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Chapter: 2652

Did I Give You Face

Chapter 2652 Did I Give You Face?

"Boss, watch out! It’s the Blood Fiend Devil Lord!"

Guo Ran immediately cried out when the blood-colored hand appeared. That aura was far too familiar for him.

It was the owner of this hand that had once pushed the Dragonblood Legion into desperate straits. Hence, Guo Ran and the others would never be able to forget this aura.

When this hand appeared, Long Chen had no choice but to give up on chasing down the dragon woman. A lightning blade appeared in his hand, and he slashed it at the hand.

The lightning beasts in front of him exploded on contact with this blade. This was why Long Chen was using a lightning blade and not Evilmoon, which wouldn’t have such efficiency against the lightning beasts.


The lightning blade landed solidly on the blood-colored hand. Both exploded and the resulting explosion revealed a long-haired man with a blood sun above his head. It was the Blood Fiend Devil Lord.

The light from the blood sun enveloped him, making him look like a demon lord. With him were his eight protectors. The eight of them stood behind him, divine items in hand.

"The Martial Heaven Continent’s destiny has come to an end. This karmic luck spirit pearl belongs to me. Long Chen, if you can adapt, you can be one of my subordinates. I won’t mistreat you," said the Blood Fiend Devil Lord.

"Who the hell do you think you are? Today I’ll beat you into the Blood Fiend Devil Dog," snorted Long Chen. He stepped forward, smashing a fist at the Blood Fiend Devil Lord.

"It seems that you won’t accept it until you are forced. You aren’t the only one in this world who can control lightning."

The Blood Fiend Devil Lord smiled coldly and unleashed a punch as well. Long Chen’s fist was covered in surging lightning, while the Blood Fiend Devil Lord’s fist was covered in Blood Qi. However, this Blood Qi also had lightning runes within it.


An explosion shook the void. Lightning runes exploded and unleashed a ripple that caused a chain reaction, destroying all the lightning beasts that they touched.

Tens of thousands of demonic king lightning beasts were wiped out just like that, stunning all the experts watching. Just what kind of power was this?

Their two fists were still colliding with each other. Two different forms of lightning mixed, occasionally unleashing blinding light and occasionally sucking away all light from the world.

"I control the Blood race’s heavenly punishment power and an entire world’s karmic luck. As for you, you have yet to obtain the official approval from your world. Furthermore, even if you do, so what? Your world is at an end. It has one foot in the grave, so its approval is meaningless. How much power can it give you?" sneered the Blood Fiend Devil Lord. He still had one hand behind him like he was emperor.

As the two kinds of lightning clashed, minute cracks appeared in the void, constantly flickering. Space was showing signs of crumbling under their power.

The arrival of the Blood Fiend Devil Lord placed heavy pressure on all the Martial Heaven Continent’s experts.

When the Blood Fiend Devil Lord had first charged into the Martial Heaven Continent, all on his own, he had challenged the entire Dragonblood Legion. Even with the Dragonblood Legion’s full power, they hadn’t been able to force him to stay behind. Hence, his name was known to all on the continent.

Now, he still appeared calm and indifferent even when facing Long Chen, as if he didn’t view Long Chen as a real opponent. People’s hearts clenched tightly. Was the difference really so great?

As lightning boomed, the Blood Fiend Devil Lord sneered, "Your lightning is nothing more than-"


He was suddenly interrupted by a slap in the face. Long Chen’s left hand had gone out in a beautiful and profound arc to viciously strike his face, sending the powerful Blood Fiend Devil Lord flying.

"Did I give you too much face? I was just studying your lightning, and you sneered at me?" cursed Long Chen furiously. He quickly followed up, stamping a foot at the Blood Fiend Devil Lord’s face.

Long Chen had never seen such lightning, and Lei Long was also excited to see it. That was why Long Chen had been patiently allowing Lei Long to absorb it. Moreover, in order to prevent the Blood Fiend Devil Lord from noticing, Long Chen didn’t unleash his full power.

This resulted in the Blood Fiend Devil Lord thinking that Long Chen’s lightning was weak and sneering at him. Hence, Long Chen’s fury burst forth and he directly slapped him.

The Dragonblood warriors cheered excitedly when they saw this. In front of their boss, it didn’t matter who it was. They had to be obedient, or he would slap them in the face.

Long Chen’s face-slapping art had reached the level of a heaven-defying ultimate technique. No one could dodge it, let alone someone who had never seen it before. At such close distance, not even the Blood Fiend Devil Lord could dodge it. This face-slap was both satisfying and addicting.

In truth, the Blood Fiend Devil Lord was intentionally infuriating Long Chen. The karmic luck pearl was above Long Chen’s head. All who fought him might be able to get a touch of that karmic luck.

Although it might just be the slightest bit, it was very important. Anyone who obtained a bit of it could obtain the Martial Heaven Continent’s approval and no longer face the slightest expulsion.

The other experts of the Blood race undergoing tribulation in the Yin Yang World would at the very least feel the slightest bit of expulsion upon entering the Martial Heaven Continent. This wasn’t their home. But obtaining this karmic luck would allow the Blood Fiend Devil Lord to control the power of the Martial Heaven Continent, which was why he had made his move.

He infuriated Long Chen to get Long Chen to attack him and let him be touched by more of the karmic luck. The more infected with that karmic luck he became, the more likely the karmic luck pearl would choose him as its master once Long Chen was killed. These were the laws of heaven and earth that no one could change.

The Blood Fiend Devil Lord had succeeded in his goal. Long Chen had gotten angry and had directly slapped him. His head was still ringing from that attack, and he had yet to recover when Long Chen’s foot slammed onto his face.


The Blood Fiend Devil Lord was sent into the sea, his face completely deformed. Seawater exploded, unleashing a wave that spread to all ends of the sea.

Everyone was dumbfounded. Just now, the arrogant and domineering Blood Fiend Devil Lord that was seemingly untouchable had been struck in the face twice? Was it a misperception?


His eight guards were completely shocked. They had never seen him suffer such a loss. They were about to charge into the sea when a pillar of water soared into the sky at Long Chen.

"Long Chen, you dare to humiliate this lord?!"

The Blood Fiend Devil Lord was now furious. His blood sun quivered, unleashing Blood Qi that infected this world.

Just at this moment, a demonic ray of divine light fell toward Long Chen’s back. This attack was filled with devil qi.

"It’s the Alldevil Heavenwalker!"

Gu Yang and the others cried out. He had also appeared. Although no one saw him yet, they were definitely not wrong about that aura.

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