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Chapter: 2654

Wild Beast Nine Headed Lion

Chapter 2654 Wild Beast Nine-Headed Lion

A giant claw covering the sky descended, covering all four of them.

"Courting death!"

The Blood Fiend Devil Lord and Alldevil Heavenwalker were enraged. This newcomer was far too arrogant, intending to suppress all four of them at once.


The two of them attacked together, unleashing devil qi and Blood Qi that shattered the claw.

After that, the void trembled and a figure appeared before Long Chen. It was an extremely muscular man with a sharp claw that fell toward Long Chen’s throat.


Long Chen was also enraged. This person really was an idiot for daring to look down on him. Hence, Long Chen swung his hand.


His hand struck that person’s face, but his face didn’t budge in the slightest. Instead, it was Long Chen’s hand that hurt.

Startled, Long Chen suddenly pushed with his hand and retreated, narrowly dodging that person’s claw. The wind from that claw was so sharp that it cut Long Chen’s throat and caused him to bleed.

Everyone was startled. Long Chen’s slap was incredibly powerful, but it was unable to shake that person.

They finally got a chance to look at the attacker. It was someone over three meters tall with extremely wide shoulders, so muscular that he was like an iron tower.

His body was covered in golden fur, and he looked like a savage. He gave off a heavy sense of pressure like a mountain that could not be moved.

Most shocking of all was that he had no ears. Starting from his neck, he had fist-sized lumps. Every lump had a beast’s face.

There were a total of eight lumps, with each looking like a miniature head. All their eyes were staring at Long Chen.

"I don’t want your karmic luck, I want your true dragon essence blood." The strange lifeform opened its mouth. His voice was as rough as iron, but it shook the heavens. Even within the heavenly tribulation, his voice echoed.

"I don’t want that much on the other hand. I just want your life." Even the appearance of another terrifying expert didn’t shake Long Chen.

"Hahaha!" The strange lifeform laughed. "My life? What a joke. I am from the emperor race of the demon world. I command all beasts. Not even your dragon might can touch me. In the demon world, every Heavenstage I advance brings forth heavenly tribulation, and my physical body has never been damaged despite all those tribulations. I have an unbreakable golden body. No one can kill me."

"Long Chen, you have to be careful. This person is a Nine-Headed Lion. He’s very difficult to deal with. He has nine heads, which are equivalent to nine lives. Do you see those eight miniature heads? They are all different. There’s a falcon, dragon, tiger, wolf… Every one of those heads can control a divine ability. Don’t be careless," warned Evilmoon.

The Nine-Headed Lion was a beast that shouldn’t exist in this world. They were all extremely powerful and not accepted by heaven and earth. That was why others only had tribulations once every major realm, while they had tribulations every minor realm.

It was also due to this terrifying baptism of heavenly tribulation that their physical bodies had reached a shocking level.

"Nine-Headed Lion? Nine lives? Then I just have to kill you nine times," sneered Long Chen toward the Nine-Headed Lion’s provocation.

The rumbling of the heavenly tribulation grew even more intense. As the Nine-Headed Lion, Blood Fiend Devil Lord, Alldevil Heavenwalker, and the dragon woman charged into Long Chen’s tribulation, it grew even more berserk.

More and more of the demonic king lightning beasts appeared. However, even as they charged at the five of them, they were simply blasted away by the auras. The five of them were able to completely ignore the lightning beasts.

It was as if the tribulation itself was nothing, and they had simply found a place with good fengshui to fight instead. The sea of lightning was negligible.

The Martial Heaven Continent’s experts involuntarily gulped. This scene was truly stunning.

With lightning wrapped around him, Long Chen was like a god of lightning. Inside of him, Lei Long was crazily devouring the tribulation lightning. It was crying out in joy. This was the greatest feast of its lifetime.

Suddenly, the tribulation shuddered as more balls of lightning came flying over from different directions. People saw Long Aotian, Ye Liangchen, Jiang Wuchen, Feng Fei, Hu Feng, the Pill Fairy, Zi Yan, Nangong Zuiyue, Beitang Rushuang, Ximen Tianxiong, and other experts.

"They’ve finally come!"

These were the Martial Heaven Continent’s experts. Now that they had come to reinforce Long Chen, they should be able to win.

"That’s Yun Tian!"

When people saw Yun Tian, he was instantly recognized. His aura was definitely that of a Sovereign. Of everyone, only he possessed the requisite nobility.

Yun Tian had also come and entered Long Chen’s tribulation. But he was standing at the edge, not joining in on the battlefield.

"Big brother Yun Tian, let us join forces against the invading enemies," said Hu Feng.

Yun Tian shook his head. "If we enter the tribulation, we will be taking Long Chen’s karmic luck. That will decrease the chance of Long Chen obtaining it in the end. I’m only here to provide support for Long Chen. I trust that he will definitely be the final winner. He is this era’s Sovereign."

For Yun Tian to say this stunned everyone. As Sovereign Yun Shang’s son, he couldn’t be wrong.

However, how could Long Chen really face so many experts on his own? If no one helped him, he would be killed.


Just as everyone was stunned, another person in a mass of tribulation came charging into the battlefield.

"It’s Ye Ming!"

One sharp-eyed individual instantly saw who it was. It was the Corrupt path’s reincarnated god, Ye Ming.

Today, Ye Ming was covered in roiling black qi that contained some kind of indescribable aura. There were countless runes transforming within.

"Ye Ming, you traitor, seeing the aura of the Undying race on your body, it’s clear you’ve betrayed the Martial Heaven Continent," said Long Chen coldly.

Within Resentful Death City, Long Chen had learned everything from Sovereign Zi Yang. The Corrupt path had defected to the Undying race, helping them fight the Martial Heaven Continent. Ye Ming’s aura had also grown more frightening. He had definitely inherited some divine abilities from the Undying race.

Although the Righteous and Corrupt path were enemies, the battle between them had always been a battle within the Martial Heaven Continent. Now that the Corrupt path had joined the Undying race, they were held in contempt and hated by all.

"Traitor? No, I, Ye Ming, will always be the Corrupt God’s devout follower. As for the Martial Heaven Continent? It seems that we have never been friends, right? Where does this talk of betrayal come from? Long Chen, I am no longer the old me. You have to be careful. Don’t give me a chance to take your life in one attack." Ye Ming smiled sinisterly at Long Chen, strange runes flickering in his eyes.

"Ye Ming, you won’t have that chance. I, Jiang Wuchen, will personally handle you."

Just at this moment, the Pill Fairy, Long Aotian, Ye Liangchen, Feng Fei, and Jiang Wuchen entered the tribulation as well.

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