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Chapter: 130

Bro I Have a New Flying Sword 1

Lu Ping couldn’t understand why Huang Xiaoqi was targeting He Tiantian.

However, he was too lazy to delve into it. In Lu Ping’s opinion, this matter didn’t have much to do with him.

It wasn’t his place to interfere.

He Tiantian had He Yong behind her. There was no need for him to step forward.

Lu Ping quickly obtained the information of the new classes.

Just as he obtained the class information, the system also released a new mission.

"Ding dong! Mission released! Within three months, the host will lead the three classes to achieve 100 swordsmanship points. You will receive the following rewards:a permanent title, and a swordsmanship guide."

After that, there were no other notifications.

Lu Ping’s expression turned serious!

It seemed that he was taking things for granted. The system only gave him an overall three-month time limit!


In other words, the teaching of these two classes needed to be solved by Lu Ping himself!

What should he do?

He still had to lead the class to achieve 100 swordsmanship points within three months.

This was a little difficult.

Lu Ping went to a new class with a slightly perturbed mood.

This was the first time that he would have to make his own teaching plan.

Moreover, time was very tight and the task was very heavy.

This also made Lu Ping understand that the system would not help all of Lu Ping’s students to improve.

It only said that some students would improve and some of them would not.

It did not mean that as long as he accepted students, the system would be able to turn something rotten into something magical.

After stepping into the class, what Lu Ping saw were pairs of fanatical eyes.

Everyone here was here for Lu Ping.

Moreover, Lu Ping saw the information of his class’s students. All of them had grade A talent.

Feeling the fanaticism in the eyes of his students, Lu Ping had some thoughts in his heart.

Lu Ping said softly, "Children, do you know that I am the most outstanding instructor of swordsmanship in the primary school department of Qingzhou Academy? It is your good fortune to be able to follow me to cultivate!"

His words were very shameless and arrogant.

However, Lu Ping was very confident.

At least for now, his words were true.

Of course, he wasn’t trying to act pretentious in front of these children!

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What he wanted to do was to strengthen the children’s trust in him!

"Do you know? The class that I taught before didn’t have any grade A talent, but their results even surpassed the students with grade S talent. And now, all of you have grade A talent!"

The children all puffed up their chests.

Their talent was their pride.

Lu Ping continued, "So, as long as you follow my training plan, you will definitely be the class with the best results! You will graduate at the fastest speed!"

All of the children’s eyes flashed with excitement.

"However, if you want to achieve results, you have to put in more effort and sweat more. Otherwise, you will be crushed by the children with grade B talent. Your talent will become your shame! If there are cowards among you who feel that they can’t withstand my training, it’s best for them to leave now!" Lu Ping said in a deep voice.

What he wanted to do was very simple. He wanted to strengthen the children’s trust in him and encourage their enthusiasm for learning.

Lu Ping was very clear that when it came to learning, faith determined one’s attitude, and attitude determined one’s efficiency!

What he wanted to do next was high-intensity physical strength training.

As well as a large amount of basic training.

Without the help of the system, Lu Ping was destined not to do any more hanging pens and imitating animals.

Those powerful effects were built on the system’s bonuses. Now, what he needed to do was to motivate the children!

Sometimes, hard training was the simplest shortcut!

"Ding dong! The host’s words are successful. The children have gained the motivation to cultivate. Duration: Three days. Note: The host’s high-intensity training may cause the children’s will to waver and their motivation to cultivate to weaken!"

Lu Ping was overjoyed. No matter what, he had indeed obtained an improvement in the teaching effect!

"Ding dong! Host has repeatedly roused the students’ emotions and acquired a teaching skill: Words into the Hearts of the People!"

"Words into the Hearts of the People: After the host has cast this skill, the host’s words will become more stimulating for the next five minutes. According to the content of the host’s words, the emotions that will be generated by the students will be magnified. Skill cooldown: One minute."

From Meng Fan onwards, Lu Ping had been encouraging his students many times. He didn’t expect that he would actually obtain a teacher skill.

This was the first time Lu Ping had obtained such a skill.

Looking at the skill summary, Lu Ping’s eyes narrowed.

It could magnify emotions? This was good stuff!

One must know that most of the time, teachers are most afraid of their students turning a deaf ear to their own words.

Seeing that his students were greatly encouraged, Lu Ping began to teach them the basics of theory!

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He had no choice. No matter what, he still had to teach them what they needed to be taught.

They had to first understand the principles and theory, then only could practice be followed. The order could not be messed up.

Lu Ping did the same for all the classes.

What made Lu Ping happy was that although he was teaching these three classes, the quality of his teaching was all the same.

Two days later, Lu Ping stood on the podium and coldly watched the children train below him!

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