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Chapter: 313

Title: My Son Might be a Villain

Translator: Fringe Capybara

Chapter 313 - "I am only responsible for taking you here. You should have been more ready." (2)

"I……" Su Han frowned unhappily when he heard that.

"It wasn’t like I was running around all over the place. I ran into that guy as soon as I walked out!" Su Han defended himself instantly.

Besides, had he not run into Su Jianguo, would be looking for Su Ran right about now?

Had Lu Shao been able to Su Han’s mind, he would for sure tell him that he was overthinking it and that Su Jianguo would not be able to get into the backstage.

Regardless, looking at the nervous and worried look on Su Han, Lu Shao’s eyes flickered and did not elaborate any further.

"Do you still remember that I had told you to get hold of me if you run into issues that you can’t resolve?"

"Who said I couldn’t resolve that?"

"How did you plan on resolving it?"

"I……" Su Han gritted his teeth and went silent.

Looking at the direction that the guy had come from, a pondering look appeared on him.

"You are way too impulsive," said Lu Shao as he glanced over at Su Han and put away his solemn look from earlier.

He paused for a little bit, then said, "But imposing though."

"Let’s go." Having said that, Lu Shao started walking toward the front area of the auditorium.

"Tsk!" Su Han sneered while looking at Lu Shao’s back.

The next moment, as though something had occurred to him, Su Han frowned a little and quickly ran after Lu Shao.

"Are you going to take care of the Su family?" he asked.

Lu Shao pursed his lips when he heard that.

"We don’t need to."

"What do you mean by that?" Su Han looked dubious.

"Remember Su family’s incident in City C that I mentioned earlier?"

Su Han’s eyes fluttered when he heard Lu Shao’s hint. Something had occurred to him.

"The incident that you were referred to was the one that killed my grandma and grandpa?" asked Su Han.

Lu Shao raised his brow when he heard that and he glanced over at Su Han.

Hah. He was quick to call them Grandma and Grandpa.

"That wasn’t just an incident. There was more to it than that. You can get the details from Zhou Fu if you want to find out more about it," said Lu Shao.

Back then, the construction site that was oversaw by the Second Son of the Su family was the tip of the iceberg. True was, there were other issues such as production violations and employment of child labors, etc. There were also a few lethal accidents that were unreported. In fact, the entire project was for the sake of money laundering.

The Su family had used the death of Su Jiancheng and his wife to cover up the other issues. Covering them up, however, did not mean that they never took place.

What gone around would still come back around.

It was now time for the Su family to lay in the bed that they had made.


"What will to happen to the Su family?"

"What you want to happen," replied Lu Shao.

"Here’s another lesson for you: It it’s a matter of business, stick with the business. Don’t dirty your own hands for short-term gains."

Su Han, "……"



"Nothing. Where are we sitting?"

"Over there," said Lu Shao as he pointed at the front row friends and family area after they had entered the auditorium.

"In the middle?"


"You are not worried that my identity will be exposed now?" asked Su Han leisurely with his brows raised.

"I suddenly feel that its time for you to grow up."

"Who said I haven’t grown up?" Su Han retorted rudely through his gritted teeth.

The two of them sat down in the most centered seat in the front frow.

That was when Su Han noticed an issue.

"Did you have lighted signs prepared?" asked Su Han as he turned around, saw all the others around them with their lighted signs in their hand, frowned, and asked Lu Shao.

Let alone that they were sitting in the friends and family section. They were surrounded by lighted signs and banners.

Behind them, even Su Ran’s wild-grown fans had lighted signs that said "Go, Su Ran!"

Lu Shao’s look stiffened a little when he heard Su Han’s question.

"That’s your job. My job is to bring you here," said Lu Shao nonchalantly and matter-of-factly.

Su Han: Hrm! He would have been better off coming here with the fool Liu Yangyang!

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