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Chapter: 2651

Drawing Lightning Into the Sea

Chapter 2651 Drawing Lightning Into the Sea

Meng Qi, Chu Yao, Guo Ran, and the others all jumped. Although they knew that Long Chen’s heavenly tribulation would be the most terrifying of all, they were still shocked to see that the very first wave, which was also the weakest wave, was actually a wave of lightning beasts on the level of demonic kings.

Those demonic king lightning beasts had reached a horrifying level, and the Dragonblood Legion had been unable to handle just one. If it hadn’t been for the old man killing it in one awe-inspiring blow, they would have been in danger of being wiped out.

"One, two, there…"

As the tribulation clouds split open, giant lightning beasts descended, charging at Long Chen.

The one crack in the tribulation clouds was only able to allow a single giant beast to descend at once. Now, it was like a beehive had been split open, and countless demonic king lightning beasts descended.

Everyone watching this scene was dumbfounded, including the dragon woman. Those lightning beasts possessed an aura of annihilation. It was as if they were beasts released from hell.

At this moment, tens of thousands of demonic king lightning beasts charged at Long Chen, who only snorted and took a single step, shooting toward the dragon woman.

"Long Chen, you’re shameless!"

The dragon woman’s expression changed. Long Chen was pulling her into his tribulation, forcing her to go through it with him. Hence, she tried to flee, unwilling to enter such a terrifying tribulation.

However, she was shocked to find that her own tribulation had been covered by Long Chen’s. Although her tribulation hadn’t been devoured, they were now bound together, and it was only a matter of time until her tribulation was assimilated.

Moreover, she could not leave the range of her heavenly tribulation. If she did, it would signify failure, and it would be impossible for her to advance to the Heaven Merging realm in this lifetime.

"No matter how shameless I am, I can’t match the shamelessness of you parasites. Today is the start of the extinction of the sea demon race." Long Chen suddenly charged toward one of her dragon guards, unleashing a punch.

The dragon guard didn’t show any panic. Instead, he sneered disdainfully.

The void shook. Long Chen’s fist was repelled by an invisible force, and blood splashed out.

At one point, a barrier had appeared around the three dragon guards. It was a double triangle that safely protected the dragon woman inside. After that, a sweeping aura appeared, one that was so vast that it felt like it could devour everyone as if they were ants.

"That… is its power." Daoist Heavenly Feather’s heart shook. That thing’s power was greater than she had expected.

"Long Chen, do you think you can break my barrier with that little bit of power? Keep dreaming," sneered the dragon woman.

Long Chen’s expression grew even colder. "The Heaven Devastating Bracelet’s power? The sea demon race really is courting death. Since that’s the case, let’s play!"

Long Chen didn’t charge into the barrier again. Instead, he dove into the Martial Heaven Sea-Ring.

Following him, the demonic king lightning beasts charged into the Martial Heaven Sea-Ring as well. The entire northern sea began to roil as if it was boiling.

As a result, huge waves exploded and countless giant corpses floated up onto the sea. Those were sea demons killed by the lightning.

"Long Chen, you bastard! Stop!" The dragon woman’s expression completely changed. This was the headquarters of the sea demon race. Although there was a barrier protecting this place, that barrier was unable to bear a single blow from the power of this heavenly tribulation. Hence, tens of thousands of lightning beasts were charging in.

The sea demon race had strengthened their defenses when Long Chen came with his tribulation. All their defenses were fully activated, but they were simply blasted apart.

The dragon woman roared furiously, but her barrier had been activated, so she was unable to leave.

More and more demonic king lightning beasts followed Long Chen into the sea. They were all drawn into the depths by him.

As a result, corpses floated up onto the sea. As the tide pulled them into the distance, it looked as if the entire sea was covered in corpses.

Down below, Long Chen suddenly felt a chill on his back. He hastily dodged to the side, narrowly avoiding a beam of golden light.

A mass of the demonic king lightning beasts following him had been killed by this attack. A terrifying expert had appeared.

"Long Chen, you’re at too much of a disadvantage fighting here. Leave," said Evilmoon.

Long Chen nodded. This attack had been unleashed from the depths of the sea. The lightning was unable to reach it, so even though it had interfered, the heavenly tribulation was unable to lock onto the attacker. If Long Chen continued descending, he would simply become a target.

The lightning tribulation had only just started. However, the sea demon race had activated their defenses and seemed to want to resist him at all costs. Since they didn’t choose to flee, he was at ease. He trusted that his tribulation would not disappoint them. They could take things slowly.


Long Chen charged out of the sea, howling. He smashed a fist at one of the demonic king lightning beasts, striking its head, and it instantly blasted apart into runes.

Seeing that Long Chen could destroy these terrifying beasts in one blow shocked Guo Ran and the others.

After that, one lightning beast after another was killed as Long Chen’s fists danced through the air. Right now, his entire body was covered in lightning runes. He was using Lei Long’s power to perfectly match the power of these lightning beasts.

In terms of actual combat power, wanting to kill a demonic king was very taxing for him. But it was different with Lei Long’s assistance.

He could absorb the power of the demonic king lightning beasts as he killed them. With his next punch, he just needed to inject a tenth of that power into his next target, and that lightning beast would shatter like porcelain.

Since Lei Long kept ninety percent of the power of each lightning beast that he killed, its power rapidly rose, and it became easier and easier to kill these lightning beasts.

As Long Chen killed the lightning beasts, they also affected the dragon woman. That was because her lightning tribulation had already been consumed by Long Chen’s, so she had to undergo her tribulation with him now.

More and more lightning beasts struck her barrier, and it was rapidly weakening after being struck by tens of thousands of lightning beasts. In just a few short minutes, it shattered.

When the barrier shattered, the karmic luck pearl above her head suddenly escaped its bindings and charged toward Long Chen.

Seeing this scene, her expression changed and she chased after it. She quickly formed hand seals, and blood-colored chains shot out.


The dragon woman wanted to capture the karmic luck pearl again, but suddenly a fist came smashing toward her face. Even before the fist arrived, a horrifying killing intent made it impossible for her to breathe.

It was Long Chen who had come charging over. His eyes were completely icy as if a killing god had possessed him.

The dragon woman hastily blocked, resulting in her arms being shattered. She hacked up blood and was sent flying.

Just as the karmic luck pearl was about to fall into the place above Long Chen’s head, a blood-colored hand reached toward it.

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