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Chapter: 135

Mighty Powers 3

Mu Continent Gra Varcas Empire Reifolia City Reifolia

Gra Varcas Imperial Integration Base Lars Firmina

The smell of people and things burns my nose.

You've already done all the extinguishing activities, but the fighters and humans that have been extinguished have a pungent smell that humans refuse to react.

The survivors and the executives gathered in the square had a heated discussion about the upcoming operation.

A plan that depends on the lives of you, your men, and your colonized Imperial subjects.

Unprecedented defeat and loss of power has accelerated.

The conclusions drawn from the enemy's strength ratings and residual strength as they become apparent. Army Commander Fantare's stomach was sore and he had no choice.

The attack on the Unified Larth Firmina and the successive enemy attacks on the bases and garrisons of each base.

Air power is destroyed in a row, and anti-aircraft guns are destroyed at pinpoint as if they were targeted.

After the crude anti-aircraft weapon is destroyed, each garrison close to the enemy site is repeatedly attacked by Moo's old-fashioned fighter squadron.

Whether Lars Firmina's range was insufficient, Moo's aerial attack was not carried out.

Moo's old-fashioned fighter squadron was a threat to the main air force, as well as to the Army, which had lost anti-aircraft guns.

Deceitful anti-aircraft guns and destroyed anti-aircraft guns have dropped several of our enemies, but they have a large number of enemies and are destroyed by thorough repetitive strikes.

There are no major mechanized divisions left, and we must fight with a residual force of infantry.

"Well then, I'll summarize......"

○The General Command is based at the integrated base of Lars Filmina and commands the army garrisons deployed throughout the region.

○As the main force of the Reifolia defense force, it gathers weapons on Mount Daigenera, a fortified mountain (429 meters above sea level) south of Reifolia, and takes up Operation Castle.

This will force us to take on Mount Daigenera, as we will continue to be attacked from behind, even if our enemies attempt to capture Reifolia.

○The base strength of each garrison with a high chance of being cut off is retreating, but if the enemy invades, it will reduce its strength, retreat to the east of Laifolia, and lurk in the eastern forest to build an absolute defense line.

When retreating, the enemy must be stopped by leaving a small number of guerrilla units, sniper units, etc.

Spared from○destruction, the Army Air Corps immediately retreats to Lars Firmina and alerts the air space around Laifolia.

There are few options left for a army with no heavy weapons and no supplies, with the goal of not dropping a Laifolia that can at least supply food.

The humiliating plan, the plan, was quickly communicated to all parts of the country.


Gra Varcas Reifolia

Since the temperature in the air dropped suddenly due to radiant cooling was lower than the sea temperature, the moisture in the sea evaporated rapidly and a thick mist was generated.

A slightly elevated open terrace-style dining room with a sea view, and an open terrace with a nice atmosphere, but it's ruined by the fog.

Two men were eating in the cafeteria.

One was a human and the other a dwarf.

They were two people who didn't fit into a stylish dining room, but they didn't care, and they talked while eating breakfast bread and milk.

"Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. Thank God the Gra Vulcan Empire's native fleet has been defeated by just one ship of the Holy Millennial Empire."

A dwarf man talks loudly about what he heard at the tavern yesterday.

I don't remember the details because I was drunk, but when I heard that the Gra Vulcan Empire seemed to have been defeated, the tension rose.

"If that's true, that's ridiculous!!"

The man of the human race who heard it, his whole body trembled with good news for a long time.

"Hey!! What are you talking about!!!"

The voice was too loud. It sounded like a Gra Varcas Imperial soldier.

"Hey!! I'm asking you what you were talking about!!!"

They walk straight towards us.

"No, we were talking about the recent weather."

"Don't lie!! I heard about the Empire's native fleet!! Are you the lowly barbarians trying to hide from this Imperial soldier?"

He looked like a soldier with a head full of jokes.

The feeling of blockage that has accumulated for a long time without escaping, and the accumulation of anger, drive the two Rayfolds crazy.

"... it's just...!!"


"I was telling you that your proud native fleet was suddenly wiped out by just one of the sacred Militia ships!!"

