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Chapter: 311

Title: My Son Might be a Villain

Translator: Fringe Capybara

Chapter 311 - "Isn’t this my niece child that we have no idea where he came from?" (3)

Su Ran, "……"

She refused to continue to be engaged with this son.

Mmm. Yup, a girl would be much cuter.

She wished she had an attentive little padded jacket. She could dress her up and talk with her about the current fashion trend.

Su Ran criticized her son to herself and refused to admit that she was envious of their father-and-son outfit today.

"It isn’t that long, And I will be taller when I put on the heels," said Su Ran.

"You are going to perform in heels?" She was that good?

Su Han looked at the "weapon" in the bag that was adorned with rhinestones and found it intimidating inexplicably.

"Don’t be silly. That’s for the award ceremony."

Of course she would need to dress up formally for the award ceremony.

Su Ran trusted that the other three contestants would have outfits ready as well.

Su Han nodded when he heard her, except that, he frowned when he looked at the pair of high heels. "Can you walk in these?"

"I don’t need to walk. There will be a lift during the award ceremony." Whether she could walk after she had gotten off the stage was not important.


"Okay, this discussion is over." Su Ran interrupted her son before his next very likely to be very straight man question.

"Alright, alright. Thanks, Son, for bringing carrying my stuff for me. I need to change now. You go back to your Dad."

"Oh ok. You change then." Su Han nodded and was about to leave.

Before he stepped out the door, however, he turned toward Su Ran and said seriously, "I feel that you should not wear that pair of shoes."

Su Ran, "……"

She was going to ignore him one-sidedly.

On the other side.

Even though he had said that he was going to wait at the auditorium but, in reality, Lu Shao didn’t go far. He waited for Su Han at the lobby area.

Except that, after taking off from Su Ran’s place, Lu Shao wasn’t the first one that Su Han ran into.

"It’s you!" Running into Su Jianguo, who was there inside the filming building, Su Han’s face turned cold immediately.

This person……

Wasn’t he one of the Su family members who caused Su Ran to be banished?

Looking at Su Jianguo as well as the few others that were with him, Su Han’s eyes became extremely cold.

Owing to their agreement, Lu Shao kept his words and told Su Han about Su Ran and Su Ran’s family. Granted, he did skip through parts that was not appropriate for Su Han to know.

Su Jianguo, too, was very surprised to see Su Han there. Nevertheless, he smiled in an evil way the next second.

"Tsk. Isn’t that my niece’s child that we have no idea where he came from?

"What’s your name again? Su Han, right?

"Su Ran did a good job with you," Su Jianguo commented casually and in a very contemptuous tone as he looked Su Han up and down.

It was good that his niece did a good job with this child. That was indicative that she cared about this child a lot.

Lo and behold, the document in his hands right now was on Su Han.

The Su family found out a lot about Su Han when they looked at the information on Su Ran such as where he attended school, what time his school let out, etc. …….

Those information was not easy to come by.

Su Han was already looking at him with a dangerous look when he heard what he was saying. If only he had spikes on his body, they would all be sticking up right about now.

"What are you doing here?" asked Su Han angrily through gritted teeth.

"Tsk tsk tsk. What can an uncle do here? To see my niece, of course."

"Don’t even think about it!"

Su Jianguo chuckled at Su Han’s roar.

"Ahahaha, you think you can stop me? Or that you want to come with me to visit the Su family, hmm?" Even though it was just a threat, but Su Jianguo was already contemplating whether he should take advantage of this opportunity and bring Su Han with him to the Su family.

After all, the purpose of them looking into Su Han was to use him to blackmail Su Ran.

Looking at Su Han coldly, Su Jianguo switched to a different tone and said, "Speaking of, you are half a Su as well.

"It’s a good thing for you that I come looking for Su Ran.

"If Su Ran would return to the Su family, we can give you a identity as part of the Su family."

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