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Chapter: 310

Title: My Son Might be a Villain

Translator: Fringe Capybara

Chapter 310 - "Isn’t this my niece child that we have no idea where he came from?" (2)

"Then." Su Ran thought about it some and said, "Are you okay with sitting in the friends and family section?"

As it was the final round of the competition, the program team had prepared a few spots in the front rows for each contestants’ friends and family.

Except that, sitting there meant being filmed by the camera from time to time.

"Okay," said Lu Shao with his lips curving upward.

He said it with such alacrity as though that had always been part of his plan.


"I’ll head over there first." Having said that, Lu Shao gave Su Han a cold glance and said, "C’mon over after you have put your stuff down."


The three of them walked toward the dressing room prepared by the filming crew.

Walking in the back and looking at Su Han walking in front of her, Li Yan smiled, leaned into Su Ran, and said, "How come I feel that Xiao Han had gotten taller again?"

"How’s that possible?" said Su Ran reflexively when she heard that. "He had only been gone with his dad for a few days. He couldn’t possibly have grown that much."

Even though boys at his age grow fast but it isn’t exactly like steaming buns……

That being said, Su Ran looked back at Su Han in front of her and felt that her son did seem to have grown some.

Walking in the front, Su Han could somewhat make out what the two women were talking about behind him. Su Han paused a little when he heard the topic and his expression stiffened a little.

Ahem. Alright, let’s call it that. He would not tell them the truth.

For the sake of not losing over to someone, when Su Han put on his set of clothes today, he put pads inside his shoes purposefully.

This was the little tool that Du WenTao had recommended to him madly in the past that would make him appear handsomer.

"Regardless, Xiao Han looks quite handsome the way he dressed today!" said Li Yan with her eyes beaming.

"And your husband too.

"Is that a father-and-son outfit that they had on?"

"I think so," said Su Ran, blinking.

The two ladies seemed very excited when it came to this topic and started muttering behind Su Han’s back.

"I don’t even know when they bought them. You should have seen me this morning. My eyes beamed when I saw the two outside of my door this morning!"

"For sure!"

"Oh right. Did you take any photos?" asked Li Yan, somewhat excitedly.

Truth was she didn’t have a good look earlier.

Su Han was alright but it would not be appropriate for her to spend too much time looking at Lu Shao.

Technically, Lu Shao was the husband of a friend.

And, even if it wasn’t for that, Lu Shao was still the patriarch of the Lu family!

"No……" Su Ran, too, felt very regretful about that.

"Is this the place?" The two saw that Su Han had stopped in front of a door while they were chitchatting softly and turned and turned and asked them in a cool voice.

On his cheek was a dubious pink color.

"Mmhmm, this is it," said Li Yan after she looked at the number on the door. She then pulled out the key card that was given to her earlier by the production team and opened the door up.

It was very obvious that the room condition was much better now that they have entered into the final round.

The dressing room was huge and divided into the outer portion for filming and the inner portion for preparation. There was also a piano there for practicing purposes.

"Wow! This is half bad!" said Li Yan jokingly.

"It is quite good."

"Oh right. The dress is not easy to carry around so I folded it up carefully. Let’s hang it up first," said Li Yan.

"This one?" asked Su Han.


Once Li Yan had nodded, Su Han stopped waiting for her and pulled the dress out himself.

"You can’t wear this."

"Huh? What’s wrong with it?" asked Su Ran curious when she heard that.

"It’s too long," said Su Han seriously as he saw a big portion of the dress dragging on the floor and frowned.


"Oh son. Have you never heard of the train of a dress?" said Su Ran, finding it comical.

"Train? Why does it have to drag on the floor like this? Is it for the purpose of mopping? What if someone stepped on it? Besides….." Frowning, Su Han said definitely, "It’s not pretty either."

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