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Chapter: 136

The First Half of the Great Power s Ideal Fourth Half

Moo Continental Reigning Power Reifol Old Capital Reifolia West Side Maritime

Japan Maritime Self-Defense Corps 1 Corps 5 Corps Aegis Ship

The merciless artillery fire, the smoke from the blast envelops Laifolia.

The Holy Millennial Empire launched an assault after being contacted to launch an annihilation operation.

"This is... amazing. Battleship gunfire is so powerful."

The Holy Millennial Imperial Fleet that shells Layforia is like a Starfleet coming out to sci-fi.

Captain Konoho let out a voice of admiration.

The fleet is firing blue shining artillery shells from advanced ships.

In the case of a frigate, the shells are too fast and are not tracer, so you rarely see ballistic missiles.

However, the artillery fire of the Holy Millennial Empire clearly showed that the light was flying.

Hidaka is overwhelmed by the power of appearance in a battle that can hardly be seen in modern naval battles.

"I've heard rumors, but it's really like a sci-fi fleet showdown."

"Yes, most ships have the same technical prowess as WWII, and there was nothing to see other than the explosive power of the guided shells before, but if you say so, this look is powerful enough to beat anyone."

My subordinates gave their candid opinions.

"It's a poisonous tongue... sometimes this look is extremely important in politics"

Shooting so close to the mainland has strong political connotations.

The projection of blue light falls on Lars Firmina, the integrated base of the Gra Vulcan Empire.

Explosions at the time of impact are too powerful to be made with the main gun of a frigate, and many pillars appear due to explosions of earth smoke.

The attack, reminiscent of World War II video footage, continued mercilessly and relentlessly.


The sound of the cannon firing, the violent explosion of the hit, and the rumbling of the ears engulfed Reifolia.

"Ugh... amazing!! It's amazing!!"

Burn down the vast base of the Gra Varcas Empire.

The roar of the explosion is felt not only by the ears, but also by the body. The burning flames scorch the sky and heat rays travel to this hill in the distance.

A fierce explosion, no, it might be more correct to say that it's extinguished.

Many Rayfolds filled the hill overlooking Layfolia and wondered if it was a dream.

"What kind of magic power projection!!" I can't believe it. "

This magic cannon is more advanced than ever!!

Overwhelming power, and a symbol of the Empire's horrific dominance, Lars Filmaina is wiped out by the attacks of the Holy Millennial Empire.

The Rayfords were amazed at the incredible attack.

Encapsulating both flame and burst magic, the core unleashes its power at the same time as it hits, wiping out nearby buildings.

The power of one shot was immense, and it was not long after the projectile, but it was powerful enough to make you feel that not even one bug was alive anymore.

Over and over, the blast blew, and a blast enveloped the entire Lars Firmina.

But the Holy Millennial Empire will not stop its attacks.

The inhabitants of Leiforia felt the liberation of the Gra Varcas Empire from its tremendous attacks, and they feared the relentless attacks and overwhelming strength of the Holy Millennial Empire.



The sound of the explosion echoed around Yamahiko.

Fierce light and explosions enveloped the enemy base, and the smoke from the blaze enveloped the entire city of Layforia, a vast area.

The Holy Millennial Empire pauses its attacks to verify their effectiveness.

Isn't there nothing left?

Once again, the projectiles of the Navy, including the battleships, were incredible.

Aegis Ship Captain Nikko asks the executives standing next to him.

"Radios that originated frequently from the base are now silent."

From a humanitarian point of view, although Japan has enemy bases, it will be difficult to fire on the mainland and the capital of a third country.

The Holy Millennial Empire was honest about this part because it attacked mercilessly.

When the sound of the rupture stops, silence comes.

Only the sound of the guard ship's engines resounded, and it felt creepyly quiet.

"Captain, we've received orders from no one."

The 5th convoy will respond to the approaching submarine fleet from the southwest.

and that's it. "

"...... Harukuru and Cekuru were in the northwest waters, right... I understand."

The Self-Defense Forces were detecting 12 submarines approaching from the southeast while making loud noises in the water.

Sound prints from prior intelligence confirm that it is a submarine of the Gra Vulcan Empire.

According to the command from the flagship, the 5th convoy will turn southeast and head to the sea where the submarine fleet is.

"That's why I'm supposed to be hiding..."