The unreported defeated Imperial Army serviceman became angry at the barbarians' unyielding attitude.

"You barbarians still don't properly recognize the strength of my Gra Vulcan Imperial Army??"

Your home fleet probably refers to aircraft carrier maneuvers deployed around the Irnettia Kingdom.

Even if you had a hundred times the strength of all the Reykjavik fleets in the world, you could never beat this one unit.

Even though it is the best nation in the world, it is not a fleet that can beat only one!! "

"You're on the bottom line, so you haven't been taught, have you?"

And do you think everything your lord has taught you is true? Take a look at Lars Filmina's current condition.

Why don't you think about it on your own, not just a little bit of the information you've been given? "

The serviceman rolled his eyes.

Until now, there have been unscrupulous people, but no one has ever insulted an Imperial serviceman so much.

He raises his fist impulsively.


There is a dull sound coming from the dwarf's cheek.

"Even if the fleet around the Kingdom of Irnetia were to disappear, a powerful fleet would be sent from home soon!!

It is not a fighting force that can be covered by just one ship!!! "

"You bastard!! You beat me up!!"

The Dwarves also deal a powerful blow to the Imperial servicemen.

The humans mixed in, raised their voices, and developed into beatings.

Eventually a crowd will be formed and other Imperial servicemen will know.

"You guys!! What are you going to do!!!"

The fist of the soldier stopped in a rage and stood upright.

"Ha!! These are the ones who blamed the Imperial Fleet for the defeat of the Holy Millennial Imperial Ship..."

I wonder if the ranks are superior.

"You guys, you're ready to beat up an Imperial serviceman like a local... right?"

The Gra Varcas Imperial serviceman who joined us was when the Dwarves tried to attack.

Due to the strong sun, the temperature of the rapidly heated air is higher than that of the sea water.

The fog cleared up surprisingly quickly.


"Ah... ah... ah... ahhh... ahhh"

The eyes of those who were about to be beaten are opened.

Too surprised, the Rayfords looked beyond the eyes of the Imperial servicemen.

At the end of the ocean, I could see a shadow of a ship in the distance.

The shadow of that ship is not that of a familiar Imperial ship, but of an enemy.

Is it a place with a distance of more than 20 km?

Some stared at him with binoculars in their hands.

"Ah!!!! Haha!!!!"

Those who look at the binoculars shout.

Ahead of him, the red sun shines a powerful light in all directions.

A silhouette flag with a powerful glow of the sun wipes away despair.

Next to it was a large battleship.

"Is that... a magic battleship??"... oh!! There's also the Holy Millennial Imperial Fleet!!!! "

Those who saw with binoculars did not know the flag of Japan.

However, I understand the emergence of a powerful fleet hostile to the Gra Varcas Empire.

It was no longer the moment when control of the sea proved to be absent from the Gra Varcas Empire.


People shout.

I roared from the bottom of my soul.

All the Dragon Knights lost, not just the Navy, to just one ship.

Overwhelmingly defeated and defeated by an army of otherworlds who manipulated super-powered weapons, they were dominated by humiliation.

Even the mechanical civilization superpower "Moo", which was the rope of my request, does not have any hands or feet before the Gra Varcas Empire, and even the divine millennial empire boasting a different dimension of strength struggles.

Everyone was desperate.

But... the morning sun rises quietly over the abyss of despair.

A flying steel dragon with a red pattern on a white background burns its super-powerful base, Lars Firmina, and appears in front of the Rayfords as a fleet.

Those who knew Japan were surprised by the strength of the rumors, and most strangers were lighted with hope with the advent of the world's most powerful sacred millennial Imperial fleet's state-of-the-art battleship.

"Hey!! Imperial Fool!! You guys are finished!! Isn't it better to go home now?"

Someone screams.

Collective psychology has worked, and those who throw stones at the Imperial servicemen have emerged.

"Ki... you guys are aaaaaaaaaa!!!"

Screaming hysterically, no one listens to the Imperial servicemen of Gra Varcas anymore.

The stones keep being thrown.

They feel a tremendous hatred, and understand that if they use a gun, they will be torn apart.

