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Chapter: 305

Title: My Son Might be a Villain

Translator: Fringe Capybara

Chapter 305 - "What about the Song scum?" (2)

Truth be told, Su Ran was not worried when Su Han was with his father.

As such, when they have all returned to their respective rooms, Su Ran happily started to enjoy her stay at the hot spring hotel.

Their "room" was a standalone two-story resort building.

The bedrooms were on the second floor, the living room on the first, and in the yard outside was a large hot spring.


The service at the hotel was impeccable as well. Within three minutes of calling up guest services, a server had already brought her swimwear

"Madam, we brought three different styles for your size. Which one would you like?"

The server showed Su Ran all three of them.

Su Ran looked through them.

What was with this one with the huge floral prints? And there was a matching scarf that goes with it?

And the other one……


Em, maybe not.

"This one," said Su Ran as she pointed at a plain-looking one-piece swimsuit.


"I shall let you be then. Just give guest services a ring if you need anything else."

"Alright. Thank you."

After the person had left, Su Ran quickly changed into the swimsuit that she really didn’t care that much about.

She put on a facial mask and hopped into her "own" hot spring. She even poured herself a glass of soda.

"Ah, such is life!" Su Ran let out a very relaxing sigh which sitting inside the hot spring.

She suddenly realized that, occasionally, life without the son wasn’t that bad.


And, on the other side.

Su Han, who still had no idea that his mother "resented" him for a brief second, was busy with staring at each other with Lu Shao.

He was the one doing all of the staring, to be precise.

"What are you looking at?" asked Su Han as frowned and walked over when he saw Lu Shao standing by the window.

When he glanced outside the window that faced across from them, Su Han’s eyes widened all off a sudden and he looked over at Lu Shao.

"Exactly how shameless are you?!" growled Su Han as he stared at Lu Shao angrily.

Upon hearing that, Lu Shao turned toward Su Han and gave him a look. He drew the curtain shut and blocked the view from the outside.

"Ask me again when you had become of age," said Lu Shao nonchalantly as he looked as Su Han.

"Besides," said Lu Shao again as he raised his brows. "What exactly do you think was so shameless?"

Having said that, Lu Shao turned and walked inside of his room before Su Han could say anything else.

Glancing over at the textbooks on the table, he asked, "Have you completed your homework assignments yet?"

"You need to ask that?" retorted Su Han contemptuously.

He then heard Lu Shao said, "Good. If that’s done then work on your review as well."

The "review" that Lu Shao was referring to was not part of Su Han’s homework assignments, but a review with regards to the Song Corporation.

Naturally, the Song Corporation had no means of surviving the squeeze from the Lu family.

Basically, Su Han wanted the Song Corporation to straight up go bankrupt.

Nevertheless, with his decision, the choice had returned to the Song Corporation.

Su Han felt for sure that the Song family would have opted for bankruptcy. Lo and behold, Song ZeYu chose to be acquired by the Lu Corporation.

In fact, they sold their shares directly to the other shareholders of the Song Corporation.

There were no overall impact on the Lu family or Song Corporation; nevertheless, the deviation stuck there like a fish bone in one’s throat and that bothered Su Han a lot.

The thought of that made Su Han’s face long.

"I can write it, but why aren’t you the one writing it?" asked Su Han as he gritted his teeth and stared at Lu Shao.

"Besides, you were there. Why did you have to listen to me? You just went along with what I have said. Why couldn’t you have made your own decision?"

Su Han finally realized the meaning behind Yan Yi’s temporary pause when Lu Shao said to do as he had said……

Lu Shao was very calm in light of Su Han’s query.

"I merely provided you a chance for a hands-on learning experience," said Lu Shao nonchalantly.

He then looked over at Su Han and said very solemnly, "You will have to make a lot of decisions in the future and you will have to face all of the expected and unexpected consequences."

With Lu Shao’s words, Su Han paused for a second, lowered his head and gripped his fists. The retort that he had finally turned into silence.

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