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Chapter: 139

Just a Little More 1

"Did you hear? The students in the three classes that Lu Ping taught all had their blood and Qi surge overnight!"

"That’s right! I asked one of the kids about it and he said that Lu Ping had taught them well!"

"Looks like Lu Ping is really capable."

Listening to the discussions of the teachers in the office, Chen Mu could not help but snort coldly!

He said, "What ability does he have?"

The rest of the teachers smiled. Everyone knew that this person was in a bad mood.

He had lost the competition, and he had been rejected for a promotion.

Chen Mu was very annoyed. He really did not know what kind of ability Lu Ping had.

He also did not think that Lu Ping was capable of anything.

Even though he had followed Lu Ping’s training pattern, the students in his class had not become stronger!

This was something he could not figure out at all…

He was not the only one who could not figure it out, the other teachers hadn’t as well. However, these teachers were not in a hurry.

After all, they started a few days later than Lu Ping, so many teachers were actually hoping that their students would also improve in a few days.

Unfortunately, there was no improvement in the next few days.

Seeing that the students of Lu Ping’s class were beginning to show the effects of their training under the strength of their Qi and blood, they began to be anxious.

But being anxious could not change anything.

Lu Ping returned home over the weekend.

This time, it was only him.

He opened the door and entered the house. He found that the house was very quiet.

Everyone in the house was cultivating.

Lu Ping went to Lu Yu’s room and knocked on the door.

Lu Yu, who was cultivating, was startled awake. She got up and opened the door. When she saw Lu Ping, she called out, "Bro!"

Lu Ping walked into the room and sat down on the chair by the bed.

The bedroom was very small. That was because Lu Ping’s home was also very small.

However, this place was very familiar and warm.

"You called me back because of something, right?" Lu Ping asked with a smile.

He knew his sister very well.

Lu Yu felt a little embarrassed and said in a low voice, "Yes, I did. Do you think I can enter Qingzhou Academy to study in their university?"

Lu Ping understood what Lu Yu meant.

He pondered for a moment and asked, "Before that, I want to ask you, what are your plans for your future?"

"Future?" Lu Yu was a little confused.

Lu ping smiled and said, "Do you think that you want to cultivate hard and enter a sect to become a great cultivator, or do you want to find a job after graduating from university and then get married and have a family?"

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Lu Yu fell into silence. This was something she had never seriously considered. After a moment, she said, "Bro, although I really want to enter a sect, I know that with my talent, it’s impossible for me to enter one. I also don’t want to get married and have children so early. I want to go to a better academy first. After graduation, I want to be like you and rely on my own efforts to obtain resources and become stronger and stronger!"

Obviously, Lu Ping was her role model.

For a little girl, entering a sect was simply unimaginable.

Lu Ping also understood that this was normal.

However, he had already arranged a path for Lu Yu.

"With your brother around, you can rest assured. I guarantee that you’ll be able to enter the sect! Moreover, it’s the Azure Cloud Sect of Qingzhou Academy!"

"Really?"Lu Yu’s eyes widened in disbelief.

Lu Ping said in a deep voice, "I’ve already checked all the benefits and rules of the sect and Qingzhou Academy. It’s true that you don’t have the qualifications to enter Qingzhou Academy. However, as long as my cultivation breaks through to the Golden Core stage, I can automatically get a spot to send my immediate family members to the sect. You’re only at the fifth level of the Qi Cultivation stage now. You’re still far from the Foundation Establishment stage. It doesn’t matter where you go to university. As long as my cultivation breaks through, you can go directly to the Azure Cloud Sect!"

Lu Ping patted Lu Yu’s head and smiled, "That’s why you just need to cultivate in peace. I guarantee that before you break through to the Foundation Establishment stage, I will definitely be able to cultivate to the Golden Core stage!"

"Golden Core stage…"

In Lu Yu’s heart, it was something that she did not dare to even think about.

It was a goal that she might not be able to achieve in her entire life!

But at this moment, Lu Ping said that before she breaks through to the Foundation Establishment stage, he would definitely be able to break through to the Golden Core stage!

"Okay! I got it!"Lu Yu’s gaze gradually became firm as she looked at Lu Ping with admiration!

She chose to believe in Lu Ping!

Lu Ping had never disappointed her.

Qingzhou Academy didn’t seem to be very important.

Compared to the Azure Cloud Sect, the academy was just a front.

Even if one was a student of Qingzhou Academy, it was not guaranteed that they would be qualified to join the sect!

"Alright, you continue to cultivate. I’ll go cook."

"I’ll help you!"

"But I don’t have pocket money for you!"

"Is your sister the kind of person who only cares about money?"

"Aren’t you?"

In a karaoke television bar in Binhai city, Li Tianchen’s face had completely changed.

After he came back, he exchanged the Love X13 for money.

Now, he had joined the Green Snake Gang and successfully changed his appearance.

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Although a cultivator could tell at a glance that he had undergone plastic surgery, they could only tell that he had undergone plastic surgery. No one could tell what he looked like before.

Li Tianchen looked at Lu Ping’s advertisement on his phone, and hatred flashed in his eyes.

"Humph! That b*stard!" He secretly ridiculed Lu Ping. However, he had no choice but to lay low.

Although he had joined the Green Snake Gang, he was only a low-level lackey.

He had even less contact with the higher-ups.

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