They could not beat the overwhelming majority of the inhabitants, and they ran to Lars Firmina to escape.


Gra Varcas Empire Integration Base Lars Firmina

A fleet of hostiles has appeared at a distance of 20 to 20 kilometres off the coast of Laifolia.

Army Commander Fantare looks desperately at the fleet that appears offshore.

The fleet that was deploying near the Irnettia Kingdom earlier than they expected was painfully aware that it had been torn apart.

The Imperial Army's artillery is out of range and the base's air power is wiped out.

Remnants of air power scattered across the region are still out there, as Lars Firmina's runway was not ready.

They even wondered why they didn't shoot under circumstances where they could be hit unilaterally.

Along the way, the enemy fleet must have crossed a sea with a lot of mines, but it seems to have been ineffective.

The base had already shifted to combat readiness, and many army personnel had high morale...

There is only one battleship, which has the same projectile power as an air strike by a bomber that fills the sky.

The fleet is formed and deployed offshore.

The projectile power of the gunship is different from that of the Army, so the terrifying Fantare can't stop trembling.

"Why... don't you shoot me!!!"

Sweating like balls on his forehead, he squeezes the fleet.

When I thought the enemy was holding the button that determined my life and death, I almost threw up.

We are driven by the urge to abandon our base and flee immediately, but we have already deployed our forces to Mount Daigenera.

Here, Fantale decides to save her strength.

"Whenever possible, each unit will temporarily move around the city and stay away from Ralsfil Maina!!!

If you have any remaining air power, give instructions to attack the fleet off the Rayford coast!!

... but I don't think there are many planes ready to fly...

Slamboards, if you leave this place immediately and decide that something should happen to me, you will temporarily take command of the Army in my name!!

When the situation has calmed down, the ranks will be taken over by the superiors.

When confusion is occurring, we often know who is the highest rank at the moment.

The chain of command must be firmly held. "

"I... but!!"

"Don't you understand?? It's over already."

The fleet that is deployed offshore has no control at this time.

In response to the flowing silence and the curiosity of Fantale, who didn't want to say whether it was or not, Rumbleball decided not to rebel.

"... yes, I understand"

Ramboll will immediately relay it to the other ministry staff in Larth Firmina, and will begin retreating on their own.

Army units are preparing to retreat from the base.

A command room that flies around in a hurry and commands a temporary retreat from Lars Firmina.

Fantare squeezes the fleet.

Commander, the enemy ship is transmitting a transmission.

"Is that so..."

Greetings, there are a lot of people in this world who communicate on the battlefield.

I wonder if there are any rules in this world.

I may be able to stand up well enough to avoid being attacked.

Thinking like that, Fantare connects the communications.

I am the commander of the mixed magic fleet Death Barr Fleet Tachyon.

Ordered in the name of His Majesty the Emperor of the Holy Millisial Empire.

Disarm the Imperial Army of Gra Varcas across the Moo continent now. Surrender at the integrated base Lars Filmina and place the Central World Surrender Flag at the top of the command room. "

I was wondering if Larth Filmina alone would be able to communicate with me to surrender and disarm all of Moo's continent.

There's no way I can do that.

Look around you.

Only some of the upper levels and communications have been retreated, and most of the forces are at the Integrated Station.

He decided to come up with a solution.

"If this integrated base Lars Filminer is alone, I can make my own decision, but if it's all of Moo, I need to check with my native country."

Will you give me some time? "

A slight laugh can be heard from the radio.

A laugh similar to the ridicule made me angry.

{Time to buy... I wonder if you'll be saving up your army in the meantime?

It's really clever.

The Holy Millennial Empire has also decided to answer to those who said so.

We are merciful. Let's give you three minutes.

If there is no answer within three minutes, attack the Lars Firmina base. I regretted that I had brought the Second Civilization Sphere into turmoil, and turned my sword to the Holy Millennial Empire... to die in resentment against my own country, which had made a foolish choice. "

I can't do anything in three minutes.

Even if we use a car, we don't have enough time to get from this command post to the outside of the base.

The rotating turret slowly turns towards us when we see an offshore battleship with binoculars.