At the time of the submarine fleet response order, the position of the Gravarcas Empire submarine has already been confirmed by the overrunning anti-submarine sentry network.

Unlike Japanese submarines, the noise was severe and the location of the opponent was clearly detected in real time.

"The ratio of power through technology is amazing."

Appreciating the technical advantages, Hidaka smiled bitterly.


Gra Varcas Empire Mainland Defense Fleet Submarine Special Operations Group Submarine Fleet Reete

Flagship E-400 Submarine Ariaros

The fleet pushed through the depths of the sea, dominated by silence and darkness.

A united fleet of the Holy Millennial Empire and the Japanese nation that have already allowed their incursions off the coast of Laifolia.

Fleet battles are less effective than those between Japan, but submarines are more likely to deliver a single blow.

In fact, it has achieved certain results against the Holy Millennial Empire. "

Based on this idea, 12 submarines headed off the coast of Laifolia while keeping a distance.

The formation of a fleet of submarines was one of the operational methods and tactics of the Gra Varcas Empire.

The unreturned submarines in the Gra Vulcan Empire were invariably present, but the crews were all destroyed in the unreturned state, so no one was able to convey the strength of the Japanese nation, and their strength could not be measured accurately.

Fleet commander and Ariaros' captain, Nettlir, looks forward with tension on the battlefield for a long time.

I don't know how effective my submarine fleet is... I'll have to do it.

"Ha!! With my submarine fleet of the highest calibre, I will destroy the enemy fleet!!

My submarine fleet won't be able to catch up with us if we take action on the fleet.

However, it's like staying offshore in Laifolia... and telling me to attack my fleet. "

Lieutenant Latvarita speaks with confidence.

In the previous world, I temporarily ambushed the territory of the Gra Varcas Empire and was taken by the Kane God Kingdom.

Since the Kane God Kingdom fleet was deployed offshore of the territory, the nearby Reete submarine fleet has been in a hurry, and the unfolding Kane God Kingdom fleet has been destroyed one after another in the past.

Latvarita laughed when she thought she could recreate her glory and strike a blow against the Japanese fleet, where the main Imperial fleet had no hand or foot.

It is already known that submarines exist in Japan. It is assumed that the enemy may be taking anti-submarine measures.

They also know that the submarines around Japan have not returned to their homes.

However, it is not unusual not to have returned, and there were accidents such as collision with large marine organisms and almost sinking into the sea in the vicinity of the Gra Varcas Empire, all of which could not be attributed to Japan.

In addition, the submarine had never collided with Japan on a fleet scale, and we thought that the operation method would help.

The high level of training of the crew of the Submarine Fleet Leete accelerates Latvarita's optimism, as the submarine was equipped with the latest weaponry to avoid possible enemy-guided torpedoes.

"Latvarita, be careful." Our submarine fleet is a state-of-the-art fleet of the highest calibre, but Japan has a proven track record of pushing back our large fleet. "

Captain Nettle is too vigilant.

The Imperial Navy cannot afford to lose so unilaterally to the defeat of the Great Fleet.

The Japanese nation must have fought tactically to win against the Holy Millennial Empire.

I am confident, but I am not alarmed.

"Captain Nettle, we are not alarmed. I'm sure it'll be a big blow to them."

Be confident, 12 of the submarine fleet Lite are heading northeast.


I noticed a sound from a member of the crew who was putting the listening device against my ear.

"It's a mine... no, it's a signal!" What?? No, the torpedo!! "

"What are you talking about? What the hell is that?"

I don't want Latvarita to be a paranoid squad member.

"!! A torpedo that emits a signal is moving!!" The submarine Urus is on its way!!! "

"W... what!! You think the torpedo is a beacon???"... were the rumors true? "

I was stunned, but I quickly regained my coolness.

Guided torpedo... but I already thought about it!!

It was assumed that Japan was likely to use guided torpedoes, but when they did, they were somewhat upset.

"Where's the torpedo ship?? He should be around the corner. I don't mind using Active Sonar!! Find the enemy!!"


The submarine Ariaros uses the latest sonar to emit a deep sound.

Since visual observation is not useful in deep sea where light does not reach, or in cloudy sea after rough weather, sound waves, which can be called underwater radars, are emitted, and the position of the target is detected by the reflected waves.

