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Chapter: 304

Title: My Son Might be a Villain

Translator: Fringe Capybara

Chapter 304 - "What about the Song scum?" (1)

It was until after dinner and when they finally arrived at the hotel when Su Ran realized that when Lu Shao said "two rooms", he didn’t mean "two rooms" as she had understood but more like two separate buildings, with their doors facing each other!

Su Ran’s raised her brows when she saw that.

Was that necessary even during the slow season?

As though reading Su Ran’s mind, Lu Shao added voluntarily, "All of the rooms at this hotel are mansion-style. These are just the two better ones."

Mr. Lu insisted on referring to them as "two rooms".

"Perhaps……" Looking at Su Ran, Mr. Lu’s eyes flickered a little and he asked, "We can only take one of them?"

Something occurred to Su Ran when she heard Lu Shao’s words. Pausing a little, Su Ran frowned.

In her previous life, Su Ran, too, had been to many competitions. Occasionally, for the sake of convenience, her assistants would book these kind of standalone hotel rooms.

Frankly speaking, these kind of hotel rooms were quite spacious.

At the very minimum, it was more than enough for Su Ran and her three assistants.

Except that……

If her memories served her correctly, these types of hotels, for the sake of a vacation feel, the shower and bath and many of the common areas seemed to be semi-public.

All of her little assistants were girls so that didn’t matter much.

Standing in front of her, however, were a man and a big boy.

Su Han might be alright.

Lu Shao……

"Let’s keep both sets," said Su Ran without any hesitation.

Upon hearing that, something flashed past Lu Shao’s eyes and he nodded.


Pausing, he added, "Be sure to locked the doors and windows at night."

"My mom knows to lock the doors and windows. You don’t need to tell her that," grumbled Su Han next to him.

He then turned and frowned at Su Ran.

"Don’t crank the air-conditioning up at night when you sleep."

Su Ran found Su Han’s very serious you-make-me-very-worry look comical.


"Remember to dry your hair with the blow dryer before you go to bed at night.

"And," Su Han added, "Don’t get the blow dryer wet when you use it.

"And remember to unplug it when you are done with it."

"Fufur……" Su Ran finally couldn't help but busted out laughing.

Where did that high-and-mighty son of hers go? Since when had he become so "articulated"?

Besides, Su Ran strongly believed that, in addition to caring about her, he probably most did that just for show.

"If you worry so much, do you want to come and stay over on my side?" suggested Su Ran with her brows raised.

Su Han’s eyes beamed when he heard Su Ran’s words and, the moment that it was noticed, he turned his head away coolly.

"That will work."


That was Lu Shao who said that.

Looking over at Su Han, Lu Shao shot him a warning look.

After a pause, he said righteously, "Your mom has another round of competition tomorrow. You shouldn’t bother her tonight."

Upon hearing that, Su Han’s face dropped and he gave Lu Shao a stare.

"Tsk! You should be the one to talk. What about yourself?" grumbled Su Han unhappily.

Don’t think that he couldn’t tell. Lu Shao was the one who wanted to "bother" Su Ran!

Regardless, knowing that Su Ran had a very important competition tomorrow, Su Ran pursed his lips and dropped the subject.

"Then remember to lock the windows."


Su Ran swore that she didn’t mean to laugh at him. She really couldn’t help herself anymore.

"I am serious," said Su Han stiffly as he frowned.

"And don’t stay up too late."

"Haha. Ahem, yes, right." Su Ran nodded while trying to control her laughing.

Then, looking over at Su Han, she put on a more solemn look.

"Not just me. You don’t stay up too late either. Go to bed early. You got that?

"And, even though you had taken time off, but you still need to complete all of your homework assignments. I am going to check with your class teacher later." Su Ran stressed.

"I know."

Giving Su Han a look, Su Ran felt very confident in her son’s self-discipline. Regardless, she still gave Lu Shao another look.

"Alright, please do post the response to the parents’ chat group."


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