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Chapter: 138

Mighty Powers 5

Mu Continental West

Five white lines appear in the sky.

At an altitude of 1000 m above sea level, the aircraft progressed at a speed unparalleled in the world, and the water vapor emitted from the four jet engines installed on the aircraft drew a white line through the clear blue sky.

Eight air-to-ship guided ammunition ASM-2s are mounted on the main wing and fuselage of the aircraft.

The P-1, a Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force sentry, flew westward to strike at the Gra Varcas Empire carrier maneuvering unit that appeared in the Irnetia archipelago.

There were people watching and watching the movements of those sentry planes.

The second civilized zone, the western waters of Reykjavík.

Divine Millennial Imperial Mixed Magic Fleet Death Barr Flagship Oriharkon Class Battleship Cosmo

"Five Japanese formations will pass 100 kilometers north of the fleet and 10,000 meters above sea level at a speed of 850 kilometers per hour."

"850km... is that fast?"

And the flight altitude is high... Fleet Commander Tachyon is puzzled.

All initial feelings of humiliation towards Japan disappeared, and Japanese aircraft flying faster than combat heavenly floats with their magic light-emitting compressed air radiation engines appeared to be a threat.

The engine does not have a propeller like in Moe country, and the speed is extremely fast.

In some cases, breaking through the sound barrier is like an ancient magical empire, and if the aircraft on this radar were to invade Japan, there would be no air force to catch up with.

The Ralph Firmina, an enemy integrated base in Laifolia, was destroyed by artillery fire from our fleet and has lost its base capability.

Then, when a naval blockade was being carried out in the same sea area, an enemy who was not good at our fleet came.

Twelve submarine weapons, known as submarines, were a pure threat to the Holy Millennial Empire.

The underwater weapons of the Gra Varcas Empire are discovered and buried lightly by the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Forces.

Again, Japan is not to be underestimated.

When the naval blockade off the coast of Laifolia was being carried out, it was reported that 21 enemy aircraft carrier maneuvers had emerged from the Irnetian archipelago.

Probably information from the spy grid, where they were hiding... The power of the enemy to send a powerful fleet from one place to the next is astonishing.

The Oriharkon class Battleship Cosmo boasts not infinite guided magic bullets, so its size is a threat.

When the enemy fleet was commanding the fleet with tension, there were reports that an aircraft named P-1 of the Japan Maritime Defense Force would attack.

During the last great naval battle between the Gra Vulcan Empire and Japan, the Japanese buried their enemy ships with a scientific guided weapon known as an anti-ship guided missile, according to the airborne battleship Par Kimaila, which collected intelligence.

The Japanese anti-ship battles that have been rumored to be happening at the military headquarters are finally being observed.

Fleet Commander Tachion watched the Japanese assault with a modern electromagnetic radar and a Battleship Cosmo with a link system to the Sky Floating Ship.

"The current position of Japanese aircraft is about 180 km from the enemy fleet."

In the advanced bridge of Cosmo, the position of the expected enemy ship and the position of five P-1 sentry aircraft reflected on the electromagnetic radar through the floating ship of the sky are projected in real time.

"Fast... If it's so fast, the enemy won't be able to intercept it in time?"

Captain Eliza gives a candid opinion.

At 850km/h, even if the enemy senses approaching at 200km/h, the arrival of the fleet will be less than 17 minutes.

On the other hand, the estimated lifting force of the enemy aircraft is about 7 minutes and 30 seconds to reach an altitude of 6000m above sea level.

I don't know the maximum altitude an enemy can reach, but if they go up to 10,000 meters in altitude, the intercept time is quite limited.

Since the enemy has already raised the straight cover, this time cannot simply be applied. However, if the speed is 850 km, the enemy cannot respond by just turning.

"Hmm, the speed of the plane is more threatening than ever... but with only five planes..."

"Yes, my guided magic light bullets also have a mass, but I heard that Japanese guided magic bullets are also heavy."

You can't carry the amount. "

No matter how fast the aircraft is, with only five aircraft, the carrier maneuvering force will not be able to deal that much damage.

Volume matters.

It is likely that they will damage important vessels such as the carrier.

Tachyon was a bit excited to see the advanced battles in Japan.


The light spots on the bridge screens split into many pieces.

"Militia planes, shoot a lot of objects!!" This is... probably a guided shell!!

Number of appearances: 40!!

Self-defense planes begin to rotate after injection. "

The radar is filled with a large number of light spots, and the drop of the light spots at sea level gradually decreases and the speed increases.

"Forty? Forty!" Even though it's still more than 150km away... every plane fired eight shots!! "

Tachyon opened his eyes wide.

One of the planes fired eight guided shells.