"You too, pull out immediately!! If you don't make it, head to the basement!! I'll... stay!!"

We should withdraw the command!

"Just go!! You're wasting your time arguing."

This time will affect your lives!!

As the commander of the flourishing Imperial Army, I had to be careful!!! "

Fantare's temper was tremendous. The men quickly leave the room.

There was only one Fantare left.

He looks at the fleet with binoculars.

The spinning turret of the largest Battleship is heading our way.

Eventually, the tip of the trio of cannons began to shine blue.

It's a different world, isn't it?

The mind was calm and calm, like a surface without waves.

The memories from birth to now come to my mind.

Mother who was kind, father who grew up harshly and lovingly, sister who was brainy, and friends who were students.

Love and marriage with a beautiful woman.

My wife and three lovely children who supported me at all times.

I was happy when I looked back.

"...... you didn't play much, did you?"

I might not have been a good parent, a good husband. I do nothing to my family like this, and my life is coming to an end.

"No!! I don't want to die!!"

Suddenly, my heart was rough, and a wave of emotions overflowed.

When I noticed it, tears passed through my cheeks.

There are no more men around.

"I haven't given back to my family yet... for the people I took care of!!"

In this space where there is only one fantare, there is no one, the true truth that was in the bottom of my heart comes out.

"I... I haa!!" This is the place!! This is the end of my life... "

The main cannon of the Holy Millennial Empire Battleship has been fired just beyond my sight.


His enemies aren't waiting for him while he keeps thinking.

Draws a blue tail and launches the main gun. The light of a demon flying over here drawing a parabola.

He looked at the light with mixed feelings.


Mu Continent's Second Civilization Area Old Raifor Capital Offshore Raiforia

A fleet deployed offshore.

The most powerful nation in the central world, the Magic Fleet, which includes the most advanced battleships of the Divine Millennial Empire, and the Machine Civilization State, which exceeds Moo, which is at the end of the east and possesses intense technical abilities. The emergence of the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force Guard Group gave great hope to the residents of Laifolia.

The Holy Millennial Imperial Fleet prepares to burn down Lars Firmina, home of the Moo invasion, with a large-calibre magic cannon.

Fleet Commander Tachyon and Captain Eliza were talking on the bridge of the flagship Oriharkon class Battleship Cosmo.

The sound of magic condensation echoed lightly over the bridge.

Finally, the time has come.

"I'll make you pay for putting mud on this millicial face."

The main gun to be fired will be a historic blow and will be written down in the History Book as the first blow from the Holy Millennial Empire to bury a demon from another world.

This Cosmo is the best ship for the job. "


Magic cannon, 100% energy charge... contraction circuit ready

Setting a target for Gra Varcas Empire Layfor Integration Station Lars Firmina

The spinning turret on the Oriharkon Magic Battleship Cosmo slowly began to spin.

As well as the flagship, the main guns of other sacred millennials were simultaneously turned around and targeted at the enemy base.

Calculate whether the state-of-the-art computing device can properly project the main gun's output, distance to the target, wind speed, and atmospheric pressure from the main gun to the impact location.

Elevation correction, +2 degrees, main gun ready to fire!!

Ready to fire.

Eliza sees Fleet Commander Tachyon.

It's been three minutes.


Annihilate it.


The captain is moving forward.

"Objective, Gra Vulcus Empire Integration Base Lars Firmina... now we will punish the barbarians of other worlds who defy us!!"

It reminds me of the anger of the Millicials!!

Destroy it thoroughly!!

Main gun, fire!!! "

Energy leaks from the turret of the advanced shadow battleship Cosmo and glows slightly blue.

Particles nearby are visualized in response to magic, and small particles of light appear to be sucked into the turret.

The next moment, the main gun was fired with a high-pitched sound.

The main gun of the Cosmo Magic Battleship also fires its physical core, and its recoil leans toward a giant battleship.

A main gun shell fired from the main cannon of three triads and a total of nine gates.

Drawing a blue tail of light, I could clearly see the main shells running through the sky.

Other Holy Militia fleets followed suit and many lights flew toward Laifolia.

For the Gra Varcas Empire... the feast of despair begins.

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