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Chapter: 133

Grabbed by the Neck 1

People were vain.

Sun Tianmin looked at Lu Ping’s message and fell into silence.

Was Lu Ping showing off to him? He didn’t feel happy about that!

He even said it was cooler than his Rhinoceros Bone Bell.

He subconsciously wanted to refuse.

Normally, he would fight, but today, he had a sponsor in the live broadcast room who gave Sun Tianmin a mission, which was to win 30 consecutive battles in the challenge field.

No matter what cultivation level his opponents had, as long as he could finish fighting 30 battles, he would be given 2,000 star dollars.

2,000 star dollars a day was not a small amount. Sun Tianmin had already fought 25 battles.

He really did not want to take the risk to fight Lu Ping.

"Dear viewers, it’s not that I’m afraid of him, but I haven’t finished my mission yet. I’ll compete with him again next time!"


After saying that, Sun Tianmin wanted to reject Lu Ping’s offer.

However, he never expected that the sponsor would suddenly say, "Tianmin, just f*ck him! This time, use the sixth level of the Foundation Establishment stage and win 3,000 star dollars!"

Sun Tianmin fell into silence. If he won this battle, he would earn more than what he usually would earn in a few days.

He didn’t dare offend this sponsor.

After pondering for a moment, he said in a deep voice, "Then can you count this as a battle outside of the mission?"

"That won’t do! However, if you lose, I can let you start again and give you 500 star dollars as a guarantee."

Seeing his sponsor’s words, Sun Tianmin knew that he had to accept it. If he didn’t he would offend his sponsor.

Sun Tianmin replied to Lu Ping, "Lu, it’s not impossible to fight, but if I fight with you, I have to use my true strength. During this period of time, my father bought me cultivation fluid, and now I’m already at the sixth level of the Foundation Establishment stage!"

Based on the previous battle, Sun Tianmin was sure that a cultivation of the sixth level of the Foundation Establishment stage should be enough to defeat Lu Ping.

Hearing his words, Lu Ping clenched his fists, and jealousy rose in his heart once again!

Rich people really had it all!

He had worked so hard and hadn’t even broken through to the third level of the Foundation Establishment stage, yet this guy had already broken through after such a short period of time! Where was the justice?

Having a rich father was great.

With this look, he was afraid that the other party would reach the Golden Core stage while he was still in the Foundation Establishment stage…

Lu Ping suddenly felt that the pleasure of obtaining a new flying sword was not as nice anymore.

"Fine! Just use your own cultivation!"

How could Sun Tianmin refuse? He immediately changed his cultivation.

The two of them entered the dueling room.

Lu Ping took out his flying sword!

"Do you like it? Isn’t it cool?" Lu Ping proudly showed off.

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"It’s cool!" Sun Tianmin gritted his teeth and said.

Although Sun Tianmin was unwilling to say so, what he said wasn’t a lie. After the system upgrade, compared to the original Cold Front No. 1, the appearance of his flying sword was much better!

The audience in the live broadcast room was also stunned by the gorgeous flying sword. They started typing.

"What brand of flying sword is this?"

"Exactly, I’ve never seen it before!"

"If it’s not a standard flying sword. I wanna know who made it."

"What kind of flying sword is this?" Sun Tianmin asked curiously.

"It’s name is Ming Lei!" This was the name that Lu Ping gave his new flying sword.

Sun Tianmin searched carefully and found that there was no flying sword with such a name. Obviously, this wasn’t a standard flying sword, but a self-forged flying sword.

Generally speaking, although standard flying swords had a good price to performance ratio, there was one disadvantage, which was that other people clearly knew what attributes they had.

If it was a self-forged flying sword, then it might have some special attributes that were hidden.

In general, he also preferred to self-forge.

But the problem was that if he got a craftsman to forge it, it would often cost a lot of money.

As for forging one’s own tools and treasures, not everyone had the skill to do so.

"What? He has money to buy a mid-grade flying sword even though he’s only at the second level of the Foundation Establishment stage? F*ck him."

Usually ordinary cultivators wouldn’t invest too many resources into flying swords when they were at the Foundation Establishment stage.

However, in Sun Tianmin’s eyes, Lu Ping was clearly an exception.

The two of them looked at each other at the same time and cursed in their hearts.

Killing intent was surging in their hearts.

However, on the surface, they were still friends.

They addressed each other affectionately.

"Lu, shall we begin?"

"Bro, let’s go!"

The scene changed, and this time, it was a random arena again.

Sun Tianmin didn’t dare be careless. To him, this battle was something that he couldn’t afford to lose.

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He had fought hard for an entire day, and just as he was about to finish his winning streak, Lu Ping showed up.

Even though he had a guaranteed 500 star dollars, he would have to start all over again.

As Lu Ping’s flying sword rose into the air, the two of them fought again!

Sun Tianmin’s Rhinoceros Bone Bell was suspended in the air above him!

Lu Ping formed a sword incantation with his hands and shouted loudly. Ming Lei turned into a blue light and rushed toward Sun Tianmin at an extremely fast speed.

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