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Chapter: 2664

The Martial Heaven Continent is Mine

Chapter 2664 The Martial Heaven Continent is Mine

Sovereign Mo Li was facing the dragon woman. Originally, Long Chen had thought that Sovereign Mo Li would have some mercy on a woman, but his guess was wrong. From the very first move, Sovereign Mo Li had cut off her leg.

Having learned the difference between her and a Sovereign, the dragon woman no longer dared to hold back at all. Hence, she summoned an ancestral spirit manifestation.

There was an ancient black dragon within the manifestation that she summoned. The dragon roared, giving her power through space and time. With Dragon Qi swirling around her and dragon patterns weaving beneath her feet, her power soared to an unprecedented level.

Right now, space shuddered intensely, and Long Chen understood why Evilmoon had said that he might be defeated by her back then if she had used her full power.

Her power was truly terrifying, worthy of being someone from the powerful black dragon race. At this moment, her dragon bone whip struck, causing the laws of space to collapse. Amongst all the battles against the Sovereigns, she was the only one able to fight evenly.

As for Ye Ming, he was the one doing the worst. Sovereign Zi Yang was pressing him so hard that Ye Ming was constantly coughing up blood. In every exchange, he was knocked further and further back.

However, Long Chen noticed that even as he was repeatedly injured, his aura didn’t weaken in the slightest.

Furthermore, the blood he spat out transformed into black qi and was reabsorbed by his body. Long Chen realized that this was definitely the Undying race’s divine ability.

Even though he was constantly injured, his aura wasn’t affected at all. The current Ye Ming was truly strange.

Meanwhile, Long Aotian, Jiang Wuchen, and Ye Liangchen were standing in the air, just watching as the intense fights were carried out. They didn’t know what they should do. Theoretically, they should help the Sovereigns kill these invaders.

The Nine-Headed Lion, the Blood Fiend Devil Lord, the Alldevil Heavenwalker, the dragon woman, and Ye Ming were all fighting desperately, while the five Sovereigns were still fighting calmly and at ease. So if they also joined in, it would seem like bullying.

Every move of the Sovereigns seemed to contain the might of Heavenly Daos. Each of their techniques and attacks contained a pinnacle essence of the world. They were incomparably marvelous, giving people endless enlightenment.

Hence, the three geniuses from the divine families were focused on the techniques of the Sovereigns, carefully watching and experiencing them. This was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, so they had to cherish it.

Outside the core of the tribulation, Mo Nian and the others were also focused on the techniques of the Sovereigns. They tried to corroborate their own techniques with the principles behind the Sovereign’s movements. At this moment, they found out that the Sovereigns’ techniques contained all kinds of Daos and laws, including the ones that they had comprehended.

If the Daos that they had comprehended were like flowing rivers, then the Sovereigns’ Daos were giant seas. Just by watching their moves, all of the observers were profiting immensely.

Some of the people outside the heavenly tribulation had activated photographic jades, but they found that it really was like the legends said. It was impossible to record the Sovereigns, so all the recordings turned blank.

Some people even took out brushes and paper, drawing the images of the Sovereigns. But after a few strokes, those drawings faded.

"What is going on?"

People were disappointed. Who wouldn’t want to record an image of the peerless Sovereigns?

Right now, even people like the Alldevil Heavenwalker and the others that were using their world divine items were suppressed. This scene made people’s reverence for the Sovereigns grow even greater.

What did it mean to stand at the very apex of the martial path? It meant to be a Sovereign. Although the Alldevil Heavenwalker and the others were backed by their own worlds, even though they were the greatest heavenly geniuses, they weren’t worth much in the face of the Sovereigns.

Even in the same realm, they were unable to defeat the Sovereigns. This was the difference. Sovereigns were undefeatable existences.

Perhaps only once you possessed this kind of power would you be able to lead the Martial Heaven Continent against the invading enemies.


Suddenly, the void exploded. The Nine-Headed Lion and Sovereign Han Wei clashed in the most explosive exchange up to now, causing everyone to jump. Even the stars in the sky shuddered.

The Nine-Headed Lion had ended up so furious that he lost all control. At this moment, all nine of his heads were fully activated to unleash his most terrifying attack, which then crushed the Heavenly Daos. Three of Sovereign Han Wei’s five strings snapped, shocking everyone.

The Nine-Headed Lion roared and attacked again once her strings were broken. However, halfway there, he almost coughed up a mouthful of blood.

The strings that he had just snapped instantly restored with a wave of Sovereign Han Wei’s hands. As a result, he was once more blown back by her attacks.

This almost caused him to feel despair and go crazy. Sovereign Han Wei was using the Dao as her zither strings. As long as the world was not destroyed, her zither strings were omnipresent. How was he supposed to fight this?

Just as he was blown back, he saw someone in the distance who caused him to fume. Smoke came out of his ears.

That person was Long Chen. He had lazily taken out a table and even taken out some snacks to eat as he watched the battle.

"You little fucker!!!" The Nine-Headed Lion cursed furiously. He had come to take the karmic luck, only to become Long Chen’s scapegoat.

His furious roar instantly drew everyone’s attention. Following his gaze, they saw Long Chen’s lazy appearance.

The descent of the five Sovereigns had drawn everyone’s attention, causing people to forget about the one actually going through the tribulation, Long Chen. Now seeing him eating and drinking, they were dumbfounded. Did such a person really exist in this world?

Long Chen had just taken a bite of food and gulped down a cup of wine when he saw the Nine-Headed Lion glaring at him. He pointed at his food. "Are you tired? Do you need some food before fighting some more? Since you’re helping me in my tribulation, I don’t mind treating you to some food and drink."

"I will kill you!"

The Nine-Headed Lion roared. He actually abandoned Sovereign Han Wei and charged at Long Chen.

The current Nine-Headed Lion was in an extremely terrifying state. Having managed to snap Sovereign Han Wei’s Heavenly Dao zither strings, he was definitely in his peak state. At this moment, a claw tore through the void.


Long Chen waved his hand, turning the table and chair instantly to dust. After that, he gulped down another mouthful of the wine, and the wild wine energy ignited like fire.

"Before drinking the wine, I belonged to the Martial Heaven Continent. After drinking the wine, the Martial Heaven Continent is mine!"

As Long Chen tossed the wine jug aside, his wild fury caused the heavens to shake. A domineering will exploded. It was like a devil god had descended. At this moment, Long Chen slashed Evilmoon like a black river of stars.

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