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Chapter: 2659

Exterminating Clones

Chapter 2659 Exterminating Clones


Long Chen’s sudden punch instantly destroyed one of his clones. Others were forced to fight conservatively as they were surrounded by their nine clones, but Long Chen was launching a fierce counterattack.

"Are you all saving your energy in order to kill me in the end? It’s a nice plan, but this grand ambition of yours will never be realized. The heavenly tribulation is about to end, so let’s settle things between us as well."

Long Chen felt world energy pouring through his veins from his 108,000 stars, and in the blink of an eye, all his clones were annihilated.


Everyone was stunned. Just what was going on? No matter how strong someone was, how could they possibly kill themselves so easily? That made no sense. The stronger someone was, the easier they should be killed by their clones.


After killing his clones, Long Chen charged toward the Blood Fiend Devil Lord. The current Blood Fiend Devil Lord was covered in red lightning as he fought his nine clones.


The instant Long Chen charged into his battlefield, he sent a kick at him. Now he didn’t just have to deal with his nine clones but also Long Chen.

"Since that’s the case, there’s no need to hold back any longer. I’ll kill you right now." The Blood Fiend Devil Lord snorted. As blood-colored runes suddenly flashed in his eyes, a pair of giant pupils appeared within the blood sun behind him. It was like a devil’s gaze, and in that instant, his Blood Qi ignited like flames burning around him.


The Blood Fiend Devil Lord smashed apart one of his clones, while at the same time launched a kick at Long Chen. After clashing, the two of them retreated at the same time. The Blood Fiend Devil Lord then snorted, and chains suddenly shot out of his manifestation.

His clones were pierced by the chains and destroyed easily.

"What is going on?" Startled cries rang out. It wasn’t just Long Chen. Even the Blood Fiend Devil Lord could kill his clones so easily.

"The reason they can so easily defeat their clones is because they have some secret art in their bodies. Those secret arts must be something that even the Heavenly Daos cannot replicate, resulting in their clones not being able to match their true bodies. Now it seems they’re no longer planning on holding back. The true battle for karmic luck is starting," explained someone.

Being copied by the Heavenly Daos might be a sure-death tribulation for others, but it was nothing to Long Chen. Every one of his clones only had sixty percent of his power at most. His Nine Star Battle Armor, his Azure Dragon Battle Armor, the power of his 108,000 astral spaces, and many of his other techniques were unable to be copied.

In the Immemorial Path, he had encountered a similar trial where he faced a copy of himself. That copy had been able to replicate most of his techniques, but as his cultivation base grew, it became more difficult for anything to copy him. Even the powers of Lei Long and Huo Linger were unable to be copied any longer.

If that was the case for him, then he believed that it was the case for the others as well. They were all waiting for the optimal time to make their move.

However, Long Chen didn’t want this wave of tribulations to end just like this. Those clones were all made of pure lightning, and they were extremely precious to Lei Long.

If the clones weren’t destroyed, Lei Long would be unable to absorb the lightning. Then when this wave ended, those clones would be returned to the Heavenly Daos, and that was far too wasteful.

Seeing the Blood Fiend Devil Lord using his real power, Long Chen immediately switched targets to the Alldevil Heavenwalker. Looking at this scene, the Alldevil Heavenwalker snorted and didn’t even give Long Chen a chance to get close. Devil qi exploded out of him, and an entire world appeared in his manifestation. With a wave of his hand, all his clones were destroyed.

Ye Ming and the Nine-Headed Lion also unleashed their power, destroying their clones. On the other side, Long Aotian had not just destroyed his clones, but he had also destroyed Ye Liangchen and Jiang Wuchen’s clones.

To the side, spectating, the Pill Fairy was surrounded by white flames. Her clones were incinerated by those flames. Even the pure lightning clones were ignited and burned until they exploded.

"Long Chen, your life is mine!"

The Nine-Headed Lion roared and took the initiative ahead of everyone else. As his golden fur blazed, all nine pairs of eyes on his heads fully opened. After that, the wolf head opened its mouth.

Long Chen’s heart shuddered. A sensation of imminent danger filled him. At this moment, Evilmoon appeared in his hand, and he slashed toward the empty air beside him.


The void exploded, and countless wind blades came flying out of the shattered space.

"What a bizarre technique. It can silently creep up on someone with no warning." Feng Fei was startled by this strange divine ability.

The attack from one of the Nine-Headed Lion’s heads was actually not a direct attack, but a strange sneak attack from a bizarre angle. If Long Chen didn’t have such sharp senses and made the correct judgment, he would probably be gravely wounded.

As Long Chen blocked this silent attack, the Nine-Headed Lion charged forward, and golden light radiated from his body as if he was made of gold. He slashed a claw at Long Chen.

Looking at this scene, Long Chen blocked with Evilmoon, and a metallic ringing rang out. The Nine-Headed Lion’s claw was even harder than ordinary divine items. Just as they clashed, all nine of his heads roared, and explosive power burst out of him like a volcano.


Long Chen was sent flying. The Nine-Headed Lion was finally willing to use his real power. He had nine heads with nine divine abilities. When they attacked all at once, Long Chen was sent flying miserably.

Just as Long Chen was flying back through the air, a black chain snaked out and appeared above Long Chen’s head.

After that, the chain instantly exploded and transformed into tiny chains that formed a net, trapping Long Chen. It was Ye Ming. He had perfectly calculated Long Chen’s angle and speed.

The net sealed Long Chen like a fish. Black qi spiraled out of it.

"The Undying race’s secret art? The mighty Corrupt God reincarnation actually sold himself out. Did your father teach you this technique?" sneered Long Chen.

Just as Evilmoon’s runes were about to activate, lightning burst forth onto its blade, and the net was cleanly cut in two. It was like using a knife to cut through a radish. The cut was as clean as could be.

"You…!" Ye Ming was startled. This was a secret art that he had learned from the Undying race, one containing an entire world’s power. The Martial Heaven Continent’s laws were completely ineffective against it.

He had been holding back his true power just to kill Long Chen in one blow at the perfect time. However, his confident attempt was easily shattered.

"Big brother Long Chen!"

A voice rang out in Long Chen’s head, one that was both foreign and familiar.

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