According to a previous report, the Japanese guided shells, although less powerful than our ship-to-ship guided magic light shells, were powerful enough to destroy the enemy cruiser class with one shot.

It was obviously more powerful than the main gun of a Mithril-class magic battleship, and 40 shots of that kind flew.

This number of attacks is inductive, and that's ridiculous.

The five planes that attacked have already left the front line and are flying in safe space.

Japanese aircraft turned ahead of the enemy interceptor's airspace.

"There is no one in the world who can fight like this or capture Japanese aircraft."

Is this a one-sided attack? "

Overwhelming velocity and a large range of flying guided weapons.

Tachyon feels glad that Japan is not an enemy of the Holy Millennial Empire, no, an attack that will never capture any fleet in this world.

Gradually, the light point approaching the enemy fleet, and eventually, 40 lights disappeared near the enemy fleet.

"What happened? Did you win?"

"Even if we don't know at the moment, the radio transmission from the enemy fleet has been cut off.

15 enemy direct cover planes are turning around the fleet. "

"I'd like to see it." Fly a fast scout plane over the enemy fleet. "

Orders are executed and time passes.


"Reconnaissance plane, we have reached over enemy fleets. I'll connect you directly to the voice."

"Flagship to Alpha One, report status."

Confirmed all eight enemy ships, three aircraft carriers burned and stopped functioning, cruisers seemed to be wreaking havoc, battleships were fiercely on fire, and the fleet was not functioning. It was annihilated.

All enemies are annihilated. Repeat. All enemies are destroyed.

There must have been 21 of them, but can't you confirm it?

"There are thirteen traces of smoke left. The remaining 13 ships seem to have sunk."

The executives on the bridge speak in amazement.

"Annihilate? The carrier maneuvering unit was annihilated by a short attack?? For a short period of time, it's no longer a moment. It's too short."

"Moreover, in Japan, only five aircraft attacked only once." Can such a stupid thing happen! "

Unbelievable projectile power.

The bridge was rough.

Five Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force P-1 Sentinels attacked and annihilated the Gra Varcas Empire, which appeared in the Irnetian archipelago.

The Holy Millennial Empire has succeeded in recording Japan's battles more accurately than the previous world wars.

I was just looking at the spot of light.

It is very light. It was as if nothing had happened.

However, the impact on the executives was great.

This day's naval battles will be recorded in a later history book as the day when the Holy Millennial Empire was most struck.

Since this naval battle, the perception of the threat of the Holy Millennial Empire to Japan has penetrated as far as the end of the army.

The annihilation attack named Japan's Aerial Support was successful, and the naval blockade of the Holy Millennial Empire was successful.

The soldiers relaxed and enjoyed a vacation called the naval blockade.


Gra Barcas Imperial Army Fortress Latte Armayi

What about the enemy?

He's not here yet.

The fortress chief laughs slowly.

I can't seem to get a hand on this Latte Armay after all.

The aerial bombardment of the main military factories by Japan and the naval blockade by the Holy Millennial Empire had left the supply routes of the Gra Varcas Empire in a desperate situation.

The major bridges on the paved roads are lightly bombarded, logistics are stalled, and aircraft and anti-aircraft artillery positions parked on the ground at each base are destroyed by aerial bombardment.

After that, hundreds of enemy Moo biplanes expanded their front lines to create a simple air base, destroying them thoroughly.

After the anti-aircraft weapon is destroyed, the aerial attack is nothing but a threat, and no matter how many planes are dropped, it is overwhelmed by the empty volume.

The ammunition depot and pantry that were supposed to have been deceived were burned, and the functions of the bases and garrisons scattered around the area were significantly degraded.

In the midst of this, the underground stronghold built between the forest and the forest, Latte Armay, has been built to the present day without being attacked by the enemy.

The Gra Varcas Empire is ready to turn the entire world against its enemies, assuming that temporarily the enemies will attack by the volume, and as a buffer area to the integrated base Lars Filmaina and the capital, Laifolia, the fortress that defends the second city of Laifolia, Latte Armai, will be designated as the absolute defense line of the Army, and a stronghold will be built underground in the open plains between the forest and the forest.

With many long-range rotating turrets, the fortress was built to hide from the sky, has advanced armor that can withstand attacks, and is designed to deliver firepower that can overwhelm the enemy army even under air power.

If you try to bypass the stronghold and march through the forest, the trees will get in the way and you won't be able to carry much troops.

If you have a small force, you can handle it from the Layling garrison alone.

Located 400 kilometers east of Lars Filminer, the base was difficult to attack even if an equal number of enemies arrived, and those at the base had the overwhelming confidence to serve.

Kolch Meer, the stronghold commander in charge of Latte Armai, broadcasts all the strongholds in the Operations Command Room underneath the stronghold.

"Gentlemen, the enemy is mighty, but my fortress will never fall."

