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Chapter: 2661

The Five Sovereigns Descend

Chapter 2661 The Five Sovereigns Descend

Feng Fei’s body shook as she remembered that Long Chen had secretly messaged her to save energy to flee for her life. Now that he gave her such a sudden cue, after a moment’s hesitation, she stamped on the air and retreated from the core of the tribulation.

This sudden retreat confounded everyone. Feng Fei was no longer interested in fighting for karmic luck?


Suddenly, a startled cry rang and people followed that person’s gaze. Their focus went from the blue lotus to up above. The heavenly gate had yet to dissipate.

"The tribulation still isn’t over!"

"There’s more?! Heavens!"

If that wasn’t the last wave just now, then didn’t that mean that this wave would be even more terrifying? What could be more terrifying than nine clones of the originals?

Just at this moment, the four corners and the center of the heavenly gate blazed with light. The heavenly gate suddenly exploded, transforming into lightning runes that rained down.

"That was scary. So that really was the end." The disappearance of that heavenly gate indicated that the heavenly tribulation was officially over.

"No, what’s that!?" Someone pointed to the core of the heavenly tribulation.

Within the rain of lightning, five figures appeared. When they appeared, silence struck everyone.

Of those five people, four were men and one was a woman. The four men wore snow-white robes that fluttered in the wind with noble majesty. The world quivered just from their presence; all Daos served them.

The woman wore a violet dress. She was like a peerlessly beautiful fairy standing above the mortal world.

"Sov… Sovereigns!"

Within the silence, one elder finally managed to shout out their identities. The aura of a Sovereign could not be imitated. They were all supreme existences that had gained the reverence of all creeds and races.

They were mysterious existences that only left behind mysteries. No one remembered their appearances. However, when they appeared, they were instantly recognized for who they were. Just standing there, they gave people an urge to sacrifice their lives for them without hesitation.

"Greetings, Sovereigns!"

Countless experts knelt. Even the High Priest, Daoist Heavenly Feather, and the Music Master came out of the void, no longer concealing themselves. They all paid their respects.

The divine families’ Lord Venerate also led the families heads and the strongest experts of the divine families to kneel.

People were filled with gratitude toward the Sovereigns. Without them, the Martial Heaven Continent would have long since been destroyed. They were the real protector gods of the continent.

"Everyone, please rise. We are nothing more than five dead people. We are not worthy of such treatment," Sovereign Yun Shang spoke from within the rain of lightning.

His voice contained a warm and peaceful feeling that filled people with newfound confidence. It was as if as long as he was present, there was nothing to fear in this world.

There was no way to describe the emotions running through every single person at the sight of the five Sovereigns. They had never imagined that they would be able to see the true faces of the Sovereigns in their lifetime. Even if they died right now, it would be worth it.

"Greetings to all the Sovereigns. Yun Shang pays his respects." Sovereign Yun Shang turned and bowed slightly to the other four.

"Greetings to the first generation. To see all my seniors is the fortune of three lifetimes." Sovereign Zi Yang was also extremely moved. As the last of the Sovereigns, he had only ever seen Sovereign Han Wei. Even for Sovereigns, they only ever saw a maximum of two other Sovereigns.

They were born in different eras and unable to leap through the flow of time to see each other. But now, they had all gathered in Long Chen’s heavenly tribulation. The gathering of the five Sovereigns was the most shocking thing on the Martial Heaven Continent.

Sovereign Yun Shang looked into the distance and saw Yun Tian. Yun Tian also looked back at him.

Only now did everyone realize just how much Yun Tian looked like Sovereign Yun Shang. If it wasn’t for the ancient aura and boundless Sovereign might coming from Sovereign Yun Shang, they wouldn’t have even been able to tell who was who.

Anyone who had previously questioned Yun Tian’s identity instantly felt profound guilt.

The two of their gazes locked at a distance. After a long time, Sovereign Yun Tian sadly said, "Child, I’m sorry."

Yun Tian shook his head. His voice was heavy but steady. "You don’t need to apologize. I should thank you. You are the greatest pride of my life, so I will also strive to be a person like my father."

Sovereign Yun Shang nodded and didn’t say anything further to Yun Tian. Instead, he turned to Long Chen. Long Chen was also emotional.

"I didn’t expect that we would meet once more."

Sovereign Yun Shang smiled. "Yes, we meet once again. Dragonbone Evilmoon, we’re all old friends. Are you not planning on seeing me?"

Evilmoon appeared in Long Chen’s hand, and a giant dragon manifested behind Long Chen. It was a black two-headed dragon, Evilmoon’s true form.

Evilmoon cursed, "Fuck your greetings. What is there to say? You shameless fellow, I only lost to you due to carelessness, but you didn’t give me a second chance. You just turned me into my current state. If I have a chance, I’ll definitely kill you."

Evilmoon was filled with sullenness toward his defeat to Sovereign Yun Shang. That time, it had been far too careless.

"You probably won’t have that chance. I’m already dead. No matter how strong you are, you can’t kill someone twice, right? Furthermore, are you not doing well? Has Long Chen mistreated you?" Sovereign Yun Shang smiled faintly.

"I can’t be bothered to waste words on you. We’ll see who is stronger in a bit." Evilmoon snorted and returned to Long Chen’s primal chaos space.

As they spoke, the dragon woman, the Nine-Headed Lion, the Alldevil Heavenwalker, the Blood Fiend Devil Lord, and the others’ expressions changed.

When the five Sovereigns appeared, the world froze, and even the laws of heaven and earth changed. They were shaken by the Sovereign might. Even these heavenly geniuses with the power of an entire world supporting them grew uneasy.

Even if the current realm of the five Sovereigns was the same as them, the initial breakthrough to Heaven Merging, they still felt reverence for them within their souls.

"Brother Long, last time I let you pass during the heavenly tribulation. I told you that this karma would be accounted for next time. But I didn’t expect that you would be infected by the karma from all five of us. Let me first thank you for giving us this chance to meet each other. But I must say, are you prepared? This is a heavenly tribulation. We can’t possibly have mercy on you," said Sovereign Mo Li.

"Of course I am prepared. Haven’t I gathered a few scapegoats?" Long Chen pointed to the Nine-Headed Lion and the others, causing their expressions to turn green.

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