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Chapter: 137

The Late Four of Great Power

Japan Maritime Self-Defense Corps 1 Corps 5 Corps Aegis System Ship

The 5th guard was detecting the Gra Varcas Imperial submarine fleet.

The Aegis ship Konjun buried two enemy submarines in a vertical-launched asphalt lock.

The enemy decoy did not understand its capabilities well enough, so they fired a single shot, but the torpedoes hit without being deceived.

I'm sorry to the enemy, but I'm going to end this all at once.

Captain Nikko is determined to sink all his enemies.

"I've fired 10 enemy torpedoes in a row!!" Number twenty... the rays are off.

Unguided torpedo, scheduled to pass five kilometers to the left. "

The bridge was tense for a moment when the torpedoes were fired, but there was no threat if they didn't hit without guidance.

"Huh? Shoot the enemy decoy in a row!!" Underwater acoustics will be disturbed!!

The enemy has begun a full ship reversal. "

"... you're going to run away, aren't you?"

"You're a quick judge, Commander."

"If I let them escape, my friends and civilian ships will be sacrificed..."

I'm sorry, but I can't let go of my attack unless I surrender!! "

More than 100 enemies will die as a result of this attack.

But if we let them get away with it, civilians and friendly forces will be killed. In fact, off the coast of Moo, civilian automobile carriers have been attacked by enemy submarines and civilians have been subjected to machine-gun fire.

It was a brutal decision, but I had no choice but to let myself escape as a Self-Defender.

Hidaka prayed in his heart for those who were about to die.

"Prepare to fire at Athlock! Destroy all enemy submarines!!"

"Ha!! Objective submarine fleet!!"

Missile-like objects are launched in a row from the MK41 vertical launch system aboard the Aegis ship Kongou.

The flaming flying body headed toward the front of the ocean, unfolded its parachute, and slowly threw a torpedo under the sea.

The next torpedo to be dropped underwater will lead the Gra Varcas Empire submarine fleet to hell.


E-400 submarine Ariaros

Friendly forces have been sunk.

Our fleet has launched a large number of torpedoes forward and launched a large number of anti-torpedo deception devices to begin retreating.

"Don't come... don't come... don't come...!"

A member of the crew who puts the audiophile in their ears fears the arrival of a reaper.

Our state-of-the-art torpedo deception device disturbs underwater acoustics.

It was built assuming that our forces would have enough high-performance torpedoes to make even a prototype.

The deception device was supposed to work.

However, the two ships were sunk without any means.

I assumed a super-high-performance torpedo, but even that assumption was surpassed by the ability to detect and track...... the tragedy of instantaneous judgment being found on the battlefield directly linked to death.

If the enemy drops a torpedo, that's all we need to do.

The faces of my family come to mind.

Is it more frightening than ever to face death?

(Don't come... don't come... don't come...)

He prays to God.

But the prayer did not arrive.

Reaper's footsteps reach his ears.

A heavy sound in your heart.

I don't have time to be depressed.

He will report immediately in order to survive.

"!!!! The ship is right up!! Enemy torpedoes have been dropped!!!"

"Why!! Why did you know my position!!"

Latvarita screams.

Captain Nettlir's eyes twitch in agony.

"Do you mean that the dimensions of underwater acoustics are different..."

All decoy shots fired!!! Full output and rapid dive!! "

The orders will be executed immediately, and the ship will tilt rapidly.

Picone... picone... picone...

The sound of a torpedo echoed.

Even if you don't hit the listening device, you can still hear the sound reaching your ship.

The sound of death slowly... slowly approaches.

"Ahhhh... ahhh!!"

Latvarita screams in the face of death.

Humans come to life when they truly face death.

Picorn...... Pean...... Pean...... Pean...... Pean......

"My ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!"

"Everyone, prepare for the shock!!!"


As soon as the Captain commands, a heavy blow strikes the ship.


"... eh? Alive..."

"You saved me...?"

The crew will confirm the damage immediately.


"The engine stopped... I can't steer!!"

"Screws... no, about a third of the back is gone!!!" Waterproof door prevents flooding "

Ships no longer incapacitated will only become hostile.

The captain made up his mind immediately.

"So far... it's surfacing so fast!!"

The ship isn't moving.

"... what's the matter? Drain the main tank of sea water!!"

"The pressing air does not work!! The pump won't work either!!!"

I don't know where it broke.

Despair dominated the whole body.

It was a fast-diving hit, so the ship headed for the ocean floor at high speed.

Baki... baki... baki baki...

The submarine exceeds the pressure limit and starts collapsing from the outside.

High pressure sea water began to flow through the ship's piping.

"Oh... that's... that's not true!!"

Before death, Latvarita cried out.


Silence came to the sea with the release of a lot of air, the screaming of the crew, and the desperation.

On this day, the 5th convoy of the 1st Corps of the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Forces fought against the Leate submarine fleet, one of the best in the Gra Varcas Empire, off the coast of Reyphoria, and sank all the ships.


Japan's Capital Ministry of Defense

"It appears that the artillery fire from the Holy Militia Fleet dealt a heavy blow to the enemy base in Laiforia, and the 5th Guard engaged 12 enemy submarines about 200km southeast of Laiforia and sank them all.

I am unable to detect any hostile fleets in the vicinity.

We have secured control of the seas around the Second Civilization Zone. "

It was a supposed report, but the executives were dumbfounded.

Finally, it cut off the supply route between the Gra Varcas Empire and the second civilized region.

"I took control of the sea and cut off the supply." At last, the land war will begin. "

Rikishi talks to Mitsuki, who stands beside him.

Yeah… Is it a land war…? We need to minimize the damage to our own land.

Some parts of land warfare are less accessible to high tech than the air and sea.

Use what you can to minimize the damage.

Ministry of Defense executives are desperate to think

It was the first time.

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