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Chapter: 134

The second half of the great powers


Gra Varcas Empire Central 2nd Fleet Flagship Kornephorus

Attack from enemy ship!!

This planet, bigger than Earth, can be seen far and wide when the air is clear.

I still can't see a hundred kilometers.

However, he wore something like a large blue aura, and it was clear that three objects with long tails were going up into the sky.

The Sentinel decides it is an enemy attack, and raises his voice toward the signal tube.

You shot me at this distance!!

The impossible long range artillery can be avoided by only slightly turning, so even if it arrives unguided, there is no threat at all.

The enemy should have understood.

"No way!! Guided ammo!!! Prepare for anti-air combat!!"

Anti-air combat!!

The soldiers ran around and started preparing the AA guns.

The weapon wrapped around the blue aura eventually became invisible to the tail and seemed to stop in the sky.

A direct hit course!!!

If it appears to be a point that has stopped overhead, shells often take a direct course. The fleet turns to the right under the direction of the Commander.


"The bullet is turning!!" It was still a guided bullet!!! "

Anti-aircraft fire emanates from the fleet.

The successively fired tracer shells drew a lot of fire into the sky.

The enemy's guided projectiles began to be seen clearly, descending in a straight line to the forward Battleship Hunor.

"No!! I'm going to hit you!!!"

Akeil exclaims.

The enemy's guidance bullet had a body in the middle, and it was wrapped in a glowing aura, pulling its blue tail and falling straight from the sky to Funor.

I heard a high-pitched sound like kiiiin, and the light fell to Hunor.

Fierce glow and explosions strike Battleship Hunor directly.


The Ship-to-Ship Guiding Light Grenade "Heavenly Fire" launched by the Cosmo, a sacred millisial-imperial Oriharcon-class magic battleship, struck the Battleship Hunor's main gun tower directly from the sky.

The front part of the core, transformed into an ultra-high-speed magic fluid, penetrates through the steel metal and extends inside.

The rear of the core that entered the interior caused a magic fusion reaction by explosive magic, and a huge amount of energy emerged.

Its power is so great that it blows up steel as if the armor of a battleship were paper, and the nearby sea water is also blown up.

A fierce light and blast appeared, an explosion that seemed to be several dozen times the size of a Battleship.

"My waaaaaaaaaa!!!!"

Akeil bent back reflexively.

A fierce explosion appeared on the battlefield.

With the winded water, even the bridge is thrown into the air.

By the time the rising water had fallen into the sea, the battleship Hunor had disappeared from the surface.

"Funor sinks!!"

"Shit!! Shit!!!"

Fleet commander Akeil mourned without a second thought.

The attack was followed by a direct attack on Magyar, the battleship that was running to the right.

"How powerful!! The defenses of the Battleship don't make sense!!"

With the power that seems to be evaporating in just one blow, Akeil feels helpless.

The explosive power is not the ratio of the main gun of the grade Atlas to the guided shells of the Japanese army.

Exactly, it was an overwhelming explosion of God's wrath.

Battleship Magyar sank!!

"Oh... oh my God!!"

In just one shot, the fleet of thousands of ships in operation will be destroyed.

A single hit is sure to kill thousands of people.

A chill ran down my spine.


An armor-piercing sound that lingers on the battlefield.

Akeil felt as though he were a dying god's whistle.

The roar of anti-aircraft artillery.

A variety of cannons burst into flames, but they didn't hit the enemy's guided rounds at all.

The difference in technical prowess is directly related to the difference in combat prowess.

"No!! Bump!!!"

Someone screamed.

The next moment, the Gra Varcas Empire's second flagship, the Orion class Battleship Kornephorus, takes direct fire at the guided light bullets.

The violent blast of light that engulfed the ship tore the battleship apart in an instant.

The gunpowder on the ship detonates and the explosion increases its power.

Gra Vulcus Empire's second flagship, Kornephorus, has left the world with Fleet Commander Akeil, Captain Iliga, and many others who have lived their lives.

The end of the Imperial Navy of Gra Varcas was spectacular after the loss of the mainstay of the fleet, the Battleship.

One cruiser was destroyed by a guided magic bullet, and the remaining three cruisers and three destroyers turned into sea algae debris by an out-range shelling with a magic cannon that increased its power.

On this day, the Holy Millennial Oriharkon class battleship Cosmo sank only one vessel, the second fleet of the Central Fleet of the Gra Varcas Empire.

This battle will be a feat impossible even with Japan's state-of-the-art frigates. At a later date, information will travel around the world because the Empire has publicized it, and the Holy Millennial Empire will regain its fallen prestige.


Aegis Ship

One naval battle is over.

Captain Nikko was talking to the gunsmith in the CIC room of the accompanying frigate Kongoo.

"If the enemy used a weapon equivalent to the guided magic bullets of the Holy Millennial Empire, would they be able to intercept it?"

Hidaka questioned the chief of artillery.

