Naruto and they have a system

Author(s): mood codeword


Reborn to Uchiha, Uchiha hidden with the system.I thought I could punch Uchiha Madara and stepped on Datong Mu Teruya, but he didn't expect that the system would only help Uchiha hidden improve his physical fitness, and then disappeared.While Uchiha was still very panicked, he didn't expect that all the heroines and heroines would get the system, and then they would come in."Uchihain, I like you!" Kusina shouted loudly, filled with dissatisfaction."Uchihain, be my apprentice and follow me to get milk!" Tsunade's mouth twitched, wishing to blow the system in his mind!"Yin, sister hasn't communicated with you for a long time, today..." Mikoto smirked, wishing to dismember the system.I always feel that something is wrong with you, but I don’t seem to suffer? Come on, then-Uchihain.

Chapter : 781


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