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Chapter: 2643

The Dragonblood Legion s Tribulation

Chapter 2643 The Dragonblood Legion’s Tribulation

"Come! Let the heavenly tribulation get even more intense!"

Guo Ran shouted along with everyone. This felt like the first time since everyone had met him that Guo Ran spoke such manly words.

This was due to the immense gains from the tempering of the ten thousand dragon blood. He had experienced unimaginable pain but had also made incredible progress. His powerful physical body made his confidence inflate to unprecedented levels. Hence, he wasn’t afraid of anything, not even heavenly tribulation.

Furthermore, he knew that after this tribulation, the ten thousand dragon blood would be fully activated, so he was full of expectation for that. Once he entered the Heaven Merging realm, he would be even stronger.

On the other hand, Qu Jianying was pale as she walked forward with the Dragonblood Legion. She was lacking confidence. Fortunately, the old man stayed beside her.

At the same time, Ye Lingshan, Bao Buping, Chang Hao, and the other experts on this level found places for their own tribulations. As for those that had passed, they stood guard over the various battlefields to protect those that had yet to finish.

The Dragonblood Legion underwent their tribulation not that far from Devil Spirit Mountain. But they made sure to be far away enough not to impact the others.

"Long Chen, why are you here too?" Qu Jianying jumped in shock when she saw Long Chen beside her.

"If I didn’t come, how could I let you come? It’ll be fine." Long Chen smiled comfortingly.

Qu Jianying was afraid of dying. No one else cherished their life more than her. That was because she knew just how much was on her shoulders. If she died, Ye Lingshan might not be able to pick up the Martial Heaven Alliance. That was why she was willing to go through the second batch of tribulations. She didn’t ask for greater power, only to stay alive and make sure that a major pillar of the continent’s defense didn’t fall.

That was also why she was still nervous despite knowing Long Chen. Her life didn’t just belong to her but to the entire Martial Heaven Alliance.

"Brothers, start!" shouted Long Chen.

The Dragonblood warriors’ auras soared, breaking through the final barrier. The old man, Qu Jianying, and Li Tianxuan also broke their shackles.

As they unleashed their auras, the sky trembled. Tribulation clouds crazily gathered and stacked, growing thicker and thicker. A terrifying pressure gathered around the Dragonblood Legion.

"Gu Yang!" said Long Chen.


Gu Yang’s spear suddenly blazed with light. He stabbed it at the sky, and a giant spear-image tore through the tribulation clouds.

When the tribulation clouds were pierced, the Heavenly Dao energy grew even more berserk. Lightning swords slashed down on the Dragonblood Legion.

This lightning was of five different colors. It was a magnificent sight. Metal, wood, water, fire, and earth energy was contained within this lightning, but it also contained a berserk violent will that made people quiver.

"It’s five-colored lightning right from the start!" Those watching the tribulation felt a chill.

For them, only the final wave had contained five-colored lightning, and it had almost taken their lives. It was unknown just how many experts had ended up dying regretfully under this terrifying lightning.

However, the Dragonblood Legion’s first wave was already five-colored lightning, so the scale of this tribulation was frightening.


Suddenly, a giant willow appeared in the sky, its leaves brushing against the heavens. Those lightning swords were blasted apart on contact with its branches.

Right now, Qu Jianying and Li Tianxuan were on top of the willow. Once the lightning swords were destroyed, the lightning became gentle, allowing the two of them to absorb it.

However, the old man stayed amongst the Dragonblood Legion, going through the tribulation as they did. The old man’s body was powerful enough that even though his Blood Qi had declined, this level of heavenly tribulation was still no problem to him.

"Sister Ruyan, can you shrink the range a bit? You’re blocking it all!" shouted Guo Ran from below.

Liu Ruyan’s crown was so big that she was covering all the lightning. Hearing him, she shrank it down a bit, allowing the Dragonblood Legion to absorb it directly.

Hence, the wild lightning swords fell upon the Dragonblood Legion, exploding amongst them. Despite the wild lightning raging amongst them, it was like they were bathing in a warm spring.

"This heavenly tribulation contains death qi, demonic qi, devil qi, a fiendish blood qi, and many more. The Heavenly Daos really have changed." Long Chen muttered to himself. His eyes were closed as he sensed the lightning.

"You’re right. The Martial Heaven Continent is like muddled water now, infected by multiple streams. The clear water has been tainted, and the power has changed, becoming chaotic. Before this, everyone could freely absorb the lightning. Now, they need to expel the portion of the energy that’s harmful to their bodies," said the old man.

The old man was covered in lightning, but it was unable to harm him. From this, it could be seen just how thick the old man’s foundation was.

"However, muddled water has its benefits as well. Clear water doesn’t have fish, and only muddled water can allow fish to grow large. Purity and impurity exist together. The energy of the other worlds has strengthened the Heavenly Dao energy. Just this lightning contains many different streams of energy. Good things sometimes have a bad side, and bad things sometimes have a good side," said Long Chen.

Lei Long eventually couldn’t hold back any longer and began to absorb these lightning runes. It only absorbed the weaker ones like an obedient child, leaving the main feast to the others, but making sure not to waste even a single grain of rice.

"Yes, this lightning also contains Blood Qi, the power of the laws of the Blood race’s world. It can actually increase the activity of the bloodline, making people feel younger," said the old man. He felt that his body was getting younger bit by bit. Although it was just the faintest bit, it was definitely there.

Long Chen couldn’t absorb this Blood Qi. But Long Chen did sense the Dragonblood warriors’ bloodline power faintly changing. That was enough to show that it was stimulating the ten thousand dragon blood. That was a good thing.

However, Long Chen had a true dragon’s essence blood within him, and it looked down on all other Blood Qi. It refused to let other Blood Qi enter, as if it would dirty its purity.

This also wasn’t Long Chen’s tribulation, so he couldn’t sense many things that he could use in it. He simply had Lei Long absorb some extras as he looked for the new laws of the Heavenly Daos.

The lightning swords fell for less than an hour. After that, countless five-colored beasts descended from the sky.


Seeing those beasts, people were stunned. They had seen lightning beasts before but not beasts made of five-colored tribulation lightning. Most importantly, they all looked real as if they were made of flesh and blood. Their auras were all powerful. Even disciples that had just finished advancing to Heaven Merging felt fear toward them.


One Dragonblood warrior slashed a giant elephant, but it was only knocked back. Its tusks suddenly lit up with divine light, and some light-swords shot out at that Dragonblood warrior.

"Watch out!"

Long Chen suddenly gave a warning, and that Dragonblood warrior hastily dodged. He only managed to dodge one light-sword, but the other one struck his shoulder. As a result, blood splashed as half his shoulder exploded. That attack had been incredibly sharp, shocking everyone.

"They can use divine abilities?!"

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