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Chapter: 2649

Long Chen s Fury Explodes

Chapter 2649 Long Chen’s Fury Explodes

Pillars of light soared out of the earth like dragons soaring into the heavenly tribulation.

"That’s the aura of a dragon vein! It’s the manifestation of karmic luck support! Boss is the chosen son of the heavens, the future Sovereign!" shouted Xia Chen excitedly. As a formation master, he was aware that higher level formations needed a connection to underground dragon veins to bring out their greatest effect.

Dragon veins were the lifeblood of the world, and it was now pouring into Long Chen, proving that the world’s karmic luck was gathering around him. The highly anticipated karmic luck support had appeared.

At this moment, Long Chen stood in the sky with his hands clasped behind him. He quietly watched as those dragons swam into a sphere of light up above. However, he didn’t show any sign of happiness. Instead, his face was grave.

This was an honor, but it was more than just that. It was a responsibility. The five Sovereigns had chosen to accept this honor and ended up sacrificing even their lives. So what about him?

"Let me first say that I am rather selfish, and I’m afraid of dying. My life is mine, my brothers, and my wives’. No one can take it," said Long Chen quietly at the sphere of light.

Long Chen didn’t wish for this karmic luck support to become chains. He detested restrictions, so he first stated his position clearly. If he found something was off one day, he would put down this burden. Saying the ugly words first had no disadvantages.

However, the sphere didn’t seem to have any life and didn’t respond at all. It just rested above Long Chen’s head, growing larger and larger. Light enveloped Long Chen.

In that instant, Long Chen felt himself melting, becoming one with the world. He could feel the world’s pulse, feel its heart beating. He also felt a kind of sorrow.

It was like a tottering elder with one foot in the grave was leaving the next generation to Long Chen. That soft light made Long Chen close his eyes and hear the world’s voice.

The silence said everything. He sensed a wordless pain. He couldn’t see it, couldn’t feel it, but his heart could sense it.

Tears slowly dripped down his face. Those weren’t his emotions, but the Martial Heaven Continent’s emotions.

He felt sorrow, helplessness, worry, and unwillingness. Countless scenes appeared in his mind.

He saw a peaceful world. Countless stars filled the sky during the night, and during the day, the sky was clear and blue. People lived blessed lives.

But one day, darkness befell. Long Chen sensed sharp pain throughout his body as if millions of insects were biting into it. At the same time, a hand reached into his body and tightly clenched his heart.

That evil hand crushed his heart, forcing out his lifeblood to feed those insects.

He tried to struggle, but he found that his arms and legs were bound by countless chains. He couldn’t move.

He felt his body grow weaker and weaker as hundreds of holes filled his body. He was so weak that he couldn’t resist. He could only wait for his death, for that hand to crush his heart.

"The earth is the mother that nourishes all living things with her body. She gives her everything but asks for nothing in return. Even when people take your ores and your blood, even when they destroy your body, you silently endure, never complaining or blaming anyone. People treat you like this, but you still care about them. Is there really a love that is completely and truly selfless?"

Long Chen knew that his spirit was resonating with the spirit of the Martial Heaven Continent. The Martial Heaven Continent was almost squeezed dead but was still unwilling to have all the lives living on it die.

Long Chen felt only love from it, not even a hint of hatred. The world didn’t ask Long Chen to save it. It only asked him to save the lives on the continent.

Such feelings felt a bit foolish but were exceptionally moving. Hence, Long Chen couldn’t hold back his tears. Perhaps someone who wasn’t a mother or father could not comprehend such feelings, but they would still be deeply affected.

Suddenly, his connection was severed. Long Chen’s eyes flew open, and he saw the sphere above his head suddenly being sucked into a tear in the void. Something was taking it.

That aura felt a bit familiar. That aura was the same as that evil hand…

"Bastard, who are you?!"

Long Chen furiously charged toward the light sphere. Just as he was about to grab it, it vanished without a trace.


Everyone watching was stunned. The karmic luck had vanished? No, it had been snatched! What was going on?

The excited Dragonblood warriors felt like they had been slapped in the face. They were all stunned.

"They finally made their move."

Within the void, Daoist Heavenly Feather and the High Priest were quietly watching everything. It was the High Priest who first spoke.

The two of them were hidden in the void. No one noticed them. Just as Qu Jianying had said, they would definitely keep an eye on the world.

"Should we interfere and take the karmic luck back?" asked Daoist Heavenly Feather, her expression grave.

"It’s useless. The five supreme divine items have yet to gather. We can’t fight it. Furthermore, of the ones that have appeared, only the Western Desert Ax has acknowledged a master. The others haven’t. We can’t take the karmic luck back," said the High Priest.

"Then what can we do?"

"Don’t panic. We’re not the only ones who care about the karmic luck pearl. The divine families care about it even more than us, and the experts from the other worlds will also make their move. Only when the heavenly tribulations end will the karmic luck pearl start supporting someone, so this will be a true battle of dragons and tigers. I trust that Long Chen won’t disappoint us. We can just keep watching," said the High Priest.

"Then let’s go over there first." Daoist Heavenly Feather and the High Priest silently vanished.

The karmic luck pearl had been stolen, and everyone was dumbfounded. Long Chen was still standing there, his tribulation clouds gathering above him. The lightning within boomed. The tribulation had yet to start, but its aura still frightened people.

Long Chen’s expression was dark, just like the tribulation clouds above him. He was filled with fury.

"You dare to take what belongs to me? Good, very good!" Long Chen gnashed his teeth and suddenly closed his eyes to sense carefully. "I’ve found it. The Martial Heaven Sea-Ring! The sea demon race! This time, If I don’t slaughter you, I won’t be Long Chen!"

Long Chen had a powerful connection to the karmic luck pearl and could confirm that it was in a corner of the Martial Heaven Sea-Ring. Through the karmic luck pearl, he even saw that detestable dragon woman.

Seeing her smile in particular made him explode. That evil hand most likely belonged to the Heaven Devastating Bracelet at the bottom of the Martial Heaven Sea-Ring.

The Heaven Devastating Bracelet was what was gripping the Martial Heaven Continent’s lifeblood. Since that dragon woman was capable of using its power, that meant that they were comrades. She was the source of the chaos on the Martial Heaven Continent.

"Just wait. Today, I’ll show you what it means to rather anger a Yama King than your daddy Long!" Long Chen shot off in a certain direction.

"Boss, what are you doing?" shouted Guo Ran.

"Let’s go. I’m inviting you to a seafood feast."

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