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Chapter: 312

Title: My Son Might be a Villain

Translator: Fringe Capybara

Chapter 312 - "I am only responsible for taking you here. You should have been more ready." (1)

"I don’t need it!" The Su family! Tsk, he couldn’t care less about them!

"No need? Haha." Su Jianguo snickered. "You are still too young. You have no idea what you are talking about."

"You are a child with unknown background. If you come with the Su family, you will at least have a presentable identity."

"Otherwise….." Su Jianguo paused before he said in a mocking way, "Who do you think will accept you? Tsk tsk. The Lu family would never accept a b**tard child like you."


Su Han was completed provoked by Su Jianguo’s words and was just about to unleash when a cold and stern voice rang from behind him.

"Su Han!"

Su Han paused when he heard Lu Shao’s voice. He was still infuriated but he stopped himself from unleashing.

"You, you are……" Su Jianguo was startled when he saw the man walking over to him briskly. He had never met Lu Shao before so he had no idea that the man in front of him was the patriarch of the Lu family that the Su family had been trying everything that they can to network with.

Nevertheless, the man’s authoritativeness intimidated him inexplicably.

"Lu Shao," said Lu Shao coldly.

The two simple words made Su Jianguo turn pale and almost fall onto the floor.

"Mmm, Mr. ….. You are Mr. Lu?!" Su Jianguo looked at Lu Shao with fear in his eyes then over at Su Han.

"Then, you, you [respective form], no, I mean, then Su Han is……"

Before Su Jianguo could finish talking, Su Han rushed up with an angry look. "Who I am is none of your business!"

"Su Han." Lu Shao stopped him once again.

"You should meddle in the adult business," said Lu Shao sternly as he shielded Su Han next to him.

As he spoke, he gave Su Jianguo and his men behind him that looked like they were about to make a move a warning look.

Looking back at Su Jianguo, there was a piercing coldness in Lu Shao’s eyes. He snickered.

"How come I didn’t know when the young master of my Lu family turned into a b**tard child in your eyes?" said Lu Shao coldly with his eyes narrowed.

Su Jianguo had already had an inkling about this horrible idea when he noticed in the past that Su Han and Lu Shao looked very similar to each other. Nevertheless, that did not measure up to the shock when he actually heard it from Lu Shao directly.

Besides, what did Lu Shao just say? Su Han was the young master of the Lu family?!

Su Jianguo’s face changed colors at that very moment. He finally realized the huge mistake that him and his Second Brother had made in the past!

A thin layer of cold sweat broke up on Su Jianguo’s forehead.

"Mr, Mr. Lu. I think there are some misunderstanding here," said Su Jianguo with difficultly while trying to suppress the frightful feelings in himself.

"I don’t see any misunderstandings." Lu Shao sneered.

"And, allow me to give you a reminder. The Su family, instead of wasting your time on my wife and child, really should focus more on your own problems."

Lu Shao’s words made Su Jianguo feel fearful.

"What do you mean, Mr. Lu?"

"I trust that you haven’t forgotten about the Su family’s accident in City C 14 years ago, right?" Having said that, Lu Shao stopped talking in Su Jianguo’s fearful look.

He made a gesture and, the very next second, some 10 or so bodyguards appeared and "asked" Su Jianguo to leave.

Luckily, they were in a dead-end side lobby and not a lot of workers and other guests would wander over here. As such, what had just transpired did not cause a big scene or chaos.

After Su Jianguo had been "asked" to leave, the lobby had returned to its peacefulness.

Nevertheless, however did Su Jianguo get in.....

Their security precautions were very subpar.

Thought Lu Shao to himself as he secretly added a negative mark for Dengsheng Entertainment, the host of this event.

"What did I say earlier?" asked Lu Shao in a deep voice after the lobby had quieted down.

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