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Chapter: 2673

The Lord Saint Descends

Chapter 2673 The Lord Saint Descends

Everyone looked from Long Chen to Long Aotian, and then to the divine families’ experts. Although they didn’t understand what had happened, they knew that Long Chen definitely had some giant secret to his past.

The Martial Heaven Continent had a few people who had heard of the Devil Slaughtering Saint, and those who knew it were all behemoths. Their shocked looks told others that this existence had been a startling figure.

"That bastard’s seed is still alive?" The Long Deputy Elder’s expression sank. He now looked at Long Chen with immense hatred. Although he hadn’t interacted much with Long Chen before, at the very least, his attitude toward him had not been bad. He had wanted to raise Long Chen as a chess piece of the Long family. But upon knowing his true identity, he immediately became furious.

"Deputy Elder, control yourself. It’s been many years. Your bloodline wasn’t completely wiped out by Long Zhantian. Aren’t you still left?" laughed the Zhao family head.

Back then, the divine families had seen Long Zhantian slaughtering the experts of the Long family in order to learn of his son’s whereabouts. He went mad, killing anyone he saw. The Deputy Elder’s bloodline had participated in that matter, resulting in Long Zhantian slaughtering them. If it wasn’t for the Deputy Elder’s good luck, he wouldn’t have survived either. He had only managed to survive because the Lord Saint had come before Long Zhantian’s gaze fell on him.

That was why the Deputy Elder hated Long Zhantian to the core. That hatred now fell on his son, Long Chen.

The Long family had originally been the strongest of the four divine families, having possessed over ten thousand Heaven Merging experts. Their power completely eclipsed the other three families.

However, ever since that battle, the Long family’s core was grievously wounded. They fell to the point that they became the weakest of the four families.

The other three families were only told that Long Zhantian had been invaded by a heart-devil while attempting to break past the Saint realm, causing him to become bedeviled and start slaughtering others.

However, none of them believed that excuse. They made some secret investigations, but the Long family locked down this information. Even the Lord Saint sent down orders for others not to mention this matter again.

As a result, even the Jiang, Zhao, and Ye families only knew that the Long family was hiding some unspeakable secret over this matter. At that time, they merely felt that the matter was too embarrassing for the Long family to talk about.

Furthermore, when they heard that the Long family’s greatest genius, one who might be able to become a Sovereign in the future, had gone mad, they felt some pity for him but also some delight. The domineering Long family had finally declined.

After hearing Long Chen’s words, the karma involved in this matter instantly became clear to the family heads of the three families. Now they knew why Long Zhantian had gone crazy. So his son’s Spirit Blood, Spirit Root, and Spirit Bone had been stolen.

At that time, the rumors were that Long Zhantian had died prematurely due to some unknown reason. But considering how many of the Long family’s experts he had killed, there was no way that the Long family would let his progeny survive. His son’s death was natural.

However, only now did they learn that their assumption had been wrong.


The heavens suddenly tore open, and a group of people descended from the opening. A terrifying pressure appeared.

The leader of that group was a large middle-aged man. He had a stern face and a square nose. He wore violet-gold robes, a crown, and belt. He was like an emperor overlooking his subjects.

"Greetings to the Lord Saint!"

The Lord Venerate and the family heads immediately bowed. Only then did the other experts of the divine families learn that this person was someone with the highest authority within the divine families, the Lord Saint.

The Lord Saint waved his hand, indicating not to be so formal. He looked at Long Chen and Long Aotian in the tribulation.

"Chen-er, I am your great-grandfather, Long Junwu. The matter from back then was an immense misunderstanding. I can explain the details to you after your tribulation. You are both the pride of the Long family and shouldn’t kill each other. Rather than fighting amongst ourselves, we must be united against our enemies," said the Lord Saint.

His voice resounded through the sky like an imperial edict, piercing directly into people’s souls and making them unable to go against his will.

"What? The Lord Saint is Long Chen’s great-grandfather?"

This matter was continuing to grow bigger and bigger. Even the divine families’ Lord Saint had appeared.

Feng Fei stared in disbelief. How had Long Chen suddenly become a member of the divine families? Furthermore, he was the descendant of the Long family’s devil king. Even the Lord Saint personally came.

There was another man standing beside Long Junwu. He was a graceful man who possessed the air of immortality around him. His appearance was very similar to Long Aotian, just with an extra beard and mustache. He was Long Aotian’s father, Long Qifeng. However, he appeared more elegant and steady than Long Aotian.

"Grandfather, this Long Chen can’t be left alive. Now that things have progressed to this point, there’s no way of going back…" whispered Long Qifeng.

"Shut up!" barked Long Junwu. "Back then, you were the wrong ones. Otherwise, such a calamity would never have occurred. How can we cover up wrongs with more wrongs?"

His voice was like lightning splitting the heavens, causing everyone to jump.

"Long Chen, go through your tribulation calmly. Trust me. Once your tribulation is over, I will personally explain everything that happened from start to end," said Long Junwu.

At this moment, Long Chen rested Evilmoon on his shoulder, but his gaze toward Long Aotian did not change just because of Long Junwu’s arrival. That chilling killing intent remained.

His blood rapidly circulated through his body, going faster and faster. His killing intent had infected every piece of bone and every drop of blood in his body.

The first time Long Junwu spoke, Long Chen didn’t even seem to hear him. But the second time he spoke, there were finally some fluctuations in Long Chen’s eyes. He finally turned to Long Junwu, asking with a hoarse voice.

"Who is my father? Who is my mother?"

That hoarse voice sounded like life and death were chafing against each other. It didn’t sound like the voice of a human, as if it came from hell.

"Your father was a peerless genius of the divine families, Long Zhantian. Your mother was… named Luo Ningshuang." Long Junwu suddenly paused when he mentioned Long Chen’s mother.

"Are they still alive?" Long Chen’s voice was still icy. His killing intent instantly locked onto Long Aotian.

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