We are the absolute line of defense in the Moorish continent of the Gra Varcas Empire.

The guardian of the Empire, the shield and sword of the Empire.

The best of Latte Armai, we will defend our defenses and destroy our enemies!!! "

The fortress ascended.

The soldiers took pride in their work and were determined to fight to defend the Absolute Defense of the Empire.


"...... Where the hell are the enemies?"

The sweat spread through the cheeks of the Fortress Commander, Kolch Meer.

Already some days have passed since we learned that a large group of enemy troops have left the border with Mu.

There was no sign of attacking, so even if we scout out, we won't be able to find the enemy.

The fortress was well-stocked with ammunition and food.

"Why didn't you come?"

The length of the fortress began to feel creepy as the enemy moved.

You must have been terrified to know that our fortress is hard to hit.

Optimistic opinions emerge from executives, but they are still disgusting.

If the rumor is that the strength of the Japanese army is true, they shouldn't be so sweet.

As Kolch Meer goes about his thoughts, his men jump in.

"Report! A Japanese mechanized division and Moe army appeared before the laying!!!"

Everyone struggles with understanding.

I couldn't imagine the division going to warp without going through here.

"There is such a stupid thing!! There is a forest, the mechanized troops would have to pass in front of this fortress!!

To the south is a tight forest with slopes, to the north is a plain, but there is an Earl's Forest.

It was impossible for the mechanized troops to surpass the forest. Where the hell did it come from? "

"The Japanese tank crew marching through the trees of the Earl Forest. As a result, Latte Almai was bypassed."

"Um... eh... the tanks are marching through the trees?" Is that... what? Can you do that? "

The fortress couldn't move.

The stronghold of the Gra Vulcan Empire, Latte Armai, was bypassed and turned into a senseless presence without a fight.


Reifolia Gra Varcas Empire Fortress Mountain Daigenera Mountain

Mt. Daigenera, a fortress built by altering a mountain near Reifolia

Inside the fort was the headquarters of the Imperial Army of Gra Varcas.

The supply route from the sea has been cut and the bridge to the front destroyed by air strikes.

Major bases and garrisons are attacked with rough anti-aircraft weapons by Japanese aerial bombardment, followed by a thorough destruction operation with an overwhelming amount of materials by Moo.

The Moo Army is attacking because of the high altitude support that was nearly killed by the airstrike.

The Gra Varcas Empire is driven to the brink, as the enemy seems to have gained night bombardment and night maneuvers.

The battle situation coming up from each garrison and base is desperate, and the Army Colonel Ramboll cannot hide his impatience.

Retreat, repeat defeat.

There are many cases where large units surrendered.

Busy giving directions.

In the meantime, the faces of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are entering the room.

"Hey!! What a mess this army is!! Still an elite Imperial soldier!"

Gesta, the director of the Eastern Alien Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs who managed to escape the disappearance of the integrated base Lars Firmina, reprimands Lamborgh.

I'm thinking of the best way to use my current strength.

The strength of the Otherworldly Allied Powers, with the assistance of the Japanese forces, is overwhelming, and they have no choice but to attack the castle.

There was no resupply, and the strength ratio was hopeless.

"Nuuuuuuu!! I'm an executive at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs!! Even our non-combatants have no way to retreat home!!!"

"...... Director Gesta, I don't have such a hand."

The main naval forces offshore have also been wiped out, and each garrison has been repeatedly defeated.

We can only take guerrilla maneuvers that cut down enemy forces.

Raiforia's maritime power and air power have fallen into the hands of the enemy.

There are no planes to fly now, and if there are, they will be shot down soon. "

"I'm a major cadre of the Empire!!

I have contributed more to the Empire than you.

What an ugly state to put my life at risk.

I'll make you responsible for it! "

Rumbleball is honestly busy.

Even if you don't give the order immediately, some units will retreat late, and some soldiers will lose their lives.

I didn't have time to listen to Gesta's accusations.

"In general, the Army..."

Director Gesta!!

Slamball shouts out loud.

"I don't have time to listen to reprimands right now."

If you don't give instructions quickly, you'll be delayed from deploying on the battlefield and the damage will spread.

And... I understand that you are an authority in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

However, I've been shouting at you for a while now, but I'm not your subordinate! "

"W-what... what's the way to say it!!"

Take Director Gesta to your room!!

Slamball shouted and his men quickly kicked the gesta out of the room.

Silia, who had arrived, bowed to the rumbo and tried to leave the room.


Ramboll stopped Silea.


"I need to talk to you later. I'll come and see you when I'm calm."

"... I understand."

Sideswipe continues to command.

The non-combatants who fled together understood that their lives were the lights in front of the wind, and their hearts were rough.

The desperate air surrounded the entire fortress.

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