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Chapter: 2650

I ll Give You Proof

Chapter 2650 I’ll Give You Proof

As Long Chen sped away, the void rumbled. The giant tribulation clouds followed him, blasting through the haze covering the continent like a ship breaking the heavens.

"Long Chen is enraged! The dark mark has reappeared on his forehead," said Meng Qi.

An extremely faint black mark had appeared on Long Chen’s forehead. It was extremely faint. Without looking carefully, it was impossible to see it.

"I remember. It seems to have appeared when big sister Zhiqiu was injured in the Jiuli secret realm, as well as when Little Snow blocked the curse for Long Chen in the Immemorial Path," said Tang Wan-er.

That black mark was something that not even Guo Ran and the others had noticed. The one to notice it first was Meng Qi. After that, she and the others had privately discussed this matter.

Now it was here again. Long Chen’s fury had clearly reached a peak.

Chu Yao sighed, "The sea demon race is about to face a tribulation ahead of time."

With her years of experience with Long Chen, she understood him well. The current Long Chen wouldn’t have any misgivings.

"Let’s go. Perhaps we’re really going to start a war with the sea demon race," said Meng Qi.

"We’re going to start fighting with the sea demon race now? Isn’t that just hurting ourselves and benefiting the invaders?" said Ye Lingshan.

"When my boss’s anger is like this, all his intelligence goes out the window. He doesn’t care about any of that. Sister Lingshan, let’s go. Boss has invited us to a seafood feast. There will definitely be enough seafood, but we’ll have to prepare our own wine and snacks," teased Guo Ran.

The northern sea. This was where the Northern Xuan Region met the Northern Source. The water here was extremely cold, but it was the part of the sea with the densest spiritual qi.

This was where the leaders of the sea demon race gathered. It was similar to how the human race’s experts gathered in the Central Plains. But the sea demon race’s numbers far surpassed the humans.

The deep sea hid countless secrets. No one knew how many terrifying lifeforms were present in the depths.

Today, there was a giant sphere floating above the northern sea. Karmic luck thrummed within it.

Beneath it was the dragon woman. She formed hand seals, absorbing the light of the karmic luck.

She had a pleased smile on her face as lightning rained down above her. She was currently in the midst of undergoing tribulation along with the karmic luck pearl.

"The Martial Heaven Continent’s karmic luck is mine. No one can take it. Long Chen, you took my true dragon essence blood, so I’m not just going to take your karmic luck. I’m also going to make you spit out all your essence blood," sneered the dragon woman proudly.

There were three people in a triangular formation around her. The four of them were undergoing tribulation together.

Two of them were the dragon guards that had appeared before, while the other was a new one with a slightly weaker aura. The original dragon guard had been killed by Long Chen, so they could only settle for the second-best.

The three of them seemed to be in some kind of formation, and a divine light was shining out of them. The dragon woman’s aura was connected to them.

"Dragon woman, you have big guts to take what is mine!"

Suddenly, the void rumbled. Long Chen’s voice rang out like a heavenly god’s furious roar. As it spread through the majority of the world, a wild killing intent caused heaven and earth to change color.

Long Chen had charged over from the Central Plains based on his senses. His tribulation had drawn the attention of countless experts who followed to see what was going on.

The dragon woman sneered, "What is yours? Did it have your name on it? What proof do you have that it’s yours? When you stole my dragon scale, weren’t you quite tough? I’m just returning your own words now. What, you don’t like it?"

"You want proof? I’ll give you proof!"

Giant tribulation clouds suddenly came charging over, and the dragon woman’s expression changed.

She had never seen such a terrifying tribulation. Long Chen’s tribulation clouds were dozens of times bigger than hers, and the destructive aura contained within gave her chills.

The karmic luck pearl above the dragon woman’s head began to quiver. Since it belonged to Long Chen, it tried to charge toward him.

However, there was some invisible energy binding it and taking its energy for the dragon woman. Its struggling was unable to escape that energy.

Just at this moment, countless experts arrived and saw the karmic luck pearl trying to escape toward Long Chen. They were shocked and enraged.

"I, Long Chen, didn’t want to become an executioner with hands full of blood. But there are always idiots forcing me to be one. Since you have no respect or gratitude for this world, I will become this world’s executioner."

Long Chen suddenly punched upward. A fist-image crashed into the heavenly tribulation clouds, blasting a hole in them.


People were horrified. The scale of Long Chen’s tribulation was already so terrifying, but he still dared to antagonize it?

Even though the auras of the other worlds had entered the Martial Heaven Continent, changing the laws of the Heavenly Daos, the sequence of the heavenly tribulation had not changed.

The start when the tribulation clouds were gathering was to prepare the cultivator. Then a rain of lightning would fall to give the cultivator a chance to warm up. After that, the tribulation would get stronger step by step.

However, if you were to attack the tribulation, not only would it increase its range and power, but it would accelerate the pace at which it progressed.

As expected, the tribulation clouds rapidly reformed, this time with even greater power.

Long Chen attacked again, blasting another hole in the clouds which quickly reformed. He repeatedly attacked, causing the tribulation clouds to grow explosively.

At this moment, the tribulation clouds changed and a strange sound rang out. It was as if the void was being crushed to bits.

Some experts began bleeding from their ears, eyes, and noses without even being aware of it. When they saw the bleeding, they turned green and fled for their lives. Long Chen’s tribulation was horrifying. It had grown dozens of times now. His tribulation clouds covered the Northern Xuan Region and the Northern Source’s sea region.

"I can’t see him! Set up a formation! Even if I die, I can’t miss this battle!"

Shouts rang out. Due to the immense distance that they were forced back, they were only able to see endless tribulation clouds but not what was happening inside.

Only a small portion of supreme experts was able to keep watching from a shorter distance, so the majority were forced far into the distance. Despite not being at the core of the tribulation, just the outer regions were too terrifying.

"Long Chen, what are you trying to do? Are you challenging the sea demon race to a war?!" demanded the dragon woman. Even she was afraid now.

Long Chen didn’t respond. What responded to her was his heavenly tribulation. One terrifying lightning beast after another descended from the tribulation clouds. Their terrifying auras shook people.

"Demonic kings!"

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