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Chapter: 2648

Chosen Son of the Heavens

Chapter 2648 Chosen Son of the Heavens

Long Chen looked at Yun Tian with a complicated expression. He somewhat bitterly said, "I really am unresigned. Brother, you should be the one to lead the Martial Heaven Continent. You are a true unrivaled heavenly genius."

Yun Tian was incredibly similar to Sovereign Yun Shang. Both of their temperaments were almost identical, and they possessed the same nobility.

This nobility wasn’t due to their bloodline, nor was it due to their cultivation, status, or anything like that. It was their eyes. The light that bemoaned the fate of the world and pity for mankind, the openness to accept everyone and everything.

Long Chen had seen all five Sovereigns. Although Sovereign Han Wei had been different from the rest, forming a resonance with his soul, she had also possessed the nobility of a Sovereign.

This nobility came from a completely selfless heart, one willing to give up everything to protect the Martial Heaven Continent. Long Chen knew that he didn’t possess this.

That was why he had always hoped for this karmic luck support to fall on Yun Tian. However, upon seeing him, Long Chen was disappointed. No such phenomenon had manifested around Yun Tian. The thing Long Chen was most worried about was about to occur.

"Long Chen, skirting responsibility isn’t your style," said Yun Tian.

Long Chen shook his head. "It really isn’t my style. But I really worry about not being able to carry it out."

"Why? What counts as carrying it?" asked Yun Tian.

"Well…" Long Chen was startled.

"Did the Sovereigns really do well? Hasn’t the problem continued all the way until today? If their methods were correct, there wouldn’t be invaders today. The Martial Heaven Continent would be at peace. Don’t feel any pressure because of them. You are you. Act according to yourself. If you try to imitate the Sovereigns, how will you break the game? The Martial Heaven Continent has chosen you. The Sovereigns have chosen you. Perhaps that is precisely because your methods are different from anyone else, don’t you think?" Yun Tian smiled.

Yun Tian’s words were like thunder exploding in Long Chen’s mind. He was right. Sovereign Zi Yang had said that they had simply passed down the burden. In the end, the Martial Heaven Continent’s final fate was in the hands of their generation.

The only way to extricate themselves from this problem was to do something unique. They had to do something completely different from before.

Therefore, Yun Tian’s words instantly cleared Long Chen’s heart. Long Chen sighed at himself. Was he still a man? When had he become so cowardly? Who cared about all those worries? All that there was to do was fight. Fight to the death.

"Many thanks, big brother. I understand."

Seeing Long Chen’s clear gaze, Yun Tian smiled. "Find a good place to start your tribulation. I believe that they will come to fight over it. This is a fight to claim the very heavens. You have to be prepared."

"There’s nothing to prepare. It’s just whether or not they are brazen enough to charge into my heavenly tribulation to snatch what is mine," said Long Chen.

Seeing his newfound confidence, Yun Tian nodded. He was reassured.

"I’m going to find a place with some more space. My tribulation might be a bit bigger." Long Chen flew to the west. He knew that there was a giant barren land there without any civilization.

"Long Chen, you start your tribulation first. I hope you don’t get the karmic luck support. I, Mo Nian, am most suited for the spot of the sixth generation Sovereign. Don’t be disappointed if that karmic luck doesn’t appear for you. Your big brother will look after you," said Mo Nian comfortingly as he followed Long Chen.

"Even if I’m not the Sovereign, it’s definitely not you. I’ve never seen such a wretched Sovereign like you," responded Long Chen.

"Boss, you can start. We will protect you." Guo Ran and the others arrived, cheering Long Chen on.

Seeing them, Long Chen took a deep breath. He closed his eyes and sensed his body, confirming that he was in peak form. Everything was ready. After that, he spread his arms.


An explosion rang out from Long Chen’s body like a dam had been broken. At this moment, berserk power gushed out, and a pillar of light soared into the sky, piercing the black clouds.

These black clouds that shrouded the entire Martial Heaven Continent rapidly withdrew as if afraid of Long Chen’s power.

As a result, a giant hole appeared, lighting up heaven and earth. It was currently daybreak, and the sun had just risen, so the warm sunlight fell on the earth.

In that instant, it was as if a beacon of light had lit up the darkness. The black clouds were still fleeing.

Darkness then once more covered the earth. Tribulation clouds formed above Long Chen and rapidly spread, quickly catching up to the withdrawing haze and blasting those clouds apart.

"Damn, we actually need to retreat even further! Don’t get drawn into boss’s tribulation!" shouted Guo Ran. They were already standing at an immense distance, but they were still covered by the tribulation clouds.

"Boss’s heavenly tribulation is too terrifying. It’s ten times larger in scale than the entire Dragonblood Legion’s tribulation. Then its power…" Li Qi’s hair stood on end.

Their tribulation was so powerful that they had barely gotten through it. If it wasn’t for the old man, the final divine bird would have run rampant over them.

Long Chen’s tribulation clouds were now ten times larger than their tribulation. In the end, it was covering a significant portion of the Central Plains. That pressure was something that made their hearts quiver even now that they had entered the Heaven Merging realm.

Right now, countless experts had gathered to watch. Some people chose to use a formation to watch just to be safe.

Anyone who saw those endless tribulation clouds had their hearts quiver. This tribulation was so terrifying right at the start.

Although the tribulation clouds spread far into the distance, the core of it was still somewhat reasonable. As long as they didn’t step into the core, theoretically, this tribulation wouldn’t lock onto them.

Some experts who were in the midst of undergoing their tribulations stared in that direction. Despite the distance being so great that they couldn’t see Long Chen, they could sense an aura that made people tremble.

"Long Chen’s tribulation is starting." Zi Yan looked over worriedly. She knew that Long Chen’s heavenly tribulations were always incomparably shocking. They weren’t trying to baptize him but kill him.

At this moment, Yun Tian looked into the distance and smiled. "As expected, the Martial Heaven Continent’s karmic luck has started to move. He is this era’s chosen son of the heavens."

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