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Chapter: 2663

The Difference Compared to a Sovereign

Chapter 2663 The Difference Compared to a Sovereign


"He couldn’t even receive a single attack?"

Shocked cries rang out. It was said by all that Sovereigns stood at the peak of the world, and they were unrivaled existences. However, the Nine-Headed Lion could be considered the chosen of an entire world as well, having a world’s karmic luck supporting him.

Due to the Sovereigns coming from Long Chen’s heavenly tribulation, their cultivation bases were equal. Hence, even if the Nine-Headed Lion was inferior, he should have been able to fight for a while in their opinion. At the very least, he shouldn’t be beaten in one move, right?

"Useless trash, you dare to challenge the Sovereigns with that little ability? Did you grow up on crap? You grew so big for nothing," scolded Long Chen.

Long Chen couldn’t help being angry at this. These people were supposed to be the crux of whether or not he could smoothly pass this tribulation. He was still counting on them to exhaust a portion of the Sovereigns’ energy.

On his own, no number of lives would be enough against all five Sovereigns. Furthermore, the Sovereigns would definitely not be able to cheat and let him pass this time.

At this moment, the Nine-Headed Lion roared. His manifestation burst into existence, revealing an entire world that was filled with howling beasts that resonated with him. After that, the manifestation fused back into his body. Along with the roaring of these beasts, his aura grew over ten times greater. With him standing there, the space constantly fractured and twisted, unable to contain his existence.

The Nine-Headed Lion finally revealed his terrifying power. His gaze was sharp as he sent a claw at Sovereign Han Wei.

As his body had expanded rapidly, Sovereign Han Wei’s tender figure appeared incredibly flimsy before him. Yet, her expression was still indifferent.

When she raised her hand, a figure of light condensed, turning into an arc that struck the Nine-Headed Lion.

Even while being backed by the force of an entire world, the Nine-Headed Lion’s claw was shattered, shocking him. That claw had contained his full force, but Sovereign Han Wei had effortlessly dispelled it.

"What kind of time is it for you to still be holding back? It seems that you really look down on us. Fine, I’ll go first." Sovereign Han Wei extended her hand.

Countless Heavenly Dao runes condensed into a giant chain that seemed to connect both sides of the world. It rapidly compressed, in the end becoming a thin zither string.

With a gentle pluck on that string, heaven and earth resonated, and a thin line of light flew out of the string.

This thin line of light sliced through the void, splitting the world and causing it to displace.

As the string severed heaven and earth, the sound reached through time. Since this zither string was condensed from the laws, the Nine-Headed Lion instantly felt himself be locked onto by the Daos of the world.

Feeling shocked, he let out a furious roar, and two of his smaller heads glowed. As a result, two different laws gathered and struck the line of light.


At this moment, the line of light exploded along with the Nine-Headed Lion’s two attacks.

Unfortunately, the Nine-Headed Lion didn’t even have a chance to sigh with relief before another Heavenly Dao zither string condensed in front of Sovereign Han Wei. With another pluck of her finger, another line of light slashed toward him. This time the sound was different, but its power was even sharper.

After that, the third zither string also manifested and then the fourth and fifth.

Not being able to hold back anymore, all eight of the Nine-Headed Lion’s miniature heads roared, and divine power enveloped his entire body. The millions and millions of beasts within his manifestation roared as well, sending endless power into his body.

The very moment he had seen the second zither string, he already had a bad feeling. At that moment, he had wanted to stop her from condensing more zither strings, but no matter how fiercely he attacked, he was repeatedly forced back by Sovereign Han Wei’s light attacks.

Right now, Sovereign Han Wei took a seat in the sky, her hand dancing across the five strings. Zither music filled the air.

This was the song of the Heavenly Daos. It was as if she was a peaceful musician playing the music of the Heavenly Daos.

However, every note unleashed a terrifying attack upon the Nine-Headed Lion, forcing him further and further back. No matter how he counterattacked, he was unable to charge over to Sovereign Han Wei.

As the two of them fought, Sovereign Yun Shang, Qing Xu, Mo Li, and Zi Yang also made their moves. They went after the Blood Fiend Devil Lord, the Alldevil Heavenwalker, the dragon woman, and Ye Ming.

In the very first clash, the latter group suffered immensely. Half of the Blood Fiend Devil Lord’s body was destroyed by a single punch from Sovereign Yun Shang. If he hadn’t taken out an ancient divine pagoda at that critical moment to block the next attack, he would have died.

This pagoda was a world divine item, on the same level as the five supreme divine items of the Martial Heaven Continent. It was called the Blood Soul Pagoda, which contained the will and power of a world.

Right now, the Blood Soul Pagoda unleashed all kinds of attacks made of divine light. Chains, flying swords, and spears shot out.

The power of this world divine item stunned people. With such a divine item protecting you, who could beat you?

In comparison to this world divine item, even the Southern Sea Zither, Western Desert Ax, and Northern Source Sword didn’t possess such terrifying power.

However, people were unaware that the Southern Sea Zither and the Northern Source Sword had yet to formally accept a master, while the Western Desert Ax was still recovering.

On the other hand, this Blood Soul Pagoda had accompanied the Blood Fiend Devil Lord as he grew up. It had not only fully accepted him as master, but they had also started to form a resonance, allowing it to unleash terrifying power.

However, what shocked people even more than this divine item’s power was that no matter how the Blood Soul Pagoda attacked, the Blood Fiend Devil Lord was still forced back by Sovereign Yun Shang.

Sovereign Yun Shang was barehanded, but every single one of his movements was incomparably profound. With every attack of his, the void collapsed. The Blood Soul Pagoda was quivering with every exchange.

As for Sovereign Qing Xu, he was fighting against the Alldevil Heavenwalker. The latter was rather smart and went all-out right from the start with his world divine item, the Heavenly Devil Sword. Endless devil qi exploded out of him and his weapon, but he was still suppressed by Sovereign Qing Xu.

"Qing Xu, you’ve suppressed my devil world for so many years. Today, I will definitely kill you!" roared the Alldevil Heavenwalker.

However, no matter what he did, no matter how furiously he changed techniques, he was still suppressed, unable to gain any advantage over Sovereign Qing Xu.

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