"What I found out from this battle is that the missile-like object of the Holy Millennial Empire flew at a subsonic speed by drawing a parabola, and did not exceed the sound speed even when it fell vertically.

Slower speeds and parabolas allow for longer flight distances and enough time from launch to hit.

It is quite large, has a large radar reflection area, and is not stealthy.

There was no jamming signal. "

The Master of Artillery continues.

"No one in the Maritime Self-Defense Force would be able to intercept an Aegis ship while on board.

If the main body of the missile is too hard to intercept the missile...

SSM1B (Maritime Self-Defense Forces' Ship-to-Ship Guiding Ammunition) does not fly sea surface thress to overwhelm the radar network.

If the fleet can construct defensive systems, we can intercept them, even if there are many of them flying in at the same time.

It doesn't seem to be a big deal when it comes to missiles. I like the way I look and the way I look.

That's the case with the interception, but there's something I'm a little concerned about..... "

"Is the power of a single shot too great...?"


"Sure enough, all of the ships in the Gra Varcas Empire sank in one shot, even the battleships. Weapons are built to match enemy weapons.

The Holy Millennial Empire felt the need to build such a powerful weapon.

As a result, there is a possibility that some enemies cannot be dealt with by conventional anti-ship guided missiles.

What the hell... are you expecting? "

Hidaka wears a new hat.

We had to tighten our minds in view of the possibility of a collision with the ancient magical empire, the enemy of all humankind, which is said to resurrect later.


Gra Varcas Reifolia

"Ha-ha, ha-ha. I'm tired today, too."

Factory worker Brightz arrived at the tavern today in a frenzy.

Tomorrow is a holiday for a long time, and today we can drink and go to bed forgetting what we don't like.

It was the only pleasure of my life.

After the reign of the Gra Varcas Empire, they are forced to work from morning to evening like slaves.

Being part of the Royal Palace Knights became a glory of the past, and now I work as a mere worker and a slave to the Empire every day.

The Empire is strong and even the Holy Millennial Empire is being pushed back.

The feeling of obstruction that would not escape was increased throughout Reykjavik and the population that would not be able to escape.

The people of Rayford will never defeat the Empire of Gra Varcas.

Even if I gained the upper hand for a while, I lost in the end.

Blitz belonged to the Gra Vulcan Empire, too, but due to the decisive force ratio, he was unable to carry out substantial activities and could not move at all.

Even in such a life, the only tavern is a fun place.

Izakaya "Reiki Sake" still has the name of the tavern that was created when Reifor was a great nation.

The name of the store also recalls the glory of the past, and can alleviate the sense of blockage that does not escape a little.

The Gra Varcas Empire had difficulty getting close to the tavern, as there were many violent drinkers.

"Uncle, I beg you for the ale."


Brews cooled by ice magic are brought in.

Rayfall's ale was a national specialty and a delicious dish on the Moo continent.

The cup permeates the tired body.

"Ugh!! Ugh!" Devilishly delicious!!! "

The drunks are still talking today.

In their talk, the topic is boiling.

The massive integrated base of the Gra Varcas Empire, Lars Firmina, was thoroughly destroyed by air strikes.

The Rayfords who worked at the base were also involved and killed, but the world of war is a world of necessity, and the victims are considered to be precious victims.

It was a ray of hope for them that the Gra Vulcan Empire was thoroughly smashed in front of the Rayfolds.

In Reykjavík, where information was controlled, many people did not even know that the Gra Varcas Empire fleet had been torn apart by the Japanese Guard Corps, and many people did not even know that Japan existed. Worker Brights, who came to the tavern, knew Japan as the kingdom of Lauria, but didn't know about the massive naval battles against the Gravarcas Empire.

The drunks continued to speculate about the overwhelming destruction inflicted on the Gra Varcas Empire and the unknown who caused it.

"In such a state..."

"Did you know that? We have a major announcement from the Holy Millennial Empire today.

It's going to be on the news on private imperial broadcasts. "

A dirty little elf's dad takes a 30-centimeter square box out of the dirty bag.

"Oh... my p * ssy!!" Isn't that a magic wave receiver!! If the Empire finds me, I'll be in terrible trouble!!! "

Magic wave receiver with frequency adjustment function, for civilian video, audio, and even military magic waves were excellent for intercepting.

Even during the Reichsfuhrer's reign, he was not seen as such.

He looks like a dirty dad, but he may have been famous in the past.

"You know, the main base has been destroyed so far." I guess I'm stuck on my right now.

Too busy to spare personnel. They're not coming here anyway.

If you're going to live a boring life, maybe you should get some information that could be a snack on a good drink.

You guys want to hear a big announcement?

Seems like it's about to start soon.

"I... want to hear it"

"Neither do I."

"Alright!! Close the shop entrance!!"

The shopkeeper is also on board.

The dirty dad elf set up the receiver.

Increase the audio output so that the taverns can hear it.

It's about to start.

The drunks listen.

Ga... ga ga ga...

Frequency picks up and light music starts to play.

