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Chapter: 2644

Lightning Beasts on the Level of Sovereign Sprouts

Chapter 2644 Lightning Beasts on the Level of Sovereign Sprouts

Just as everyone was shocked, a five-colored butterfly appeared in front of everyone, and the world instantly became clear and bright. The tribulation clouds vanished.

A boundless green field was around them. The sun shone down on them warmly.

"Wake up!"

Meng Qi’s sharp cry rang out, startling people. At this moment, a ray of light shot out of the Void Mirror in Meng Qi’s hands, and the butterfly vanished, transforming into lightning runes.

The Dragonblood warriors were once more brought back into cruel reality, feeling shocked. Just now, they had been brought into an illusion.

"Be careful. These lightning beasts contain the laws of the other worlds. They’re different from the Martial Heaven Continent’s lightning beasts, and they can use divine abilities," shouted Long Chen.

Before this, the lightning beasts of the Martial Heaven Continent only possessed violent power and not divine abilities. However, these lightning beasts were like demonic beasts, capable of using various divine abilities.


The Dragonblood warriors roared. They no longer dared to be the slightest bit careless. This tribulation was different from all their previous ones, so all their experience could no longer be counted on.

When the Dragonblood warriors became serious, going all-out against those lightning beasts, it resulted in a sea of five-colored lightning. The Dragonblood warriors immersed themselves in that sea, absorbing the lightning.

Just as Long Chen said, this lightning contained its original pure essence and many new impurities. There were more bad things but also more good things. Moreover, this lightning was different from the previous lightning of the Martial Heaven Continent. It contained a divine essence.

This kind of energy was something only Long Chen had previously experienced when he had been struck by divine lightning. Now, this five-colored lightning contained a trace of that energy. Although it wasn’t much, it was enough to purify and activate the ten thousand dragon blood in the Dragonblood warriors’ bodies.

At this moment, Lei Long’s body shrank down, and it slowly absorbed the lightning around Long Chen. Long Chen had told Lei Long not to absorb too much, as that might affect the Dragonblood warriors negatively.

Long Chen knew that Lei Long was not satisfied, so he comforted it. This wasn’t his tribulation; it was just a snack before a feast. When it was his tribulation, Lei Long wouldn’t even be able to eat all of it.

As time passed, more and more lightning beasts appeared, and they also grew stronger. At first, they were only around the early Netherpassage realm. Later on, as they continually grew, at the two mark point, their cultivation bases had reached the peak of Netherpassage.

Just ordinary peak Netherpassage demonic beasts were nothing to the Dragonblood warriors. But these demonic beasts were particularly difficult to deal with. They had all kinds of divine abilities that gave them immense killing power.

"Why are these demonic beasts so powerful?" shouted one Dragonblood warrior. He had been heavily injured twice. If it wasn’t for the healing squad at the rear helping him recover, he wouldn’t have been able to keep fighting.

"This is most likely the tribulation of the demonic beast race. These demonic beasts are probably their world’s ancient heroic spirits," said the old man as he slashed one beast apart.

Ancient heroic spirits were the experts of eras past, those who had been copied by the Heavenly Daos. Their attacks were just like when they were alive.

As for these lightning beasts, they were most likely the most amazing existences of the demonic beast race in the past. That was why the Dragonblood Legion was having so much trouble.

"It’s no good. Get into formation!" shouted Xia Chen. If they continued fighting individually, they would be overwhelmed. Too many people were being injured, and they were exhausting themselves too quickly. Who knew what would happen later? Hence, they had to maintain their peak condition.

Following Xia Chen’s shout, the Dragonblood warriors got into a formation. Once the formation was complete, the pressure immediately lessened, and dealing with the demonic beasts became much easier.

Only Meng Qi, Chu Yao, Tang Wan-er, Yue Zifeng, and the others were fighting by themselves. These lightning beasts were unable to harm them. They stood over the outer regions, controlling the tempo.

Originally, Long Chen had wanted the old man to get into the center of the Dragonblood Legion’s formation, but it seemed that the old man refused to accept that he was old. Holding the Heaven Splitting Blade, he charged out, slaughtering the lightning beasts. He was fiercer than anyone else.

Looking at this scene, Long Chen glanced toward the alliance head. As expected, Qu Jianying’s eyes were on the old man. Hence, Long Chen shook his head. It seemed that the older they became, the more childish they grew. It seemed like they hadn’t matured at all when it came to romantic love.

The old man was excited and fighting as if he had limitless power. The chaotic Heavenly Dao energy was stimulating his life spirit qi, and his body was growing younger. Hence, he felt like he had returned to his youth. He was unable to even restrain himself.

Long Chen thought of advising the old man to save some energy but then decided against it. If the old man wanted to fight like this, he could fight like this. He would probably only have this one chance to mess around like this. Furthermore, it was a rare chance to show off in front of Qu Jianying. He wouldn’t be happy to be stopped.

A full six hours passed. The lightning beasts had grown so powerful that they reached the level of Sovereign sprouts.

Long Chen was surprised. This heavenly tribulation was truly terrifying. The Dragonblood warriors’ dragon blood had been slowly activated by the lightning. They were growing stronger and stronger without being aware of it, but Long Chen saw it clearly.

However, even after getting stronger, they were still suppressed. These lightning demonic beasts were getting increasingly powerful. This heavenly tribulation really was history’s strongest one.

"What a saber technique." Yue Zifeng had just killed a mass of lightning beasts when he saw the old man kill a lightning beast that had reached the level of a Sovereign sprout that had been sneak attacking him. He couldn’t help praising the old man.

Even Yue Zifeng and the others felt admiration for the old man’s fierceness. His dauntless aura gave them endless encouragement.

"Careful! The lightning beasts are getting stronger again!" warned Liu Ruyan suddenly.

At this moment, Liu Ruyan’s willow body had shrunk down to just three thousand meters. That was only the way she could be sure of fully protecting Qu Jianying and Li Tianxuan.

"Heavens, over ten thousand Sovereign sprout-level lightning beasts!!!"

The experts in the distance watched as a mass of lightning beasts descended from the heavens. Their auras were enough to scare people to death.

"It seems that this is the final wave. Brothers, bring out your full power!" shouted Guo Ran.

However, even though that was what he said, he remained within the formation. He didn’t fly out because he didn’t have his battle armor. It would interfere with absorbing the lightning, but without it, he was afraid of dying to the lightning beasts. That was why he chose the wisest decision of staying at the center of the formation and cheering everyone on, focusing on absorbing as much as he could.

Over ten thousand giant lightning beasts crashed down on the Dragonblood Legion. At this moment, the void shattered, and the earth was blown apart. There was no power that could block the charge of over ten thousand Sovereign sprout lightning beasts.

The Dragonblood warriors were heavily shaken. Even their formation was starting to break apart. Despite having experienced countless bloody battles, the Dragonblood warriors’ hearts sank. If the formation was destroyed, how could they block so many Sovereign sprout lightning beasts?

Now, Long Chen had taken out Evilmoon. If the Dragonblood Legion was unable to block it, he would have to interfere.

"There’s no need for you to do anything. Just watch. Heaven Sealing Shield."

Liu Ruyan snorted. As she was forming hand seals, countless willow branches and roots weaved together, forming into a giant wooden barrier that protected everyone.

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