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Chapter: 314

Title: My Son Might be a Villain

Translator: Fringe Capybara

Chapter 314 - Su Han followed behind the two of them quietly after giving Lu Shao an unhappy look. (1)

"What? You don’t think you being there was eye-catching enough?" You wanted to have a lighted sign too?

Lu Shao said leisurely as he raised his brows and looked over at Su Han.

Su Han looked unhappy instantly when he heard that.

"Why didn’t you say the same about yourself?" said Su Han in a low voice after giving Lu Shao a stare.

Having said that, he saw the man next to him pulled out his phone and called someone.

A worker from the production team quickly brought over two glow sticks.

Looking at the two green and red glow sticks, Lu Shao had a contemptuous look and tossed both of them Su Han’s way seemingly casually.

"They are so ugly!" said Su Han rudely when he saw them.

"You go and figure something out if you think they are ugly," said Lu Shao nonchalantly.

Su Han, "……"

Yup, he should have brought the tool Liu Yangyang with.

As much as he disliked the two glowsticks but, when the host announced that the competition was starting and the four contestants appeared on stage, Su Han still started waving the glowsticks with the others around him reflexively.

A total of four contestants made it into the final.

One more would be eliminated after the first round.

Then, two more rounds would be played and first, second, and third places would be determined.

Even though this was not an international piano competition but those who could get into the final were still very highly rated.

Even though most on the internet speculated that Su Ran would most likely take the first place, but the other contestants had their fair share of supporters as well.

"If my mother can’t take first place……" said Su Han nervously in a low voice as he watched the first contestant began their performance on the dimly-light stage. There was a shred of nervousness in his voice.

This competition seemed very important to that woman. Thought Su Han to himself as he recalled the three very "loud" outfits.

Su Ran would be very devastated if she didn’t take first place?

Should they pull some strings for her?

Su Han glanced over in Lu Shao’s direction reflexively.

He was, after all, one of the biggest investors in this event, right? And then there was that Lu BoYang. It was said that this competition was hosted by Shengding Entertainment?

Listening to Su Han’s grumbling, Lu Shao only chuckled lightly. He glanced over at Su Han with unconcealed contempt.

"You are overthinking this," said Lu Shao randomly with no further explanation.

Having said that, he glanced over at Su Han one more time and said, "When we get back, we will add a music class to your weekend schedule."

Su Han frowned when he heard that.

"Why?" What could a music class offer him? It wasn’t like he needed to learn how to sing!

"To help you gain some basic appreciation skills," said Lu Shao simply and while stressing on the "basic" part.

Pausing a bit, Lu Shao looked over at the stage then elaborated, for a change, "From the perspective of appreciation, all of the ones who made it into the final are up there.

"From the perspective of piano skills, however, the others are not even on the same level as your mother."

"What do you know……" Su Han grumbled with dissatisfaction.

But, after hearing Lu Shao’s words, Su Han stopped worrying for his mother.

They looked quietly at the stage.

All the way until the host announced that the No. 3, Su Ran, would be the next performer.

Not only Su Han, even Lu Shao, next to him, who had been so nonchalant that he did not remotely fit in with the environment, sat up straight and focused all of their attention at the dimly-lit stage.

Su Han didn’t just worry about Su Ran’s competition, he also worried whether she would trip and fall in her very tall stilettos.

As it turned out, Su Han had overthought it.

The light on the stage lit up.

And Su Ran was already sitting in front of the piano in the middle of the stage. She had on a champagne-colored formal dress and a pair of flats that were the same color as her dress on her feet.

Her long hair twirled above her head and she had on a very delicate makeup.

She looked very pretty and relaxed under the stage lights.

Recalling the message that she had received from her son: We are sitting in the middle of the first row, Su Ran reflexively looked over in that direction.

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