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Chapter: 2667

Forced to Detonate

Chapter 2667 Forced to Detonate

"Evilmoon, little Heaven, Ling-er, I entrust myself to you. Today, I want to kill that foolish lion."

Having been treated as an easy target twice, in the Heavens’ Wrath state, Long Chen was particularly enraged. How could he possibly endure the Nine-Headed Lion choosing to vent his anger on him since he couldn’t beat Sovereign Han Wei?

An explosive sound rang out within Long Chen’s body. His 108,000 stars quivered, and the laws of heaven and earth were sucked into his divine ring.

At this moment, the energy of the world had no choice but to submit to Long Chen, not daring to resist. As that energy poured into him, he slashed his saber at the Nine-Headed Lion.

Long Chen’s saber slashed onto the Nine-Headed Lion’s chain-covered fist. As a result, those chains shattered once more.


The Nine-Headed Lion was shocked. Although had opened the world gate to boost his chains with its energy, his chains were still shattered.

"You shameless idiot…" Long Chen’s other hand slapped the Nine-Headed Lion’s face once again. The sound of bones breaking rang out as half his face broke.

It was another face-slap, which was almost identical to the previous ones. However, the Nine-Headed Lion was unable to dodge it no matter what.

"Do you think that I’m a soft persimmon?!" bellowed Long Chen. He appeared like a furious heavenly deity and chased after the Nine-Headed Lion. Countless black images were shooting out of Evilmoon.

Long Chen unleashed eighty-one slashes in one go, causing the Nine-Headed Lion to roar furiously as he was repeatedly forced back. His chains were constantly destroyed. The final blow then sliced through his claws and left a wound on his chest.

"Impossible! What kind of power is this?!" The Nine-Headed Lion found this inconceivable. Long Chen wasn’t a sovereign but was still able to use the world’s power? It had to be known that such a thing was only possible for one chosen individual within any world!

The reason he chose not to fight Sovereign Han Wei any longer was because her attacks contained the power of the world. They represented the laws of the Martial Heaven Continent. As this was not his own world, bringing his world’s energy here was more difficult than for her to summon her world’s energy.

The five Sovereigns all possessed the ability to control this world’s energy. As Long Chen was not one of them, it should be impossible for him to utilize the world’s energy. However, it still happened. Otherwise, there was no way he could break the Nine-Headed Lion’s World Divine Chains.

What the Nine-Headed Lion didn’t know was that Long Chen had no need for the world’s approval. His ability to control the world’s power came from being in the Heavens’ Wrath state, forcing the world to submit its power to him.

Although this kind of forceful command of world energy was not as powerful, it was still able to counter the energy of a different world. Adding on his own power, Long Chen was capable of dominating the Nine-Headed Lion.

The Nine-Headed Lion was still in the midst of roaring in disbelief over this when Long Chen’s saber sliced toward his neck. He instinctively dodged, resulting in Long Chen’s waiting hand to slap him in the face once more.

This slap was different from the previous slaps because it was even more refined. It was as if Long Chen had just casually swung his hand, and the Nine-Headed Lion’s face had simply thrown itself toward it.

As a result, the Nine-Headed Lion coughed up blood, his head dizzy. At this short range, he suddenly thrust his claws in front of him, catching Long Chen’s shoulders.

Everyone let out a startled cry. What just happened? Why did Long Chen not dodge? With Long Chen’s combat skills, how could he be caught?

"Long Chen’s eyes are red! What’s going on with him?" shouted someone. The current Long Chen was completely different from his usual indifferent coolness. His eyes were red like a wild devil.

Even the Nine-Headed Lion was surprised to have caught Long Chen. He had just blindly thrust his arms in front of him to force Long Chen back. Hence, feeling delighted, he put power into his claws, wanting to tear Long Chen to pieces.

Sparks flew out where his claws met Long Chen’s shoulders. However, his sharp claws, which were strong enough to slice apart stars, were unable to slice through Long Chen. They only damaged some of his dragon scales and caused some bleeding.

Just at this moment, Long Chen reached out and grabbed two of the Nine-Headed Lion’s miniature heads. After that, an irresistible power pulled his head down, and all he saw was a knee rapidly growing larger in his vision, cutting off everything else.

Long Chen’s knee ruthlessly slammed into the Nine-Headed Lion’s nose, and a crisp bone-breaking sound rang out. There was also something slimy flying out along with some blood. It seemed to be snot.

"Who’s a soft persimmon?!"


"Who’s a soft persimmon?!"


"Who’s a soft persimmon?!"


Long Chen roared furiously, emphasizing his point every time with a knee to the face. Everyone clearly saw blood spurting out of the Nine-Headed Lion’s nose, mouth, and ears. Even his other eight miniature faces were spurting out blood.

Long Chen’s vicious appearance gave people chills. Even though the Nine-Headed Lion was a hated enemy, they couldn’t help feeling sympathetic to his current plight.

The Nine-Headed Lion clawed Long Chen’s shoulders, leaving countless cuts on Long Chen’s body, but Long Chen didn’t seem to feel any pain. He just continued to crazily smash his knee into the Nine-Headed Lion’s face.

Suddenly, the Nine-Headed Lion’s Blood Qi erupted, and his body grew explosively. Long Chen was no longer able to keep a hold of his head in this state.

At this moment, golden light filled the sky. He was like a blazing sun, so bright that people couldn’t stare directly at him.

A giant, golden nine-headed lion now appeared in front of everyone. It was because summoning his true body was the only way to escape Long Chen. At this moment, a divine mark lit up on all nine of his giant heads.

The nine heads opened their mouths at the same time, and divine light shot out of all nine heads. They were like giant light-bombs possessing the power to destroy heaven and earth.

Just as this terrifying attack was brewing, Long Chen hacked Evilmoon, striking one of the heads like a bolt of lightning and severing it.

The instant one of the heads was severed, the Nine-Headed Lion’s body began to rapidly inflate. His aura also became unstable.

"Not good! He’s detonating!" shouted Evilmoon.

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