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Chapter: 2672

The Number One Genius in Ten Thousand Years

Chapter 2672 The Number One Genius in Ten Thousand Years

Everyone found it very unexpected that Long Chen would block Long Aotian. Were they not on the same side?

Furthermore, this tribulation was Long Chen’s, and Long Aotian was handling Sovereign Han Wei. Was that not helping him?

Why would Long Chen face Long Aotian with such soaring killing intent? Moreover, his black eyes seemed to contain endless fury.

Even Chu Yao and the others jumped in shock. They had never seen Long Chen so angry that his aura appeared foreign.

Long Aotian’s expression turned cold. "Long Chen, know what’s good for you. In front of me, you are nothing. That power that you are so proud of isn’t worth crap to me. If it weren’t for the family head’s orders, I’d have killed you. If you continue like this, don’t blame me for going against those orders and killing you."

Long Aotian had endured all this time due to the Long family. He hadn’t attacked Long Chen.

Now that he was in his peak condition, he no longer wished to endure. Hence, this was his final warning to Long Chen, as well as his warning to the world. Starting today, no one could defy him.

"Long Chen, what are you doing?! Aotian is helping you!" shouted the Long Deputy Elder.

Only Elder Long continued watching amongst the crowd calmly, as if everything was within his expectations.

"What am I doing?"

Long Chen suddenly raised his hand and laughed, his laugh full of resentment and killing intent. "I’m going to take what belongs to me! Do you old fellows know how Long Aotian’s divine Spirit Bone came about?"

The senior members of the Long family reacted badly to Long Chen’s words. The Lord Venerate also stared at him in shock.


The Long family head, the Heaven Executioner, and the other higher-ups were all stunned, their hearts pounding.

"Impossible! Didn’t we do multiple tests?! He can’t be that child!" exclaimed the Long family head.

Things fell deathly silent. Even Sovereign Yun Shang, Qing Xu, Mo Li, and Zi Yang ceased fighting.

Right now, the Blood Fiend Devil Lord, the Alldevil Heavenwalker, the dragon woman, and Ye Ming were covered in blood, having been forced to use their full power just to survive against the Sovereigns. Although they finally had a chance to breathe, they couldn’t relax because they were still in the heavenly tribulation. One mistake and they would die in an instant.

Everyone inside and outside the tribulation was silent. Almost everyone was confused, not knowing what was going on. From the expressions of the divine families’ senior experts, they knew that something unthinkable had happened.

Even Long Aotian stared at Long Chen in shock. He was aware of what Long Chen was talking about.

Long Chen icily said, "I bet you never thought that the baby from back then is still alive. When I was a baby, you were the ones who took my mutated Spirit Root, divine Spirit Bone, and Supreme Blood. You placed them in Long Aotian’s body. What, did you think that the unthinkable crimes that you’ve done would be covered up forever?"

"Ah!" Meng Qi suddenly cried out. She thought of the trial from the branch of the Xuantian Dao Sect back in the Eastern Wasteland. She had also witnessed that cruel scene.

Having understood the situation, even the peaceful Meng Qi grew furious at Long Aotian. She wished to tear him into a million pieces.

"Long Chen is also surnamed Long. Is he from the divine families’ Long family?" Suspicions and questions began to pop into the heads of the Martial Heaven Continent’s experts.

"Most likely. If not, how could a little secular nation in the Eastern Wasteland give birth to such a terrifying expert?"

"Mutated Spirit Root, divine Spirit Bone, and Supreme Blood. Heavens, if that’s true, it’s absolutely terrifying."

"The divine Spirit Bone is even above the Supreme Bone. It’s a natural foundation for a divine spirit. Without any need to cultivate, just growing up will allow someone to automatically become a god or immortal. How could such a thing appear in the mortal world?"

"If that’s true, what was the goal of the divine families? They destroyed one genius to create another genius?"

Shocked discussions started. This news caused huge waves even amongst the Dragonblood warriors. They had always thought that Long Chen’s father and mother were Long Tianxiao and Mrs. Long.

All they knew was that Long Chen’s talent was special and that he had no Spirit Root. But they didn’t know that his Spirit Root, Spirit Blood, and Spirit Bone had been taken.

Thinking of how Long Chen had been schemed against when he was just a baby, the Dragonblood warriors were shocked and infuriated. They had an urge to charge into the camp of the divine families and slaughter them right now.

"You are the son of the Devil Slaughtering Saint, Long Zhantian? You’re actually still alive!" An old man suddenly walked out of the Long family’s camp. His body quivered with emotion that seemed to be joy.

This elder was an early Heaven Merging expert, but his face was covered in countless scars. What a shocking sight.

"Hahaha, good, good, Long Zhantian’s son is still alive! Hahaha, your retribution has come! His son has come for revenge, hahaha!" The elder suddenly began to laugh like he was deranged. Tears squeezed out of his eyes.

Others from the Long family immediately collapsed upon him. However, he roared furiously, "You ingrates, for your so-called big plan, you personally destroyed a genius for that woman, forcing Long Zhantian to slaughter the Long family’s experts. We lost over ninety percent of our top experts because of you. Now your retribution has come! Hahaha, retribution has come!"

The elder was finally knocked unconscious by someone. However, his final roar continued to echo through the air.

"The Devil Slaughtering Saint? The one said to be the number one genius in ten thousand years?" Daoist Heavenly Feather was shocked. "He mastered a thousand techniques, merged with ten thousand Daos, and created his own magical arts and divine abilities. It is said that he was the only one from the Martial Heaven Continent who managed to enter Devil Spirit Mountain and return safe and sound. Who would have thought that Long Chen was his son?"

"If Long Chen wasn’t his son, how could he manage to reach his current level even after his Spirit Blood, Spirit Root, and Spirit Bone were taken?" said the High Priest with a faint smile.

"It seems that the mystery of the Devil Slaughtering Saint’s sudden disappearance is finally about to be uncovered," muttered Daoist Heavenly Feather as she stared at Long Chen with his towering killing intent.

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