Huh? Here we go.

"Shhh!! I can't hear you!!"

It's time for the news. According to the military, one of the most advanced battleships of the Holy Millennial Empire, the Oriharkon class, was fighting against the 10th fleet of the Central Fleet of the Gra Varcas Empire in the western waters of the Moorish continent in the early hours of today.

The breakdown of the enemy fleet of 10 ships is as follows: Battleship 3, Cruiser 4, and Destroyer 3.

There will be a military press announcement shortly on the course of the battle.

I'll tell you live. "

It takes some time to switch to live relay.

Moo, the west side of the continent is close, isn't it?

"Ten to one... even a sacred millennial empire would be too harsh."

Our Rayford fleet has been defeated by one of their main fleets. Until then, they're strong. "

"But I'm going to go out of my way to announce it to the press." You've fought well against many to one, haven't you? "

The drunks make various speculations.

Pasha... Pasha, Pasha, Pasha, Pasha

It's just audio, so it doesn't ping, but it sounds like a magic shot.

Nnh!! Yeah... yeah...

I can hear my old man coughing.

'We will now release a press release.

Earlier today, the Oriharkon class magic battleship Cosmo, the flagship of Death Barr, a mixed magic fleet led by the Holy Militia Navy Tachyon, entered the Western waters of Moo with 10 ships from the 2nd Central Fleet of the Gra Vulcan Empire.

The Oriharkon Magic Battleship was a state-of-the-art ship, and Commander Tachyon decided that a single ship of this size would be sufficient for a one-to-ten showdown. "

The press conference hall is disturbed.

Perhaps 1: 10 with a country outside the zone of civilization is not a good story if it is a powerful country.

However, it is the home fleet of the Gra Vulcan Empire.

The specifics of the Oriharkon class magic battleship cannot be released, but the high-powered guided magic light bullets have been added to the ship.

This guided magic light bullet was also put into the battle.

In conclusion, the Battleship Cosmo did not take a single bullet, but buried the enemy fleet with only one ship.

Until now, we have had a difficult opponent, but thanks to the technological innovation of our army, it has proved possible to bury only one ship, even at the size of the country's fleet.

It goes without saying that the ability to fight on a single ship is a masterpiece of other nations.

If I may add, I can assure you that no other country in the world has a ship capable of doing the same thing. "

Although he does not refer to it, he tells him that he cannot do the same in Japan.

With the annihilation of this fleet, the Gra Varcas Empire has lost control of the waters around the Moorish mainland. Soon, the Holy Millennial Empire and the Allied fleet of Japan will reach the offshore of Reiforia, the capital of Reifor.

This is the end of the press release...... "

'Shh... here's a question!!

I am a reader of the newspaper of the second civilization zone Moo.

Isn't the guided magic light bullet a lost technology used by the ancient magic empire?

Does the Holy Millennial Empire put this into practical use? "

I'll give you more details in the press release... I see, let me answer that.

The Holy Millennial Empire has put guided magic light bullets into practical use and deployed them in action.

I want you to look at the press statement and judge the rest later. "

Since the press release of the Holy Millennial Empire is not of such a nature as to continue to answer the questions of reporters like in Japan, it became such a press conference.

The press conference is over, and the female caster starts talking.

Oh, my God.

The Holy Millennial Imperial Army is putting guided magic light bullets to practical use and deploying them in action.

In addition, it has been announced that there is no maritime control in the vicinity of the Moorish mainland under the Gra Varcas Empire.

It was said that no country in the world has a ship that can do this, but does this mean that there are no ships that can do the same thing even in Japan? "

The male caster starts talking to the female caster's questions

That's right.

Japan has a small fleet compared to the Imperial Navy of Gra Varcas, but it has a strong fleet in terms of performance.

Still, I can't do the same thing. It seems to mean something like that. "

Soon we will reach the offshore of Reiforia, is that the Reifor recapture is approaching?

"It is an era in which we cannot take control of the sea without air control.

In other words, if you've taken control of the air and sea, I think the next step is to recover it. "

The discussion between the castors continued, and the news ended.




The tavern boiled greatly.

A dirty little dad with a smile on his face speaks as he loses the receiver.

"What do you think???" You're talking about a pinch of booze, right? "

Is that right? Soon, the sacred Millennial Empire and the Japanese nation will be offshore? So the Allied fleet will show up? "

"In other words, the Gra Vulcan Empire will be knocked out!!"

"Oooooo, the alcohol is delicious!!"

"Grandpa, it's booze!!! I don't want to talk about it like this.

Today's my treat!!! "

The drunkards, who had grown up, were very excited.

Worker Brights can also get drunk on the wine he's been drinking for a long time.

The defeat of the Empire, which we never thought we could win, was a huge boost to Blitz's heart.

And I swore in my heart that I would do everything in my power to reclaim my country in the upcoming Gra Varcas Empire battle.

Later on, Brights will be working closely with the Gra Vulcan Empire to save Rayford and begin preparations for the coming day.

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