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Chapter: 309

Title: My Son Might be a Villain

Translator: Fringe Capybara

Chapter 309 - "Isn’t this my niece child that we have no idea where he came from?" (1)

Li Yan walked over and saw Su Ran first, then the two very eye-catching individuals behind her the next second.

"Xiao Han?" Li Yan had met Su Han in the past but the one next to him……

"This one is……" Looking over at Lu Shao, Li Yan’s eyes widened all of a sudden.

She looked from Su Han to Lu Shao then, her eyes lit up, and she turned toward Su Ran and said, "This is your husband, right?!"

Li Yan said that very definitively. After all, it wasn’t difficult to tell that the two of them were father and son.

Su Ran was taken aback a little by Li Yan’s question.


"Em, yes."

Li Yan was not surprised by the answer.

To one side, though, Lu Shao’s eyes flickered and his lips curved as though he was pleased.

"Hi. I’m Lu Shao." Perhaps because he was in a good mood, Lu Shao introduced himself to Li Yan proactively.

Probably most everyone knew that Su Ran’s husband’s name was Lu Shao by now.

Thought Li Yan to herself as she greeted Lu Shao.

"Thank you for taking care of Xiao Ran lately," said Lu Shao.

Lu Shao was surprised when she heard that.

"Oh, haha. I didn’t do much. You didn’t need to thank me." Li Yan smiled and said, "Besides, I should be the one thanking her."

In order to ensure that the professionalism of the competition, with the exception of the 10% online votes, the rest would be determined by the 7 professional judges onsite.

As such, Li Yan was no longer needed.

Luckily, as Su Ran had gotten into the final round, Li Yan was able to stick around during the final round as Shu Yan’s assistant.

"Oh right!"

Speaking of, Li Yan waved the two bags in her hands in front of Su Ran.

"All of the clothes that you will need for the filming tonight are here.

"This bag were the ones for your first, second, and third competitions and this other bag is for the award ceremony.

"Try them quickly and see if there’s anything else that you might need."

"Alright." Su Ran nodded and reached her hands out toward Li Yan, "I’ll take them from you."

Li Yan smiled and was just about to say she didn’t need to do that but Lu Shao beat her to it, "Here, give them to me."

Except that Su Han still beat him to it.

Before Lu Shao had acted, Su Han had already taken the bags from Li Yan.

After he had done that, he still didn’t forget to turn and give Lu Shao a provoking look.

Not knowing the exchange between the father and son, Su Ran did not stop Su Han from taking over the two bags of clothes.

In fact, her lips curved up happily and she was short of having the look-my-son-is-such-a-nice-child-and-a-perfect-gentlemanlook on her face.

"Where to?" asked Su Han.

"The dressing room. Your mom’s dressing room is over there. Room 303," said Li Yan as she pointed down the corridor.



Su Ran gave her son a look then looked over at Lu Shao next to them.

"Do you want to head to the audience stance first?" asked Su Ran.

Su Ran learned from Su Han later on that they had "pulled some strings" last time for tickets at the audience seats.

The one where audiences’ votes were taking into consideration no less.

Both Su Han and Lu Shao, had also shamelessly and with tacit understanding, gave all candidates 1 point and Su Han full marks.

Su Ran was only glad that audiences would not be voting during the final round……

Then, she heard Lu Shao saying with utmost seriousness, "We don’t have tickets."

Su Ran, "?!"

Was he kidding?

The Song Corporation was the biggest investor in this competition and, with the Song Corporation’s acquisition, the Lu Corporation had become their newest investor.

If Lu Shao was able to get his hands on tickets the previous time before he even invested in the event then how would it be possible that "Daddy Investor" would not have tickets this time?

Su Ran did not believe him at all.

As though reading the suspicious in Su Ran’s eyes, Lu Shao went on to explain, "Time was tight. I didn’t get around to make arrangements."

His tone and his look could not have been more serious.

Su Ran and Li Yan both bought into his story.

Only Su Han, walking in the front, pursed his lips and gave a very contemptuous sneer when he heard that.

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