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Chapter: 2665

World Divine Chains

Chapter 2665 World Divine Chains

The very sky quivered as the furious will of the heavens filled the world, a sign that Long Chen had activated his Heavens’ Wrath state. He then slashed Evilmoon at the Nine-Headed Lion.


Evilmoon met the Nine-Headed Lion’s sharp claw head-on. As a result, the entire world shuddered as black and golden light clashed. Black cracks spread throughout the void as if the world was about to shatter.

"Unable to beat big sister Han Wei, you decided to come for me? Do you think that I’m some soft persimmon?" demanded Long Chen furiously.

Long Chen suddenly swung his hand, slapping the Nine-Headed Lion’s shocked face. His face then split apart, and he coughed up blood.

People were shocked by Long Chen’s completely different appearance. As his divine ring spun, endless Heavenly Dao runes surged toward him.

However, this was different from the Sovereigns. These runes were not prostrating themselves toward him but quivering in fear.

It was as if they sensed a mortal danger and had no choice but to offer all their power to Long Chen, or they would be killed. To survive, they could only submit.

"What kind of state is that?"

"After advancing to Heaven Merging, Long Chen’s aura has completely transformed."

People had never seen Long Chen enter the true Heavens’ Wrath state. This was also Long Chen’s first time entering this state so easily.

Before this, when he had followed the old man’s instructions for the Heavens’ Wrath state, he had used a kind of self-hypnosis to anger himself and enter this state. It was simple and direct, however, that directness made it sudden and not a gradual process.

Due to this, his fury instantly reached its peak, which not only caused harm to his own body but also made it impossible for him to unleash the full potential of this technique.

However, this time, Long Chen used Tu Qianshang’s domineering wine to activate this state step by step. Because it was gradual, his control over it was much better.

"My rage is the heavens’ rage. The heavens are large, the earth is large, but I am larger. A little lion also dares to look down on me? I’ll use your head as my wine cup." Long Chen stepped forward with Evilmoon on his shoulder.

"Ignorant human, you are courting death!" The Nine-Headed Lion roared furiously. This was already his third time being slapped in the face by Long Chen. Hence, all nine of his heads opened at the same time.

Nine rays of divine light shot out at the same time before condensing into one single ray. Wherever it went, the void collapsed. This was one of the Nine-Headed Lion race’s strongest divine abilities, even stronger than what he had used against Sovereign Han Wei just now.

"An insignificant technique." Long Chen swung Evilmoon, and a saber-image slashed through the air. This was a sudden blow with the ninth form of Split the Heavens.

This was a saber that sliced through all Daos, a saber that tore apart the heavens. In the Heavens’ Wrath state, Long Chen’s attack cleanly cut through the Nine-Headed Lion’s strongest divine ability.

The saber-image cut through the divine light like splitting bamboo before reaching the Nine-Headed Lion. Feeling horrified, the Nine-Headed Lion crossed his claws before him.

Blood splashed. His body, which was tougher than a divine item and could easily crush it barehanded, had a grievous wound cut into it. And just as he was injured, Long Chen appeared in front of him.

Evilmoon slashed toward his neck. "Give me your lion head to make a stir-fry!"

Startled cries rang out. Long Chen was incredibly powerful and fierce. However, just as they thought that the Nine-Headed Lion’s head would fly, sparks flew, and he appeared safe and sound.


At some point, the Nine-Headed Lion became covered in chains. Long Chen’s attack struck those chains and was unable to break them.

"This is world energy. He has drawn out his world’s power to support him," said Evilmoon.

"Die!" The Nine-Headed Lion roared and struck with a fist covered in chains. Seeing this, Long Chen snorted and took a step back, avoiding his attack.

As a result, his punch caused a large mass of space to collapse, causing everyone to jump. What kind of power was this?

Moreover, the collapsed space didn’t immediately heal like normal. It was extremely slow, as if some remnant energy made its recovery difficult.

"Long Chen, you’ve forced me to use my World Divine Chains. You are the first in this lifetime, and you can die in peace." Golden runes revolved in the Nine-Headed Lion’s eyes. At this moment, the golden chains moved around his body like pythons.

Everyone was dumbfounded. The Nine-Headed Lion hadn’t even taken this out against Sovereign Han Wei. Just how confident was he?

"Don’t lie. Your essence blood is currently running out. These World Divine Chains should be your final trump card, and you can’t keep them up for long before your essence blood runs out. At that time, the quality of your lion head will drop, so I’d rather you just give up so I can get a good-quality head. Then I might let you off," said Long Chen. He took out another jug of wine and took a gulp.

"Hahaha, are you an idiot to say such stupid words? Or are you so afraid that you need wine to pump up your courage?" The Nine-Headed Lion laughed.

"Idiot, this wine is to control myself. I don’t want to accidentally kill you in my anger. That would ruin my plans," said Long Chen disdainfully.

"Idiot, I can’t be bothered to waste words with you. I’ll show you the strongest divine ability of the Nine-Headed Lion race. However, before killing you, I’ll kill that woman to show everyone that your so-called Sovereigns are nothing. If they were born in my era, they would only be accompanying characters."

The Nine-Headed Lion suddenly stamped on the air, once more causing space to collapse. He shot off toward Sovereign Han Wei.

Sovereign Han Wei hadn’t interfered with Long Chen’s fight with the Nine-Headed Lion. Instead, her gaze was on Zi Yan. The two of them seemed to be communicating.

Hence, Sovereign Han Wei frowned when the Nine-Headed Lion returned. Her five zither strings quivered, and killing intent filled the air. The light of all five zither strings slashed toward the Nine-Headed Lion.

"Insignificant! Watch me break them with my fist!" The Nine-Headed Lion sneered. He unleashed a punch that landed on the five strings. In that instant, a power that didn’t belong to this world erupted.


In front of everyone’s shocked gazes, Sovereign Han Wei’s five zither strings were all broken.


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