Isn’t that too hard?"

"No! This way, I’ll be able to earn a lot more, and then I’ll have the money to buy cultivation fluid! And as long as I can bring the swordsmanship scores of the students in the three classes up to 100, the head of the middle school department here will apply for the cultivation fluid for me! The benefits will be huge!"

Huang Xiaoqi knew about these things a long time ago. What she was more concerned about was that Lu Ping didn’t tell her that He Tiantian had been added again.

"Hubby… the last time I asked you to delete the starlink of the girl you hit on, did you delete it?"

"I deleted it!"

Huang Xiaoqi’s face fell.

He lied again…

Lu Ping indeed didn’t plan to tell Huang Xiaoqi what had happened.

As for He Tiantian, he would delete her starlink again after a while.

She wouldn’t come back a second time, right?

Unfortunately, Lu Ping didn’t know that Huang Xiaoqi knew everything.

Huang Xiaoqi, was now sitting on the chair, looking listless.

Bai Xiruo looked doubtful.

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From the day she met her, this girl had always been full of vitality and energy.

Why did she suddenly look like a deflated balloon?

"Are you lying to me?" Huang Xiaoqi asked.

Lu Ping replied, "Of course not!"

Huang Xiaoqi replied, "Hubby, if you lie to me, I will be sad."

Seeing Huang Xiaoqi’s words, Lu Ping’s heart tightened.

He immediately deleted He Tiantian’s starlink again.

Then he said, "Baby, I really didn’t lie to you. I already deleted her starlink before, but she added me just now, but I deleted it again. I’m not lying to you, okay?"

When Huang Xiaoqi saw this, she was immediately overjoyed. "Of course you aren’t! My husband is the sweetest!"

Lu Ping sent a smug emoji and said, "That’s right! And let me tell you, I don’t know what went wrong with crazy Huang just now, but she went out to deliberately pick on He Tiantian! Crazy Huang’s domineering look is really something. You didn’t see it, but I wanted to punch her!"

"No!" Huang Xiaoqi replied subconsciously.

Lu Ping asked, "Why not?"

Huang Xiaoqi replied, "You can’t fight her, you’ll be beaten to death…"

"Er… that’s true, crazy Huang is really strong!"

The nightmare from the previous fight was still in Lu Ping’s memory.

Lu Ping replied, "But to be honest, crazy Huang’s personality is not very good. Whoever marries her will definitely have eight lifetimes of bad luck!"

Huang Xiaoqi replied, "You can’t talk about girls like that. Maybe some girls are like that to outsiders. They will be gentle and sweet to the person they like."

Lu Ping asked, "Baby, why do you always speak up for crazy Huang?"

"Actually, I feel that in some aspects, my personality is quite similar to her…"

Lu Ping replied, "Haha! Impossible! Absolutely impossible! My sweetie pie is gentle, cute, kind, and generous. How can you be like crazy Huang?"

Huang Xiaoqi replied, "But I only treat you like this."

Lu Ping looked at Huang Xiaoqi’s reply and rubbed his chin.

He thought about it carefully.

If his girlfriend’s personality was similar to that of crazy Huang, What would happen?

This was really annoying.

Lu Ping had never thought about this problem before.

Then he began to match Huang Xiaoqi’s personality on the internet with crazy Huang’s personality in real life.

Suddenly, Lu Ping realized that it seemed okay.

Although crazy Huang sometimes did things without thinking, he could feel that her nature wasn’t bad.

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Suddenly, Lu Ping thought of when crazy Huang was at his house.

At that time, she was always very sweet.

Yes, objectively speaking, when she was at Lu Ping’s house, Huang Xiaoqi’s arrogance and indifference would always disappear without a trace.

And it was precisely because of this that Mrs. Lu liked her very much.

"Baby! I thought about this, and I think it’s completely okay! After all, my baby has too many good qualities about her! However, crazy Huang was very strange just now. I didn’t know why she suddenly went out to target He Tiantian. I don’t know how He Tiantian offended her."

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