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Chapter: 2640

Resolving the Curse Energy

Chapter 2640 Resolving the Curse Energy

"You almost scared me to death! What did you make such a commotion for?!"

Long Chen had just fallen asleep when Evilmoon’s shout rang out like thunder in his head. Someone with a weaker soul might have their soul fall into chaos.

"Long Chen, I’ve figured it out!" Evilmoon was still shouting excitedly.

"Figured what out?" demanded Long Chen. Just what was it that made Evilmoon so excited?

"I know how you can resolve the backlash from the Heavenly Daos when you use the ninth form of Split the Heavens!"

"Really? Aiya!"

Long Chen was so excited that he jumped up, almost slipping out from the leaves and falling. Long Chen was even more excited than Evilmoon.

"How? Tell me!" said Long Chen urgently.

The Heavens’ Wrath state was to use his own anger to draw out the anger of the Heavenly Daos, using it to control the power of the very world.

Doing such a thing would result in a backlash from the Heavenly Daos, so a portion of his power had to be maintained to resist this backlash.

It was like an elastic string was being pulled from both directions. There was a certain room for flexibility that someone with skillful control could utilize. However, if too much power was used, then past the limit, the string would snap. However, when it came to the body, it would be the meridians that were shattered.

When the old man had unleashed his final attack just now, he had far surpassed his limit. If it hadn’t been for the Heaven Splitting Divine Tablet, he would have at least been crippled after that attack, if not dead.

Now it was different. The Heaven Splitting Divine Sect had their divine tablet back, and they had the Heavens’ Wrath rune imprinted on all of them, reducing the backlash from the Heavenly Daos to the greatest extent possible. As long as they made sure to control themselves, they could unleash immense power.

When the old man had concentrated all his power into that attack, just how explosively did his killing power rise? In the Netherpassage realm, he could block a ninth Heavenstage Heaven Merging expert.

This was why the Heaven Splitting Divine Sect had been claimed to be the world’s number one sect back then. They were the only ones capable of unleashing all their power in one explosive attack.

Throughout the entire Martial Heaven Continent, there was no other sect with such a technique. That was how terrifying the Heaven Splitting Divine Sect was.

However, their cultivation technique matched their divine tablet. Others couldn’t imitate it. Furthermore, the only reason the old man had come out safe and sound was because the devil race’s experts were unable to see through the clues. That was due to the Heaven Splitting Blade in his hand.

The Heaven Splitting Blade was a perfect match for the Heaven Splitting Divine Tablet. The two together essentially blocked the backlash completely.

As for Long Chen, he had no such elasticity when he used the same technique. Instead, it was like two shooting stars were smashing into him from opposite directions.

If it was anyone else, their body would have been crushed from using this technique. But even for Long Chen, when he had tried to activate it a second time consecutively, he probably would have been crippled for life if it hadn’t been for the old man.

Hence, now that Evilmoon said that it had figured out how to block the backlash, how could Long Chen not be excited?

"You are unable to perfectly balance your energy, right? That is why the power of the backlash and curse results in such serious wounds. In truth, the worst is the curse from the Heavenly Daos. That is because this curse will lower your defenses and weaken you. If it weren’t for the curse aspect, the backlash itself isn’t that bad…" said Evilmoon.

"Can you get to the point?" said Long Chen impatiently.

"Fine. The idea is to draw the curse energy to a certain region, and then poof, no problem."

"Draw it somewhere else? Is that a joke? The curse of the Heavenly Daos can easily destroy divine items like you. Ling-er, little Heaven, and even you are unable to bear it." Long Chen was disappointed.

"You fool, we’re helping you control your essence, qi, and spirit. How could you draw the curse to us?" said Evilmoon irritably.

"Then where else? I can’t release it. It can only be unleashed in my body."

"Did the pressure get so heavy that you became a fool? Have you forgotten what the most terrifying thing in your body is?" reminded Evilmoon.

"The most terrifying thing in my body?"

Long Chen suddenly exclaimed, "You mean the primal chaos bead?"

"Hehe, right. If the Heavenly Daos’ curse cannot be expelled, then it must fall on something. You can draw it into the primal chaos space. You don’t need to worry about the curse killing the Heavenly Qilin Trees. Just draw it into the black soil, and with its devouring power, you’ll be fine."

Long Chen slapped his leg, crying out, "Evilmoon, you’re a genius!"

The black soil represented death and devouring. It wasn’t afraid of any curse. If it could absorb the curse, then he would be able to freely use the ninth form of Split the Heavens.

Long Chen couldn’t wait and unleashed an attack. As expected, with the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art, it was impossible to fully balance his power when unleashing the ninth form of Split the Heavens. He lacked the flexibility.

The curse of the Heavenly Daos descended. At the same time, the backlash from this attack poured into his body like the tide, entering from his hand.

"Get in here!"

Long Chen roared, activating the primal chaos bead. The curse energy didn’t even have a chance to erupt within his body before it was brought into the primal chaos space.

The curse energy then transformed into a giant iron chain when it entered the primal chaos space.

Long Chen was delighted. This formless curse had actually transformed into a solid object. This was simple now. Evilmoon’s deduction was correct.

At this moment, Long Chen was about to draw the chain into the black soil when the primal chaos space quivered ever so slightly. Divine pressure crashed down.


The curse chain instantly exploded and dissipated into the void, vanishing without a trace.

"What terrifying power. It doesn’t permit other powers to exist." Evilmoon was stunned. Despite its familiarity with Long Chen and having some understanding of the primal chaos space, it hadn’t expected such a reaction.

This curse didn’t even need to be drawn into the black soil. As soon as it entered the primal chaos space, it was crushed. It seemed that after condensing into a chain, it drew the primal chaos space’s attention, and so the primal chaos space immediately wiped it out of existence.

In comparison to the power of the primal chaos space, this curse was like a speck of dust, completely worthless. Even Evilmoon was surprised.

"Long Chen, what are you doing? Are you challenging me to a battle?" Meng Qi and the others were disturbed by the commotion and came out, staring in confusion at him. Liu Ruyan was frowning with quite a bit of killing intent.

Only then did Long Chen recall that he was on Liu Ruyan’s crown, and his attack had destroyed quite a bit of it.

"A misunderstanding, it’s all a misunderstanding!" Long Chen hastily tried to think of a way to explain when the world suddenly trembled. Rumbling began to ring out.

"The world’s energy has reached saturation."

Long Chen’s expression changed. This signified that the laws of the world had officially changed, and the outsider experts would no longer be suppressed when they entered the Marital Heaven Continent. The war was going to truly start.

"Gather everyone! Prepare to break through to Heaven Merging!" shouted Long Chen.

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