It was an Ariaros sound that was emitted all around, but I couldn't detect the enemy.

"You can't check the enemy!!"... but this propagation... there could be a shadow zone ahead!! "

The Gra Vulcan Empire couldn't detect a frigate outside the perimeter of the sound waves that were being emitted.

Sound waves are not transmitted uniformly, and due to the difference in sea water temperature, a region called a shadow zone where sound waves do not propagate well can be created.

Normally, it was out of range, but the guard ships were in the Shadow Zone, making detection more difficult.

"I can't detect any hostile ships."

It seems to have been dropped from the sky from the torpedo emergence position!! "

Captain Nettle rolls his eyes.

"Are you saying he was dropped from the plane?"

A guided torpedo dropped from the sky... it has limited countermeasures.

There is a way to intercept with a fighter plane that levitates on the E-400, but it is impractical when the enemy is in the air because of the time it takes to levitate and launch a ship.

The enemy is aware of our presence.

I haven't confirmed the sound of the signal beforehand, how on earth did you know how to hear me...

The mystery deepens, but the enemy's attacks do not give us time to reflect.

Submarine Urus, decoy launch!!

The latest Noise Maker is launched to confuse enemy-guided torpedoes.

It emits bubbles that utilize chemical reactions and drifts underwater, disrupting detection activities.

The noise was high and the flagship had already lost track of the exact location of the virus.

The sound of a torpedo begins to resonate in the hull, even if the torpedo is not hitting the ear.

It's evidence that we're getting close.

Pean... pean... pean... pean...

The creepy sound accelerated the tension.


There was a loud rupture, and silence came.

The serviceman immediately puts the audiometer to his ear.

"I... this!! The virus is sinking!!"

The noise maker that emitted the virus was still working, but the sound of the virus that was destroying could be heard clearly.

Falling apart, a friendly submarine sinks into the sea.

The remaining sections were sometimes crushed by water pressure.

The sound of crushing that leads directly to death is terrible.

"That... the latest decoy... decoy doesn't work!!"

The sound of a torpedo being dropped from the air to the sea surface is detected again.

"Torpedoes appeared again from the sky!!" Proceeding to Submarine Barr!! "

Pean... pean... pean... pean...

"Oh no!! Oh no! Oh no!"

"Burr, maximizing my engines and diving rapidly... I've launched a decoy in a row!"

We need to see the battlefield with sounds and reports from our crew.

The fact that you can't see the outside in a dark, narrow space is really stressful.

Even more so if allies were sinking in succession.


"... the enemy torpedoes are getting bullets and the burr is sinking!!"

Captain Nettle and Latvarita are incredible.

The silence of the executives created an atmosphere of despair.

Nettl makes up his mind right away.

"Damn it!! All ships invert 180 degrees and leave the battlefield at maximum speed!!"


Two of them were sunk, and there are still ten of them left.

Lieutenant Latvarita is speechless due to a sudden retreat order in this situation, holding the power of a fleet.

"What are you doing!! Send out a signal wave of retreat!! Do you want all of them to die?"

"But... my fleet is still healthy..."


Normally, it would be best to shout loudly in the submarine, but Captain Nettle will reprimand you loudly.

"Can't you understand the ratio of strength??" If we have a fleet, if we can spot hostile ships, we can do something about it.

However, the torpedoes were dropped from the sky.

This is proof that our position is completely out of control!! "

"The latest type of deception device (decoy) didn't work, nor did rapid dive make sense.

Moreover, the torpedoes are powerful enough to sink our large submarine with one shot. Beaten unilaterally from an unknown position.

The battle ratio is obvious, and if you fight any longer, you're sure to be annihilated!! "

Latvarita was amazed by the usually gentle netrils roaring.

What's the distance to the forward shadow zone?

"... hah... hah!! 6km distance!!"

"I don't think the aircraft alone can fully grasp my position. There must be an enemy submarine or destroyer nearby with a longer detection range than ours.

All ships launch long-range torpedoes towards the forward shadow zone!!

Eject as many decoys as you can and invert 180 degrees.

Leave the battlefield at maximum speed!! "

"Hah... hah!!"

Captain Netrell whispers quietly, so no one can hear him.

"...... it's a bet......"

The Gra Varcas Imperial Submarine Reete has decided to leave the battlefield.

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